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Chapter 44: Beef Ball Family Restaurant

Sihai Street was the most famous snack street in Jiangzhou. The street was about 1.5 kilometers long. There were various food shops left and right. Initially, Sihai Street was just a place full of factories and old buildings.

But now, the Jiangzhou City Government had planned to develop this area. The place soon began to change, many modern stores replaced the old buildings and then Sihai Street had truly become a modern snack street.

Many local residents chose to eat, drink and had fun here. Furthermore, even many tourists from other places were also seen visiting in this street during the holiday.

At 8 o'clock in the morning, Chen Feng's family of three went to Sihai Street to look for a shop.

When they arrived there, it was still early, and the business was not much lively around these hours.

"This shop is great!"

Chen Feng's eyes were fixed on a shop that was located near the convenience store, the environment here also was good, just that this place was a bit isolated. It was a little too far from the main street.

Of course, all the good spots were already chosen by another shop owner. So this position was not their favorite choice.

But Chen Feng thought that all of these were not important.

In the film, Stephen Chow's shop also was not in the prime spot, but his Pissing Beef Balls were still very popular. That was the same as his situation.

Chen Feng accompanied his parents to meet the sales manager and success to rent this shop for 5,000 yuan per month. The store area was not too small or too big. It looked around 40 to 50 square meters big. This was considered a low price compare to other places.

Chen Feng spent a whole day with his parents to buy the kitchen materials and decorated the shop. All this money was from his winning the Basketball Match. Finally, the shop was ready. Chen Feng nodded with satisfaction. His shop was called "Beef Ball Family Restaurant". He planned to start the business tomorrow.


On Sunday

Early in the morning, Chen Feng got up and did his routine work. After that, he went to his shop and started cooking the Pissing Beef Balls. He spent 2 hours before he finished making it. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Feng didn't plan to teach his parents yet. That was difficult to make this food with their strength. Even more, Chen Feng's parents were not the chefs, so in this meantime, he had to get up early every morning to make this food for his family business.

He picked up his phone and sent the invitation to Fang Yue and Lin Hang. He saw how much they loved eating Pissing Beef Balls at that time, so he wanted them to taste his food on the opening day.

"Chen Feng, you get up early today." His parents were walking towards him.

Chen Feng didn't wake them up. He wanted his parents to have enough sleep and good health.

"Good Morning, Mom and Dad. I have to get up early to prepare these foods." Chen Feng pointed his finger to the pot soup and said helplessly.

" time, you have to teach me. I want to help you too, Son." Chen Feng's mother said to him.

Even she knew that her son had been cured from his disease, but she was still worried about his wellbeing.

"Okay, Mom." Chen Feng nodded his head and replied to her.

"Son, how much do you plan to sell these beef balls?" Chen Ze asked.

Chen Feng thought a little, then he said.

"Hmm...I think we should sell it one Bowl for 100 yuan."

"There are only 10 beef balls in a bowl. Don't you think that is a bit expensive?" Chen Ze asked in shock.

"No, Dad. Our shop uses the good quality ingredients, so this price is reasonable. Also the expensive stuff means that it is a rare product. This price is to target the rich costumer. Do you think 100 yuan is considered expensive to them? The answer is no. As long as these beef balls suit their tastes, they don't mind spending a bit more money to buy them. I believe in this logic." Chen Feng said with confidence smiled on his face.

"O-Okay...if you say so. I trust you, Son." Chen Ze couldn't help but hesitate a bit. He believed in Chen Feng's arrangement, so in the end, he let him make the decision.

There were not any opening ceremony or any promotion. Chen Feng didn't want to spend his money on something unnecessary. He just opened his shop casually. And in front of his shop, he only hung the plate [Pissing Beef Ball 1 Bowl = 100 yuan].

Even Chen Feng's parents didn't said anything but they were still somewhat nervous inside.

A few people walked past their place but when they saw the price in front of the door, they shook their heads and walked away. Chen Feng didn't care about their actions. He stood up patiently while chatting with his parents.

1 hour later

There was still no costumer. Suddenly, Chen Feng's phone rang up.

"Hello, Chen Feng. Where is your shop?"

"Oh! Wait a second, I'll send my location to you."


After a while, Chen Feng saw there was a group around 20 people walked towards his shop. He also saw Fang Yue, Lin Hang and his dad among them.

"Fang Yue, Lin Hang, Uncle Lin, welcome to our family restaurant!"

"Hahaha...Chen Feng, we come here to support you." Lin Hang laughed happily.

Fang Yue also came forward greeting Chen Feng's parents.

"Good morning Aunt, Uncle!"

Chen Feng's parents nodded their head and smiled to her. But suddenly, Chen Ze said.

"Oh...I feel your face is familiar, I seem to have met you somewhere before."

"Old man, do you think so? I also feel the same."


Fang Yue's face turned slightly red. She remembered the event that she met them when she came out from Chen Feng's room. She couldn't help feeling a bit shy.

"Mom, Dad, we'll talk about it later. Let's greet the customer first! Uncle Lin, who are they?" Chen Feng also had a weird expression on his face. So he decided to ask Lin Erli to change the topic.

"They are my business partners, subordinates and my friends. I call them to try your Pissing Beef Ball. I praise your food before them too much, so don't sell my face today, okay?" Lin Erli came near Chen Feng and whispered to him.

"Hehe...I don't let you down, don't worry." Chen Feng chuckled.

A man wore a black suit stepped forward and immediately said.

"Mr. Lin, you bring us to this tiny place for breakfast? Pissing Beef Ball? What is that? I never heard this food before." He said in an irritating voice.

Lin Erli smiled slightly and slowly said.

"Rest assured, am I this unreliable person? If any one of you eats this food and can say that it's not delicious, I will pay all of you to eat at 5 stars restaurant until you're full."

"Wow...Hahaha! Little Erli wants to play big today."

"Just expected from my boss!"

This half-joking statement made other people laugh. They really had a good relationship, sometimes they liked to have fun teasing each other.

"Haha...Mr. Lin, do you really mean it?" That man grinned and asked him to confirm.

"I mean what I said." Lin Erli nodded his head.

"Okay, let us taste it together then!"

Chen Feng quickly served these guests a bowl of Pissing Beef Ball each.

In an instant, a charming aroma exploded. Then the noisy shop early soon became quiet. Everyone closed their mouths and felt a deep delicacy in silence. When they bite the beef ball, the sound of the bomb exploded inside their mouths.


It made them shocked a bit, they tried to cover their mouth and chewed the beef ball carefully.

Seeing this scene, Lin Erli couldn't help but laugh, he knew that feeling very well, there was no doubt about it. These people were already conquered by Pissing Beef Ball.

"How is that?" Lin Erli knew the answer but he wanted to tease them.


No one said anything. Their eyes were only on the Beef Ball in their hands. Finally, they understood what Lin Erli mean early. How could they dare to say this food was not delicious?

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