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Chapter 62: Commander Fang

Chen Feng sat down on the chair while massaging his forehead. He was staring at his shadow clones in a complicated look.

He poured himself a glass of water, then he asked his system, "Can you explain to me? Why are they not the same as what I know in the movie?

>[It's because of the Inner Energy's effect.

In Naruto's world, Chakra is born from the Chakra Fruit on the God Tree. The ninjas practice the chakra in the atmosphere to connect with their spiritual and physical energies, and manipulate it to use as Jutsu.

Inner Energy, it is born naturally in the environment. The cultivators absorb it in their bodies through the core and store it for use.

The core in the dantian is the central place acting as the connection between your physical body and your soul.

That's why when you use "Shadow Clone Jutsu", your clones are also affected by your personality.]< System explained briefly to Chen Feng. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"So, you say that all of them are born with my personality?" he asked.

>[Yes, host.]< System replied.

"Well, come to think of it..." Chen Feng rubbed his chin, he started observing his shadow clones one by one.

Clone 1, he liked to sleep. It showed his laziness, the same as Chen Feng before he got the Hero Extraction System, when he had a hormone problem that affected his memory. At that time, he only wanted to lazy around to kill time.

Clone 2, he loved to exercise. He reminded Chen Feng of himself when he wanted to lose his weight, and he liked to run around the school ground every morning.

Clone 3, At first glance, he could see that he was a narcissistic clone. Well, we couldn't blame him for this. He was called "Fatty" for a long time and he also gave up on himself to lose his weight long ago.

Clone 4, of course, Chen Feng acknowledged that he was really like that. In the past, because of his parents always came back late from their workplace every night, Chen Feng was the one who was responsible for cleaning the house.

"I can't deny this fact. It really seems to be the case." he sighed, he had a bitter smile on his face.

30 minutes later, his shadow clones finally dispersed. Then various information began to pop up in his head.

Chen Feng was feeling a bit dizzy. It was his first time after all. He sensed that the Inner Energy in his core was nearly exhausted.

Resting for a while, Chen Feng started to do experiment with his technique. He spent the whole night to practice with his clone, finally, he got the result he wanted.

In his current cultivation power, he could get at most 4 shadow clones, which maintained for 30 minutes long.

The fewer number of his clone, the more time it could sustain. Example: When he summoned only 1 clone, it could stay to 2 hours.

One the clone dispersed, its experience and the remaining Inner Energy were transferred back to him.

Although his clones were separated from him, it could still maintain the small link between them and himself, so he could be aware of what his clones were doing and he could take control of them anytime when he wanted to. In normal times, they had their own personality, they could decide to do whatever they wanted.

They had the same ability as Chen Feng. What made him the most surprising was his clones also could use the Storage Function in the system.

Chen Feng was satisfied with his Shadow Clone Jutsu, he believed that he could accomplish many things with his clones. Eventually, he tossed his tired body on his bed and quickly fell asleep.


At the same time

in the middle of the night, a man wore the black suit, he was looking from the high rise building outside the window, his eyes showed a fierce emotion while his hand was holding a piece of paper.

He turned his head staring at another man who was kneeling behind him.

That man didn't dare to look back, he kept looking down to the floor without saying anything.

"What is your duty?" A middle-aged man asked him with a soft voice.

"P-Protect your daughter and your wife, guarantee their safety in full 24 hours a day." That man replied in a shutter voice.

"So tell me, WHAT IS THIS?" He shouted angrily and threw the paper to his face.

That man didn't dare to dodge. He couldn't help but break out a cold sweat. That was his report paper.

"Rest assured Commander Fang! I hide in the shadow the whole time, I prepare to interrupt him at any moment he shows a suspicious action. You can-" That man tried to explain.



Commander Fang slapped his hand on the table. His hand was printed on the iron table and broke it cleanly in half.

"Shut up! You are lucky that nothing happened to my family or I will skin you alive with my own hand." He said in a loud voice.

That man didn't doubt his word. He knew his commander's temperament the most. He swore in his mind to pay more attention to their securities without any mistakes in the future.

"Report to me immediately when you see him again. Remember! There's no next time. Get out!" He said that and turned back to the window.

"Yes, sir." That man responded, then he vanished soundlessly in the room.

Commander Fang picked up a file on the floor, he opened and looked at the data. There was a photo of a man above it, it was Chen Feng's profile.

[Name: Chen Feng

Sex: Male

Age: 18 years old

Criminals History: Clean

Threat Level - Grade B

Ability: Can transform into Monster

Victims: Cause the disability of 4 person

Status: Investigation in progress]

Fang Ouwen, the commander of the special team, he was Fang Yue's father. His identity was a high-rank secret agent, his status was also unknown to his family.

Because of his worry about the safety of his daughter, he sent a secret bodyguard to protect her in shadow.

3 months ago, his man was also in that incident. He saw the whole scene when Chen Feng got the Hero Extraction System the first time and transformed into Hulk.

Since then, Chen Feng's name was noted in the blacklist of the special force and he was secretly monitored this whole time.

"Little boy, don't let me know that you hurt anyone of my family. Even you are a monster or a father of a monster; you will not have a painless death." Fang Ouwen clenched his hand, his face showed an emotionless expression but full of killing intent.

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