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50% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 37: Basketball Championship 2

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Chapter 37: Basketball Championship 2

At High School No.1's bench

Coach Chen Ping furrowed his brow, he came forward to the group and suddenly said.

"Chen Feng, you don't have to go up in the second half!"

Chen Feng opened his eyes and stared at Chen Ping's face with a complex look.

"What is your look? Do you disagree with my decision?" Chen Ping said loudly.

"No, no, coach. Didn't he tell you yet?" Chen Feng asked him with a strange manner.

"Hah? Who are you talking about?"

Chen Feng walked to Chen Ping slowly and whispered to his ear.

"I'm talking about young master Luo Wenhao."

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Chen Feng looked left and right and said.

"This place is not safe, sir."

Chen Ping nodded his head, he understood his meaning. He then stared back at the group.

"Ahem Ahem, you guys rested a little. Chen Feng, you come to Preparing Room with me!!"

"Yes, sir."

The two came to the room under the odd's expression from everyone.


In the Preparing Room

"Chen Feng, now you can talk freely."

"How much money did Luo Wenhao give you?" Chen Feng suddenly asked.

"One hundred...Heh!? I-I don't know what you are saying." Chen Ping shook his head quickly.

"Coach, don't worry. I know about it. Actually, I just come to agreement with young master at the beginning of the match." Chen Feng smiled slyly at him.


"You don't believe me, right? Didn't you see young master signal to you? He even shook hand with me to show our agreement."

" that time!?"

Chen Ping suddenly remembered the scene when Luo Wenhao nodded at him and shook hand friendly with Chen Feng.

"Yes, finally, you understand. Take you long enough to realize. He promises to give me 100,000 yuan after the match. How much do you get?" Chen Feng talked while made hand signal "Money" to him.

"He also gives me 100,000 yuan if I can let him win the game Hehe..." Chen Ping laughed.

"Ohh..!! I have something else to discuss with you." Chen Feng waved his hand to him.

"What is it?" Chen Ping wondered and came closer.


Chen Feng punched Chen Ping in the stomach. The person soon became unconscious and fell on the ground.

"Yosh!!! Discussion complete Hehe..." Chen Feng clapped his hand.


Chen Feng soon walked back towards the High School No.1 team.

"Hey, Chen Feng, where is coach Chen Ping?" Zhang Kai talked to Chen Feng with arrogant voice.

"He has something to do and he tells me to come out first. I already convince him to let me play in this second half." Chen Feng didn't mind him and said calmly.

"Really?" Everyone had an unbelievable look on their faces.

"Ghost will believe you!!"

Zhang Kai sneered at him. He knew that if they wanted to lose the match, they had to get rid of this Chen Feng first.

Chen Feng turned his head to other side and he secretly winked his eye to Fang Cheng.

Fang Cheng noticed his action and he suddenly thought of what he was discussing with Chen Feng before the game. He had a feeling that Chen Feng wanted him to do something.

"Let me go to ask him then!!"

Fang Cheng said that and walked to the room.

A few minutes later

Fang Cheng walked back alone and he said.

"Coach was busy on phone call right now. He said that we have to listen to Chen Feng's arrangement."

Everyone nodded, they couldn't help but believe in Fang Cheng's word and they looked at Chen Feng together.

"Come here. Currently, we're on the same boat. Tell you the trust, I also receive money from Luo Wenhao." Chen Feng said in low voice.

"What!?" everyone surprised.

"Actually, we have an agreement before the beginning of the match."

"But in the first half, you...." Zhang Kai couldn't help but ask him.

He didn't even finish his sentence, Chen Feng continued saying.

"This is just our acts. Do you think that the audience is stupid. If we do it obviously, they will think that we have problem."

"Right, you have a point." They opened their eyes bigger and nodded.

"So what should we do?"

They felt like they already convinced with Chen Feng's explanation.

"We will create an intense match. You all have to pass the ball to me, but you also let Luo Wenhao score the point. In the last minute, we will have to let him win us in a few points. This way, no one will suspect our actions. What do you think?" Chen Feng smiled slyly and looked at everyone's faces.

"Good idea. I agree."

"Me too." x 3

"It's decided. Okay, let's go!!"

When everyone walked to the court, Lin Hang came near Chen Feng and asked.

"What are we going to do next?"

"We just have to wait. Don't worry, it won't be long. Hehe..."

Chen Feng laughed evilly.


"Second Half, Start!!"

Chen Feng came to court slowly, he saw Luo Wenhao looking at him. Chen Feng smiled and nodded his head towards him.

Luo Wenhao couldn't help but have a question mark on his head.

The No.1 players saw the exchange between the two, they smiled. In their minds, they just focused on pass the ball to Chen Feng and let Luo Wenhao scored the points. Everything was going to be okay.

Luo Wenhao didn't know that he had fallen in Chen Feng's trap. He looked at the coach's seat, but he did not see the shadow of coach Chen Ping at all.

"There's no need to find him." Chen Feng came near Luo Wenhao, and said lightly.

"In this second half of the game, dare you compete with me? Who will be the best slam dunk player?

"Hmgh!!" Luo Wenhao snorted.

"Are you scare little young master?"

"Dream on, you bastard!!"

A roar broke out in Luo Wenhao's mouth and then a No.17 player passed the ball to him.

Chen Feng smirked, he moved very fast and his hand hit the ball.


Chen Feng quickly snatched the ball, then he rushed to the opponent's basket.

A high jump combined with a rough swing hand, the basketball was poured fiercely into the basket.


The audience stood up and applauded loudly.

"So strong!!"

"Who do you think is stronger between Chen Feng and Luo Wenhao's slam dunk?"

"I vote for Chen Feng."

"I think so~ Kya~"

The young girls's discussion was heard by Luo Wenhao. His face suddenly turned red fill with furious expression.

Chen Feng released his hand from the basket's fram, he glanced at Luo Wenhao and his face smiled slightly.

Luo Wenhao gritted his teeth and said coldly,

"Give me the ball!"

Luo Wenhao caught the ball in his hand and he dashed towards Chen Feng's basket. Chen Feng did not rush bask. he saw Luo Wenhao jumped, and then the basketball in his hand violently slammed in basket.


"Hahaha...See that!?"

Chen Feng only smiled coldly. He did not rush to score the points, he continued to block Luo Wenhao strictly.

In the second half, his team members cooperated well with him. Chen Feng laid up and scored again and again.

Luo Wenhao also followed to score after him. He started feeling exhausted, his physical strength seemed to have reached a limit.

This time, Luo Wenhao once again came to slam dunk.



However, at this moment, his face suddenly changed, he clearly felt the clicks of his arm, followed by intense pain wildly entered his mind.


Luo Wenhao's mouth screamed, and he cowered in pain on the ground. His left arm twisted in a strange position, seemed to be dislocated.

Suddenly, there was a commotion.

Chen Feng walked towards Luo Wenhao with a smile on his face, holding a basketball in one hand, and his face was full of cold look.

("'s time.")

"Luo Wenhao, you are truly extraordinary. I really convince in your slam dunk's spirit. You can even slam the ball until you break your arm. I can't help but give you a thumbs up Hahaha..."

Chen Feng laughed at him and walked back.

Luo Wenhao made a painful sound in his mouth. The cold sweat continued to flow down his forehead. Although he wanted to deny Chen Feng, but his mouth couldn't say anything.

This scene truly shocked everyone.

Of course, everything happened according to Chen Feng's plan. He provoked Luo Wenhao to slammed dunk nonstop, especially, with his arm was hurt by the nunchucks that he threw to him yesterday. There was no way his arm could withstand the terrible impact of his strength.


Chen Feng created this scenario perfectly.

1st step - He made the No.1 player believed that he cooperated with Luo Wenhao.

2nd step - He provoked him to do slam dunk

3rd step - He let Fang Yue to bring a group of young girls to cheer him.

4th step - All he have to do was to wait for his injured arm to have problem.


Immediately, several medical staff rushed over, quickly lifting Luo Wenhao onto a stretcher, and then taking him to the hospital.

For the time being, the whole scene was strange and silent. For a while, everyone was confused.

Even though someone replaced Luo Wenhao in No.17 players, the scene was not the same. Nobody ever thought about it. Without Luo Wenhao, there would be no backbone, the No.17 players didn't know what to do. Their plays were dropped dramatically.

In the next game, basically there was no tension at all.

The game was ended with the result [242:168].

The title of the best player MVP of the city was given to Chen Feng.

In the record, Chen Feng's average score was more than 200 points, which was an unprecedented result in the High school basketball games. Not only that, the physical qualities shown by Chen Feng were even more speechless for everyone. He was like a monster in human's skin.

After this match, Chen Feng finally got 150 Achievement Points. Now, he had 290 Achievement Points.

Holding the money given by the city leader, Chen Feng's face showed a deep smile.

For a family like Chen Feng, it was clearly a very large amount of money.

"Chen Feng, I hope you can make persistent efforts and achieve better results!"

The city leader handed the Champion Title over to Chen Feng.

"Yes, I will try my best and achieve even better results!"

Chen Feng looked at the city leaders and said seriously.

Chen Feng took a photo with the city leaders. Then, the entire high school basketball team also took a photo all together. The only regret was that coach Chen Ping did not show up. He initially had an excellent coach certificate but It will be sent to him later.

With 30,000 yuan in hand, Chen Feng returned to his home in hurry.

On the bus, Chen Feng felt like he forget something.

"Well, it dosn't matter. Forget it!!"


In the Preparing Room

"Ugh...where am I?"

Coach Chen Ping just woke up, he felt very dizzy in his head.

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