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Chapter 7: Basket Ball Match 3

"Free throw!"

Chen Feng takes the stand. Even though his body is fat, the senses of the ball do not affect his shot. The ball draws a perfect bow in the air, letting the back of it gently fall into the basket. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


"Offensive, in this 5 minutes remaining, we must open a gap up to 100 points!" Lin Hang's mouth made an angry roar.

"Yeah!" The Class 2 team roared at the same time.

"Everyone pay attention, everyone present here listen to me, all the captured balls are given to Chen Feng, got it?" Zheng Qiang told the other member. Now he had a little faith in Chen Feng. Maybe he sensed that only this way that they can have a chance againt Class 2.

Actually, the strengths between Class 2 and Class 6 were not very different from each other. The only difference was the distance between their trump card, was the distance between Zheng Qiang and Lin Hang.

(Continued the match)

As soon as Lin Hang was about to attack, he saw Chen Feng's fat figure blocking him again.

"Damn it!"

Lin Hang couldn't help but scold loudly, staring at Chen Feng who was standing in front of him, Lin Hang knew very clearly that Chen Feng's strength was clearly not fake, and it was not at all coincidence.


With his little hesitant, Chen Feng suddenly moved, right when Lin Hang paused, he stole the ball from Lin Hang's hand again. Even though Lin Hang felt something, his body's response was still slow.

Yes, he started feeling tired!

He played the full game. Even though his basketball ability is amazing, he also likes to show off. This match from the start untill now can be said to be his personal show. Of course, he plays cool. The show off caused applause, but it was precisely because of this that it consumed too much of his energy.

Basketball shooting, talking, this is still a match between groups. Lin Hang's level was very strong, but the level of the Class 2 was actually similar to Class 6. It's just that Lin Hang stands out too much that made it seem their strenghts look far apart.

The ball came into Chen Feng's hands, Chen Feng jumped without hesitation and scored three points.

Shoot the ball again!

Score, the distance between the two group had narrowed down from 47 to 44.

Everyone was shocked, everyone's eyes were focused on the fat figure, everyone thought Class 6 was over, and the fat man appeared only to end the game, but they never expected the situation turned out like this. In the last 5 minutes was actually their counterattack.

"This last 5 minutes was more interesting than the previous match" they though.

"Hey! Is that Chen Feng?" Fang Yue couldn't help but shouted out loud. She had never known that Chen Feng had such skills before.

Other students in the class were even more surprised. In their eyes, Chen Feng was only a person who waited for food, death, self-esteem, lack self-confidence, and was aloner.

"Did I see it wrong?"

"Am I dreaming?"

"Imposible! Right?"

Strange thoughts arise in everyone's hearts. They couldn't believe their eye. They never toke their eye of the fat figure that running in middle of the stadium.

Chen Feng had shot 3 successive three-pointers plus added a free throws. He has scored 10 points in less than one minute.


Chen Feng was breathing heavily. After less than a minute of exercise, he felt that his physical strength had been consumed more and more. Even he had strong skills, but his physical finess could barely worked together with those skills.

"No, I have to stick to him. I want to win!"

Chen Feng bit his teeth, trying to control himself, not letting himself fall down.

The more tired he became, the more Chen Feng's fighting spirit increased burning.

"I can't fall down, I can't fall down. Get up me!!"

Chen Feng took a deep breath of air, trying to focus on the game.

Lin Hang also bit his teeth hard. He was also in the last breath too.

"He must be a tired too, surely. There's no fucking way that I lose to that fat pig."

But next, Lin Hang was really hopeless.

He was suppressed. Under Chen Feng's suppression, Lin Hang never scored even a point. However, Chen Feng's three point could not be tapped by anyone. The more tired he was, the more Chen Feng's fighting power in his heart growed.

"To win, I must win!"

For a long time, even though Chen Feng had a deep complex in his heart, he was also very desperate with this extreme inferiority.

In the past, he didn't had any opportunity, but now he sees that opportunity. In Chen Feng's heart, that belief was stronger than anyone. He wanted to prove himself.


The other 3 point.

The feeling of piercing the net made Chen Feng very addicted.

Lin Hang was truly hopeless. In the last five minutes of the match, he has no achievements at all. In less than one minute, the scores of both parties have been reduced to 11 points. In this last 4 minutes here, Chen Feng had scored 14 three-pointers, plus a free throws. He scored 43 points by himself.

The Class 6 team member seemed to be inspired by Chen Feng. All the member also seem to be revived collectively. In the last five minutes, the Class 2 didn't score at all, they just watched the score shrink again and again.


Chen Feng breath's sound grew louder and louder. His body seem to squeezed out any power that he had. He stood strongly without showing any weakness. It seemed to be holding along the way but it was very firm.

"I don't want anyone to underestimate me from today on!"

The ball returns to Chen Feng's hands.

"Block him!"

Lin Hang roared loudly, Chen Feng had jumped, throwing a basketball skillfully with both hands, it was still a perfect parabolic exercise, falling down into the net.

The distance between the two group reduced to 8 points.

"There are only 3 more of three points, we will win!" Zheng Qiang came to Chen Feng's side and patted Chen Feng's shoulder happily: "Hasha, Chen Feng, I really can't see that you have this kind of ability. You are great."

Chen Feng only smiled reluctantly, his face began to look pale.

The match continues. Lin Hang rushed with the ball. Chen Feng stood in front of Lin Hang again. At this moment, Lin Hang had a deep feeling of fear in his heart.

"He was absolutely tired. I knew it. Maybe he wasn't be able to support himself when he stands like this." Lin Hang though to himself.

However, at this moment when Chen Feng was standing in front of himself, he had the feeling of facing a giant, and he could not break through the fat man's defense at all.

His heart began to doubt, his self-confidence began to tremble.

"Lin Hang passes the ball!" A player from the Class 2 suddenly shouted at Lin Hang.

Lin Hang was a little stunned, and he had passed the ball unconscinously. In that short moment, he heard an explosion, his pass was intercepted. In a short moment, Chen Feng had captured the ball again.


The sound of basketball going into the net, made his mood felt so hopeless.

"Lin Hang, what's wrong with you, you don't focus enough!" A Class 2 member came to Lin Hang and quickly said, "That fat man is clearly exhausted and he shouldn't able to play for long. His gear will be run out soon. Stay strong!"

Lin Hang did not speak, he was breathing heavily, he was not only physically exhausted, but also mentally exhausted.

"I don't care about it. You all keep giving me the ball, I won't believe I can't score a ball againt him" Lin Hang's mouth let out a low hissing sound.

His classmate in the second grade couldn't help but remain silent, only feeling that Lin Hang seemed to have some madness.

"Chen Feng, if you don't join the team early, I can't see how we can shorten the score to this level, I really can't think of it!" Other team member started to laugh and patted Chen Feng on his shoulder.

Zheng Qiang on the other hand looked at Chen Feng with worry. He saw Chen Feng stood unstable. He wanted to tell Chen Feng to take a rest but before he could, Chen Feng suddenly said

"Less than 1 minute, I will shoot it!" Chen Feng smiled at Zheng Qiang: "2 more three pointers, we can win, I want to win, I have to Win!!!"

Zheng Qiang couldn't help but stay there, he felt it clearly. The flame was burning strong in Chen Feng's eyes, it was a strong desire to win, he could not understand it. It was only a normal match. This was only a game. Why Chen Feng would look like this?

In fact, he can never understand. The inferior people have extreme desires in their hearts, extreme desires to be recognized, extreme desires to be admired.

Lin Hang was charged with dribbling, and Chen Feng was also accurately intercepted in front of him. The two people looked at each other like this. Lin Hang suddenly moved, his body flickered, Chen Feng's body also moved the same time as him. Just like he can predict the mind of Lin Hang, Chen Feng's hand had intercepted the pass again.

Lin Han felt Chen Feng's hand, his body reacted instantly. He moved the ball to another side.


Feeling that the basketball had bounced back into his own hands, Lin Hang's heart was excited, and he finally passed this fat man, but at this moment, Lin Hang suddenly felt that his right hand was empty, and the basketball was taken.

It was Zheng Qiang!!

Zheng Qiang had been worried about Chen Feng. When Lin Hang had passed Chen Feng, he also moved accordingly and managed to steal the ball from Lin Hang's hand.

"Chen Feng!!"

Zheng Qiang shouted, basketball was given into Chen Feng's hands, Chen Feng jumped, shot, his the action was so smooth. The ball flew again and fell into the basket.

"There are only 20 seconds left!" Lin Hang held the basketball in his hand, and suddenly a deep fear appeared in his heart. He was afraid that he would lose to Class 6, and he was afraid that he would really lose to this fat dead man.

"No, we must win, we must win!"

They did not attack, but began to pass continuously. This is the safest way. As long as the ball does not fall into Chen Feng's hands, they are the winners.

This 20 seconds was one of the most critical moments. One mistake, the match will be decided.

Everyone held their breath, these 5 minutes were incredible, everyone was very curious, in the end, would the fatty counterattack successfully or not?

Chen Feng suddenly felt his brain tired, as if there was an illusion in front of him, he only felt his lungs burning like a blazing flame, and he felt he really couldn't hold it back.

Strong desire in his mind was still survive, but his body can not hold it anymore.

There were only 5 seconds left. Chen Feng hurried run towards Lin Hang with a bite in his teeth. Lin Hang holds the ball. When he saw Chen Feng hurrying to himself, there was an inexplicable feeling imprint deep in his heart. Out of fear, basketball was bound out of his hand.

This was a low level mistake, and this kind of error was almost never happens.

Chen Feng instantly followed and got the ball. At that moment, he is still far from the three-pointer line. However, Chen Feng had jumped. Even though he was tired, he wanted to fall, he wanted to rest, but his heart was screaming told him to make the shoot.

He didn't know where the power came from, he threw the ball out with the help both of his hands.

"....." (Silence*)

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