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Chapter 36: Basketball Championship 1

The final match of High School Basketball Competition was held at City Sport Center.

The match was between the High School No.1 and the High School No.17.

Today there were as many as 300 people and also joined in by some prominent leaders in the province. It could be said this event was considered a significant event in the city.

Before the match, Chen Feng and his group started warming up a little to adjust their muscles.

Chen Feng was jogging alone, he stared time to time at the High School No.17's players.

Suddenly, he heard someone calling his name.

"Heh, who is this? Is this our Ace Chen Feng?~"

A voice caught Chen Feng's attention. His gaze fell to the door, he saw a man was staring at him with a sneer, and he suddenly recognized him. This person was Luo Wenhao.

("Here, he is!!")

Chen Feng saw Luo Wenhao walking towards himself and he smiled slightly at him.

"Hello, young master Luo Wenhao!!"

Luo Wenhao stunned and looked at Chen Feng weirdly.

"Hmgh, do you know who am I now? Too late. Today, I will have my revenge. I want to see your miserable face after you lose to me." He smirked and said arrogantly.

"How can you be so confident?"

"Yes, I am confident. I will tell you a little secret. I bought all your teammates and your coach. Today, no one will pass the ball to you. Let's me see how you can win against me hehehe..." Luo Wenhao laughed mockery.

Chen Feng could not help but sneer at him, then immediately said:

"I don't believe you. I trust my team and my coach. Prove it to me if you dare."

"What did you say? Now I will show you!!"

Luo Wenhao turned around, he nodded his head slightly to High School No.1's side.

Zhang Kai, Fang Cheng, Chen Ping and others wondered about what Chen Feng and Luo Wenhao was talking about. Suddenly, they saw Luo Wenhao nodded his head to them, they can't be help but nod back to him. Even if they didn't understand his meaning, they didn't think much about it.

"You see that. Chen Feng, who let you be my opponent? I'll play with you slowly until you fall in despair."

"Ohh...Let's have a good game then." Chen Feng smiled and took hand out.

Luo Wenhao wanted to ignore him but when he saw people looking at his direction, he decided to shake hand with him and smiled friendly.

Luo Wenhao turned back, he did not continue to talk with Chen Feng, and walked straight into his bench.

Coach Chen Ping accepted the money from Luo Wenhao. He promised to lose this final match to him. He felt a little regret inside, but when he saw check 100,000 yuan in front of him, he couldn't help but grin.

"Chen Feng, what are you talking about with him?" Chen Ping said coldly. He knew that right now only Chen Feng that didn't accept the money. Naturally, he was the thorn in his eyes.

"Just some normal stuff. Nothing special, sir."

Chen Feng felt weird a little when he saw coach Chen Ping's 180 degrees changed attitude to himself but he didn't think too much.

"Okay, let's start preparing. The match will start soon."

Someone walked to Chen Feng from behind and called him.

"Chen Feng!"

Fang Cheng, the captain of the team, said in a low voice.

"Oh, captain."

Chen Feng surprised a bit when he saw Fang Cheng. He remembered that in the team, only captain who was worry and took care of him.

"I'm sorry. I, I..." Fang Cheng dropped his head, he didn't dare to look at Chen Feng's eyes.

"I know. You don't have to say it." Chen Feng sighed and just shook his head.

"Luo Wenhao, he contacted me yesterday. He gave me 100,000 yuan, at first, I refused his offer. But he said that he would find trouble with my parents, so I finally agreed with him." He closed his eyes while he explained his situation.

"I get it." Chen Feng smiled slightly. At least, he felt better when he heard his reason.

"I will give this money to you after the match. I don't want this kind of money and I also decide to leave the team." Fang Cheng said with determination.

"Captain, can you help me with something?"

"What is it?"

"Can you play along with me?"

"But I can't...."

"No, not that kind of play. You will know when the time comes. Let's go."

Fang Cheng stared at Chen Feng's back. He felt something strange about him. He could see the confidence in his voice.

"What is he going to do?"


The competition finally began.

Chen Feng came to the center of the basketball court, Luo Wenhao looked at Chen Feng with a sneer, then he and Fang Cheng stood in the middle of the basketball court, preparing to jump the ball.


"Play ball, start!!"

When the basketball was thrown high, both of them jumped at the same time.


Chen Feng immediately felt that something was wrong. Fang Cheng didn't jump high enough. This was not his true strength at all. At this moment, Luo Wenhao slammed the ball hard and fell into the hands of one of the No.17 player in an instant.

This team member was very fast. He went straight to the basket. Chen Feng suddenly came to blocking his way.

Seeing that Chen Feng approach him, this player passed the ball quickly. The ball fell in Luo Wenhao's hand. He sneered at Chen Feng and shoot the ball.


Watching Luo Wenhao shoot a basketball into the basket, Chen Feng couldn't help but clench his fist gently.


"Give me the ball!" Chen Feng shouted at the point guard.

However, the point guard didn't seem to see Chen Feng, but gave the basketball to Fang Cheng. At this moment, Fang Cheng made a mistake. He did not receive the ball, and the ball fell in No.17 again.

"How are you now?"

Luo Wenhao came to Chen Feng's side, he said with a careless smile on his face:

"Rest assured, this is just the beginning Hehe..."

Chen Feng clenched his fist, he looked at Luo Wenhao but he said gently.

"The game is not over yet."


Chen Feng suddenly moved. Right at that moment, he cut his own team's pass and got the ball. The whole man dash quickly, like a sharp arrow, headed straight for the No.17's basket. He evaded the players, like the most elegant dancer, and arrived at the three-point line in the blink of an eye.

Jump and shoot


The basketball draw a perfect bow and fell straight into the basket.


Chen Feng looked at Luo Wenhao and then he glanced at the team member. They could not help but lower their heads slightly. They felt embarrassed and shame in their hearts.

When Chen Feng walked back, Lin Hang secretly smiled to Chen Feng. He nodded his head slightly.

This time was the serving on the No.17, Chen Feng blocked Luo Wenhao.

"I heard that you can slam dunk, right?"

"Don't think that you are the only one who could do it."

"You? You are not my opponent Hahaha..." Chen Feng laughed.

When he said that, Chen Feng moved. At that moment, Chen Feng suddenly rushed and intercepted the ball. He quickly rushed to the No.17's basket again. He caught the ball with one hand and jumped very high.


Chen Feng slammed the ball hard in the basket.


The audience applauded loudly.

Chen Feng looked back at Luo Wenhao with a faint smile appeared on his face:

"I will teach you what it means to called Slam Dunk."

Luo Wenhao could not help but grit his teeth hard. From childhood until now, this was the first time someone was so arrogant in front of him.

"What are you all doing, hurry up and pass me the ball!" Luo Wenhao growled loudly.

He did not only shout at his teammate, but also at Chen Feng's team too.

The No.17 team started attacking again. As soon as Chen Feng moved, they could not help but frown. The No.1 team also tried to block him and give No.17 players a chance to attack.

The ball fell in Lin Hang's hand. Lin Hang pretended want to pass the ball to his teammates but No.17 players intercepted and threw the ball to Luo Wenhao.

At this moment, Luo Wenhao suddenly jumped, slamming his hand firmly towards the basket, and the whole basket shook.


Luo Wenhao's ferocious slam dunk immediately made the crowd cheered.


" strong."

"Young master so handsome!!"

"One more, One more, One more..."

The group of young girls was shouting Luo Wenhao's name loudly.

Luo Wenhao looked proudly to the audience and stared at Chen Feng mockingly, At this moment, he felt so good. The fame, popularity, and the girls, these are what he wanted. Did he need money? No, he didn't lack money at all. He spent a lot of money just to exchange with his fame.

The game continued.

"Chen Feng!"

Lin Hang on the side suddenly called out, he quickly handed the basketball to his hand. Chen Feng's face smiled, holding the basketball hard and run to No.17 basket.

Chen Feng did not shoot three points this time, but he immediately ran to the basket.

He jumped.

"Don't think about it!"

Luo Wenhao also jumped, and the whole person blocked Chen Feng in front of him like a Chinese's great wall. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Luo Wenhao's palm fell on the basketball, but he immediately felt a terrible force explode from the basketball. Chen Feng's strength was stronger and terrible. Luo Wenhao's hands trembled, his strength could not stop Chen Feng's force at all.


Chen Feng slammed the basketball into the basket, and the terrible sound echoed in the stadium. People worried that the basket would be destroyed by this frightening power.


Luo Wenhao's body fell to the ground, he felt his arm started feeling pain a bit and trembled slightly.

Chen Feng looked into his eyes, but a resolute smile appeared on his face:

"Do you really think you can stop me?"

Luo Wenhao bit his teeth and said back coldly.

"Even if I can't stop you, don't think you can win this match today."

Luo Wenhao stood up and he ordered his teammate to pass to him everytime they got the ball.

Chen Feng also counterattacked with a slam dunk and provoked him from time to time.

Luo Wenhao also did a slam dunk back. Everytime he did, the audience always cheered louder to his performance.

This game was really interesting. It seemed like just Chen Feng and Luo Wenhao's personal performance. Under the betrayal of his teammate, Chen Feng had difficulty stopping Luo Wenhao. However, Chen Feng's violations could not be blocked by others. Coupled with Lin Hang's collaboration a little, Chen Feng's violations were also unbearable.

The first half is over.

"Damn, my arm, it hurts!"

During breaks, Luo Wenhao breathed a cold air. He couldn't feel his arm anymore, he felt that maybe because of he was too tired. Even if the field only dealt with Chen Feng, it made him feel like facing with a group of monsters.

Given Chen Feng's fierce slamming blow, his physical strength was almost baseless. Even when there was only one person, he still made the entire High School No.17 felt a very frightening pressure, not only Luo Wenhao, everyone also felt the same as him.

"Chen Feng, is he still human?"

Luo Wenhao shook his head hard, gritted his teeth and said.

"Damn it, I must win. In the end, it's me who is the winner."

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