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Chapter 58: Chen Feng’s Quiz

After accompanied Chen Feng for a moment, Fan Yue's mother, Hu Suli, didn't stay with him for long. She prepared to go back to her kitchen room.

"Chen Feng, you sit down and wait for me. I'll finish cooking in a while." She said to Chen Feng and walked out.

"Auntie! Err...actually, I bring this food for Fang Yue, I need to borrow your kitchen to warm it up, can I?" He said while his hand was holding a bag containing the Pissing Beef Balls. In the box, he put the soup and the beef balls in a separate space.

When Chen Feng came back from his shop, he brought this food especially for Fang Yue and her family to try.

He heard that the hot soup was effective on the cold patients and he also felt uncomfortable if he visited her parents with the empty hand.

"Oh, okay. Follow me!" Hu Suli didn't think too much and invited Chen Feng to the kitchen.

Chen Feng folded his sleeves and wore the apron outside his shirt.

He took the food out of the box and he started by turning on the microwave. Chen Feng put the soup in the pot and warmth it inside. 5 minutes later, he then pulled it out. When he opened the cover, the delicious fragrance was circulated in the whole kitchen.

"Hmm...this food has such a tasty aroma. Where do you buy it from? It looks delicious." Hu Suli secretly swallowed her saliva, she couldn't help but exclaim in surprise and she decided to ask him.

"My family runs a small restaurant and I make this food myself." Chen Feng smiled and replied to her calmly.

"Amazing! Did you really make it?" Hu Suli had an unbelievable look on her face, she looked at the boy beside her and asked him in surprise.

"I just learn to make this food from the movie and coincidently, I just manage to make it, that's nothing special." He replied shyly.

Chen Feng didn't want to lie to her and took credit in making this food. Because he knew clearly than anyone else that he only used the system to extract this receipt from Stephen Chow.

After Chen Feng finished warming up the soup, he grabbed the vegetables from Hu Suli's hand and said.

"Auntie, let me help you." He also took the knife from her hand.

"Thank you." She didn't reject his offer, she smiled and looked at Chen Feng at the side.

Chen Feng put the ingredients on the table. His hand was holding the knife and elegantly cut the vegetables in a quick motion.

("It's rare for someone as young as him to interest in cooking. Hm Hm...I like this boy.") Hu Suli secretly nodded her head and smiled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Wait for me a bit. I go upstairs to wake my daughter up." She told Chen Feng and quickly took off the apron on her body before she left.

"No, no need to bother her. Let her have enough sleep, it's also good for her health." Chen Feng didn't want to bother her rest, he was worried about her.

"Heh!? You care for my daughter better than me, her mother? Are you her boyfriend" Hu Suli said in a teasing manner.

"....." Chen Feng was speechless.

"Hehe...don't worry, Fang Yue's illness is not that bad and she also sleeps soundly since this morning. I better wake her up faster before she turns to a lazy piggy." She laughed before she went upstairs.

A few minutes later

"Chen Feng! Fang Yue already wakes up. You can bring food to her room." Fang Yue's mother walked back to the kitchen and told Chen Feng.

"Hah!? N-No, It's not appropriate for a man to enter the girl's room alone." Chen Feng felt anxious, he waved his hand in a hurry.

"Young man! Who says I let you to be with my daughter in her room alone? I also come with you." Hu Suli put her hand on her waist and sneered at him.

"Hah? Ha ha ha...!" Chen Feng couldn't help but laugh awkwardly. Such a misunderstanding was very embarrassing.


In her room, Che Feng saw Fang Yue slept in her bed while cover in a blanket. She wore the mask on her face.

When she saw Chen Feng entered, Fang Yue shrugged to sit up and she greeted him.

"Chen Feng! Thank you for visiting me." She said in a hoarse voice.

After Chen Feng had special permission from the homeroom teacher, Fang Yue rarely saw him at school. She would lie if she said she didn't miss him. For a long time had passed since she could meet him again. He even came to her house to visit her when she was sick. Fang Yue felt warmth in her heart.

"You don't have to thank me, you are my friend, of course, it's normal that I'm worried about you. Did you meet the doctor yet?" Chen Feng had a concerned expression on his face when he asked her.

"'s just a simple cold. The doctor said that I just have to take medicine regularly for one week and need enough sleep, that's all." She smiled behind the mask and said to him.

Fang Yue understood that this blockhead used the word "Friend" as the reason to visit her. She knew how worry he was when she looked at his face. She secretly felt happy.

"I make this food for you. Come and eat it!" Chen Feng prepared the food on the table, he looked at her face a while and decided to joke around with her.

"Fang Yue, do you know why the beef balls can fly?" He suddenly asked.

"Hm!? When the beef ball is on the airplane?" She thought a little and replied.

"No! Hehe...because it flies like this." Chen Feng smiled, he held the chopsticks and picked the beef ball up in front of her face.

"....." Fang Yue stumbled after seeing this.

"Next question! Do you know why the rats can fly?" Chen Feng asked again.

"When you pick it up, right? I don't fall in your trick this time" She glared at him and said in a cute manner.

"Still wrong, the answer is that because the rat jumps to eat the flying beef ball." Chen Feng shook his head, he smiled and said to her.

"....." Fang Yue felt like she was a little kid who was cheated by an adult.

"Well, the last question, do you know why the eagles can fly?" He ignored her look and asked her another question.

"Easy, because it jumps to eat the flying rat." Fang Yue determined to win against him this time.

"Hahaha...naturally, the eagles can fly." Chen Feng couldn't control himself and laugh out loud.

Fang Yue also couldn't help but have a smile in her face until she joined in laughing with him.

Fang Yue's mother who stood before her bed also felt relieved to see this sight. She knew that her daughter slept in her room all day, of course, she felt bored and stressed. But this feeling vanished instantly when she was with Chen Feng.

("This boy is not bad.") She thought.

Making a little joke, finally the atmosphere in the room became better, Chen Feng felt like his effort was paid off when he saw Fang Yue happy.

Chen Feng didn't stay for too long. He gave her a pack of papers, he decided saying goodbye to Fang Yue and her mother before he left.


Back at his house

Chen Feng walked inside his room, he then closed and locked the door. Chen Feng decided to extarct the Original Super Soldier Serum from Captain America. With his popularity at his school, this time, Chen Feng gained a lot of Achievement Points.

First, he had to solve the Vita Ray requirement before he used it. He didn't want to take the risk like Steve in the movie. The safe way was to use the system to solve this problem.

"System, I want to get rid of the side effects of the need of Vita Ray in Super Soldier Serum." Chen Feng said.

>[System Analysis!]<

>[Modify require 50 Achievement Points, Yes or No?]<

"Yes, do it." Even if he felt that this price was a bit expensive but he thought this payment was necessary.

>[Super Soldier Serum is modified successfully, No Vita Ray is required in the process]<

>[Do you want to extract it now? Yes or No?]<

"I am ready. Extract it!" Chen Feng gritted his teeth and stood up firmly.

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