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98.64% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 73: Come to Fujian Province

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Chapter 73: Come to Fujian Province

Early in the morning, after he finished preparing the food at his restaurant, Chen Feng asked a few days off from his parents.

He told them that he wanted to go out for a while to create a few new foods.

His parents felt strange at first. No wonder they felt surprised because they still remembered the time when Chen Feng liked to play with his phone in the room the whole day, never wanted to go outside no matter what they told him.

Now since their son took the initiate wanting to go out, how could they refuse him? They felt happy for him.

They just realized that their son has grown up. He needed some time to be independent. So they didn't refuse his request and also gave him some money.

Actually, he didn't need it at all. When he finished taking the promotion video, Jennie was not stinky with him. She already transferred 1 million yuan in his account after he ended his work.

"I don't want to take advantage of you. Keep this money, Handsome Boy~ Hashaha" That what she said.

Damn it! She knew the news from her maid so quickly. It's so embarrassing!!!

Chen Feng shook his head and helplessly received the cash from his mom before he departed.

At this moment, Chen Feng had two directions in his mind about the place that he needed to go.

First, Shanghai Province, the first stop where they kept the kidnapping children. Second, Fujian Province, this was the second place where they made the transaction.

The problem was Chen Feng only received the location in Shanghai from that man. He didn't know their whereabouts in Fujian.

Based on the timeline and the situation, there was only a slim chance that the children were in Shanghai. So Chen Feng decided to start his search for the clue in Fujian directly.


After Chen Feng took a plane for a few hours, finally, he arrived at his destination.

Standing in front of him right now was the information broker.

He spent some money asking him a few questions about this province before he left.

In the afternoon, Chen Feng has reached a new region. Looking at the crowds walked in and out endlessly, he was sure that he came to the right place.

This was the bars belong to one of the big gangster group in Fujian Province. This was just the camouflage from outside, this place was famous for the underground casino.

The reason that he came here was to find the information of Iron Bear from his former group. Since he left the group and still stayed in his province to do business, Chen Feng was sure that he was more or less had a connection with this gang.

Chen Feng didn't hurry walking inside. He thought that he needed to make the preparation first.

Sitting on his bed in one of the hotels nearby, Chen Feng opened his system, checking the information inside.

"520 Achievement Points, huh?"

In these few days, Chen Feng noticed that his Achievements Points have no longer increased. It's been a while since his news from his school has been published. Fortunately, he obtained 500 AP after he completed the hidden mission.

"Maybe it's because of Sheng Hong's lucky aura. Well, not the matter, when I go back back, I will buy a big cake for them as the gift hehe..."

"With these Points, it should be enough for me to extract a few abilities." Chen Feng began scrolling down the list of extractable abilities in each character.

After thinking for a few minutes, he made up his mind and commanded to his system.

"System, open character 'Namikaze Minato'."

"Extract 'Flying Thunder God Jutsu' and 'Transformation Jutsu' for me."

>[System Analysis!]<

>[Extract "Flying Thunder God Jutsu" and "Transformation Jutsu" requires 450 AP, modify the two abilities to use Internal Energy as the source requires 10% of the total cost (45 AP), Host needs to spend 495 AP, Yes or No?]<

"Yes, extract it."

>[Extraction successfully.]<

Soon, all the information was floating inside Chen Feng's mind. He closed his eyes and attempted to master the new technique. Needless to say, he didn't need to do anything at all. With the help of his system, Chen Feng felt like he mastered these techniques perfectly already.

Wow, so damn amazing!

Chen Feng was absolutely sure that his system was the bug in this world.

With these two abilities in his hand, Chen Feng finally felt significant relief. He was satisfied with his choice.

What is that he needs the most right now?

Of course, It was his own safety and the hide of his identity.

With the 'Transformation Jutsu', Chen Feng could disguise anyone or anything he wanted without a problem.

In the Naruto world, the ninja naturally could perceive the chakra, especially, the ninja that was sensitive to the chakra.

When someone used the transformation jutsu, he needed to cover him with the chakra, so he would quickly find out. Well, that was also some special case, according to some users (Ex. Orochimaru, etc.).

Because of this reason, this technique was mostly relatively ineffective but it was not the case in his current world.

Chen Feng didn't know whether there was someone who could see through this technique or not. At least until now, Chen Feng didn't meet this type of person yet.

The most important that made him the most excited was his second technique 'Flying Thunder God Jutsu', the signature technique of Minato. It was the reason that made him famous in the whole Naruto world known as 'Yellow Flash'.

With this technique as his trump card, Chen Feng didn't need to worry about he couldn't escape at all. He also could use it as both defensive or offensive methods as long as he wanted.

It's Godlike ability.

Since the preparation was complete, it was time for him to make a move.

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In the evening, there was a man who was sitting in the bars. A tall man with the rebuke body, wearing a black hood covered the upper side of his face. With one glance, we could judge that he was not an ordinary person.

In his hand, he was holding a glass of beer and silently sat without making any move.

No one dared to approach him carelessly.

The bartender noticed his present since the moment he came inside.

He didn't know what he wanted. It was a lie if he said that he didn't get nervous inside.

Ten minutes later, finally, that man lifted his face up a little, he seemed to look at him with his cold eyes and said "Boy, I heard this place is famous for the underground casino, right?"

The bartender was startled by his sudden question, he finally squeezed an ugly smile with difficulty and replied "Y-Yes, sir. Do you want to play a little? I will escort you inside myself."

"No need. Just tell me the way, I will go in myself." That man calmly said without looking at him anymore and got up.

After that, he walked off casually to the direction that he pointed out without a hurry.

Until the bartender saw that man walked away that made him felt a relief. He worked in this place for many years, he could judge the character of anyone in one glance without suspending. But when he was facing that man, he felt like he was in front of a tiger that could kill him in a moment.

His instinct kept screaming 'Danger' this whole time.

"No, I need to inform someone inside urgently. I don't know if he comes to make trouble or not. But for sure, he is not an ordinary man. Such a dangerous aura from him already makes me feel goosebumps all over my body. Horrifying, very dangerous!" He sweatly took his phone and told the message in a hurry without hesitation.

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