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Plunder - Hero's Carnage - Chapter 8 by MyLittleBrother full book limited free

Chapter 8: Plunder

Lucas subconsciously raised the knife in his grasp and pointed it at the green goblins when they suddenly appeared out of thin air.

However, neither of the goblins was fazed by this. In fact, they even started laughing at Lucas. Clearly, they didn't witness what had happened just moments ago, or else they wouldn't be underestimating Lucas.

'Two goblins… I should still have enough mana to use Devastate two more times…' Lucas was already planning on how he should kill the goblins.

A moment later, Lucas suddenly dropped the knife in his hands to the ground and lifted his arms into the air, almost like he was telling the goblins that he was surrendering.

When the goblins saw this, they laughed even louder.

This is the first time they have seen a human give up so easily without fighting back.

The goblins began approaching Lucas in a casual manner, acting like they weren't worried about him at all.

After all, what can this skinny human who was also a coward do to them? His body looked so fragile that it would break if a gust of wind blew at him.

The goblins also didn't immediately attack Lucas, and they walked around him in circles, seemingly curious about his existence, as they never really had the chance to inspect a human so closely and calmly.


Once the goblins had their guards completely lowered, Lucas suddenly moved his arms and tapped the goblins on their shoulders.


The green goblins stopped moving and looked at Lucas with angry expressions on their green faces when he touched them.

However, before they could do anything, their bodies began turning black before breaking down into countless tiny fragments and being carried away by the gentle breeze.

[You have leveled up]

[You have acquired 5 Stat Points]

[You have Plundered the ability 'Minor Strength Boost' from your victim]

[Your ability 'Minor Strength Boost' has gained some experience]

[Your ability 'Minor Strength Boost' has leveled up]

{Minor Strength Boost(Lv. 2): Permanently increases Strength by 10}

"Haaa… haaa… haaa…"

Lucas fell to his knees and began panting after depleting his mana, feeling more exhausted than when he had to run around with a heavy backpack while starving for over a week.

After gasping for air for a moment, Lucas opened the pouch containing the mana potions and grabbed one of the vials before drinking the blue liquid inside in a single gulp.


He immediately felt better after drinking the mana potion.

After sitting there for a little bit longer, Lucas looked at his Character Status.

[Level: 3]

[Rank: Hero]

[Title: N/A]

[MP: 9/150]

[Ability: Plunder(Lv. 1), Devastate(Lv. 1), Minor Strength Boost(Lv. 2)]

[Strength: 10(+60)]

[Vitality: 10(+50)]

[Agility: 10(+50)]

[Intelligence: 10(+50)]

[Perception: 10(+50)]

[Available SP: 10]

[Buffs: Irene's Blessing(Lv.1)]

"Every level gives me 5 Stat Points, yet Irene's Blessing gave me a total of 250 Stat Points… Does this mean I am as powerful as someone at level 50 right now? No… The stats are distributed equally, so in terms of Strength, I am only as powerful as some around level 10 if they used all of their Stat Points on Strength…"

"Also, how should I distribute my available Stat Points?"

After pondering for a moment, Lucas decided that it would be for the best to wait and not spend his Stat Points yet, as he wasn't sure which stat would benefit him the most.

Many minutes later, once his mana recovered back to 150, Lucas returned to exploring the dungeon.

Of course, he didn't forget to pick up the three green crystals as well as the sword that one of the green goblins left behind, upgrading his weapon.

"Mana Crystals… This is my first time holding one in my hands…" Lucas looked at the glistening green crystal with a somewhat dazed face.

Mana Crystals are dropped by monsters when they are slain, and they contain a large amount of mana within them.

Furthermore, they are the main source of income for Players who enter dungeons, as they usually sell these Mana Crystals to the Guild or the Players' Association for money.

As for its uses, there were many.

Mana Crystals can be used to make mana potions, craft powerful weapons and armors as well as enhance them, and they can even be used to make potions that increase Players' levels.

Sometime later, Lucas encountered another green goblin.

However, he didn't immediately use Devastate. Instead, he decided to use the sword he'd looted.

As much as he wanted to continue using Devastate, he didn't want to rely too much on it, as it required a third of his overall mana to use it just once, and it would definitely be wiser for him to save his mana for emergencies.

With that being said, Lucas never wielded a sword before, so it felt a little awkward at first.


Once he was close enough, Lucas swung the sword at the green goblin in an awkward manner, looking like a complete amateur with the sword.


The sword felt extremely light in Lucas' hand, mostly thanks to his boosted Strength, and it flew at the green goblin with an unstoppable force.

A moment later, the green goblin's body was split cleanly in half by the sword.

[You have Plundered the ability 'Minor Strength Boost' from your victim]

[Your ability 'Minor Strength Boost' has gained some experience]

After killing the green goblin, Lucas picked up the Mana Crystal before leaving the scene, continuing to look for more prey. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-carnage_20623462406306705/plunder_55554460654552640">;s-carnage_20623462406306705/plunder_55554460654552640</a> for visiting.

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