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Chapter 27: Chen Feng appear on the news

Half the match abstained. This was the first time since the city started hold the basketball competition. However, the judges present were more or less aware of the situation.

"We can not fight back at all."

"The opponent's team is too strong."

Actually, the high school student's strength was not too weak. But because of there was the existence of Chen Feng, who was considered the BUG of the game. He had completely suppressed the enemy's team without holding anything back.

After the match, Chen Feng's face also showed a satisfied smile. After taking a few steps, he suddenly frowned. He looked down and saw that his shoes were torn.

Chen Feng did not want others pay attention. He quietly changed to a new pair of shoes, but immediately, Chen Feng had a strange feeling.

"Why are these shoes so tight on my feet?"

Riding the school bus with everyone, Chen Feng slightly narrowed his eyes, and quickly opened the Hero Extraction System.


>[Hero Extraction System: Level 1]<

>[Hostname: Chen Feng]<

>[Gender: Male]<

>[Height: 1.91 m]<

>[Weight: 100 kg]<



-English; Chinese; Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry; Biology and Politic


-Basketball Skill {Mitsui Shou}

-Super Soldier Serum (Incomplete) {Captain America}

-Yong Chun Boxing; Nunchaku Method; Jeet Kune Do {Chen Zhen}


"Am I growing taller again?" Chen Feng couldn't help but feel a little surprise, involuntarily touching his head. Now that he had become taller and taller. Just that his body didn't change much. He really did not pay attention to himself.

It was very difficult for him to wear his own shoes now. You have worn it for so long.

He only got the Hero Extraction System a month ago, and his height has increased from 1.72 m to 1.91 m. He didn't know how much he can improve next time when he extract the original serum from Captain America.

"Will my height exceed 2 meters? Actually, I don't want to become more taller than this. I just want my weight to decrease instead."

A few hour later, the school bus has arrived in front of his school. After get out of the bus, Chen Ping suddenly called out,

"Chen Feng, Fang Cheng, Lin Hang, everyone, don't hurry back. Let's celebrate together!!"

"T-Teacher, me, there is something with my family, I-I need to go first!" Lin Hang's expression was slightly wrong.

Seeing Lin Hang spoke eloquently, Chen Ping couldn't help but frown a little, he could feel more or less, Lin Hang's condition was somewhat wrong, and he also made some mistakes on the basketball court. Now, it seemed like it was because of his family.

"Okay, you come back first. Give me a call if you need something, Ok?" Chen Ping patted on his shoulder.

The basketball team, along with Chen Ping, came to the stalls outside the school. Chen Ping was only a working class teacher, and his salary was not much. So he chose a simple place to have a few drink (non-alcohol) with his students.

When Chen Feng prepared to follow the group, Chen Feng's eyebrows slightly frowned, that was because he saw Lin Hang turned to the small alley.

"That direction doesn't seem to be his way home!" Chen Feng felt a bit strange in his heart, but he didn't follow him. He then came to the stall outside the school with Chen Ping.

Chen Feng was not the type of person who want to know about other's private life. Even after he got his system, Chen Feng was always good with others, and would not do anything he wanted because of his special abilities.


On the other hand, Lin Hang came to the dark alley alone, and here Li Wei had been waiting with his few men.

"Son, you are so late. You dare to let me wait you so long now Hah? Do you know the result If you don't come?" Li Wei stared at Lin Hang and said casually:

"You must know that if your school finds out you are hiring us to break their student's leg, what happen to you~? And how about your family?"

Lin Hang could not help but break out a sweat, his face showed an expression of fear:

"Don't don't Brother Li, w-we can talk about it. H-How much is your medical bill?"

A sinister smile appeared on Li Wei's face:

"Oh, the medical bill? Oh yes, my brother has eight people in the hospital, and each person has a preliminary examination of 30,000 yuan, about total 240,000 yuan??"

What can he do?

Lin Hang gritted his teeth and transferred the money to Li Wei.

"Good son. Don't worry. If you keep up this good manner, we will also keep our little secret too. See you next time~!!"


After eating and drinking enough, Chen Feng has come back home. He hurried take off his shoes and rubbed his feet. Chen Feng then felt a little more comfortable. He considered to buy a new pair of basketball shoes. But he can't afford the new one, so it's okay to buy at the secondhand shop. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Feng felt that he should be able to get enough Achievement Points in the next few matches, and then he could extract the original serum of Captain America. Then he fell asleep on his bed.

The Next Day

Chen Feng came to school early in the morning for training as usual, but at this moment, he heard coach Chen Ping called him:

"Chen Feng, Chen Feng!"


Chen Feng looked at Chen Ping oddly: "Teacher, is something wrong?"

Chen Ping walked to Chen Feng quickly and said,

"I tell me a good news, you are on the news, you know!"

As he spoke, Chen Ping quickly took out his smartphone and clicked on a story directly. A news appeared right above it. There was also a photo on the news that Chen Feng holds the basketball in his hand and play the scene that he slammed the ball into the basket.

"Hey, am I famous now?"

As Chen Feng thought this, he opened his Hero Extraction System. However, as soon as the system emerged, Chen Feng gave a little doubt. His Achievement Points didn't increase much. Only 2 Achievement Points were added. Why?

"I only get 2 AP after getting into the news?"

Chen Feng couldn't help but be a little surprised. According to his theory, when he was on the news, he should getting more attention, but why didn't he get many Achievement Points?

Thinking for a moment, Chen Feng soon understood the reason.

This news was actually not big news. This post was only in the local news, occupies a small area. It was difficult to attract the attention of others.

This news had no possibility of being hot topic at all. Indeed, the slam dunk was very good at show off, but in reality, it was different. If the average person saw this news at a quick sight, the first reaction was "He can slum dunk so what? I saw many players can do it on TV too.". So they didn't care.

By the way, there weren't too many people who watch such competitions. In general, there were only the parents, the students from both school and a few actual audiences who saw his play.

Chen Feng didn't have much feelings, he thought that a little better than nothing.

While he was talking with coach, other team members also came to the club. When they heard the news, they looked at Chen Feng with the expressions of admiration on their faces.

"Chen Feng, work hard this time. If we have won the 1st Rank in the competition, when the college entrance exam, it can add a lot of points to your Sport Activity. It will help you to join the sport school later." Fang Cheng patted Chen Feng's shoulder and said.

"Well, actually, I don't really want to join the sport school and I'm confident with my study!" Chen Feng smiled.

"What?" A group of people can't help but stun for a moment. Then, Fang Cheng seemed to remember that Chen Feng seemed to have very strong study abilities. At that moment, he even forced the teacher to bow his head and acknowledge it.

"'re different from us!" Fang Cheng signed bitterly, and then he said,

"However, I think you better choose a sports school. With your talent, it's unfortunate not to play basketball. Maybe you can still become an NBA in the future and become a real basketball superstar!!"

"I don't think so. I just think basketball is a kind of exercise. As for whether I will go to the NBA in the future, this, I think let the future decide by itself." Chen Feng grabbed his hair and said with a smile.

Fang Cheng smiled and said, "I still feel sorry for your talent. Your basketball skill is really great. Not to mention the high accuracy of your three pointer, your jump also high and you even has your superman power. If you don't play basketball, that's a pity. Do you want to consider it again?"

"I don't know right now." Chen Feng shook his head slightly. He knows very well that playing basketball was just a way for him to get Achievement Points. Actually, there were many ways for him to choose, not only basketball.

"Okay, okay, everyone don't take it easy yet, we will have next match coming!" Chen Ping smiled at them and said,

"Everyone must work hard. We have to play four more matches and defeat all enemies before we can win the championship!"


"What are we afraid of, we have Chen Feng here. How can we lose to them!?" A basketball team member quickly said,

"Shut up!" Chen Ping snorted coldly. "Even if we have Chen Feng, can we only rely on Chen Feng alone to win the game? Don't you need your teammate? Starting today, everyone training will Double!!"

" way!!"

"Who say that just now? I swear I don't beat you up."

"Who believe you? Ahhh....Captain save me!!"

"Ahem, everyone...just don't beat him too hard. Slab his mouth for me too."


The voice of lament came from the mouth of a group of people, but Chen Feng smiled and put on his own support equipment without saying a word. He already started his training.

Chen Ping looked at Chen Feng with a satisfied smile. Even though he only rebuked other players, he had to admit that Chen Feng was an excellent basketball player.

He glanced at Chen Feng for a moment, Chen Ping could only sigh silently. The more proud you are, the easier it is to lose in your arrogance. He hoped that Chen Feng can calm down and not lose to himself.

Chen Ping felt that maybe he was worried too much. From Chen Feng's current manners, he saw that he had not changed much.

No, he has changed? This man seemed to be a little thinner, and the whole person also looks a little taller than before?

"Am I imagine thing?"

Reaperurgo Reaperurgo

Sorry I'm a bit late.

Busy at hospital :)

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