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Chapter 65: Commercial Video

Christina used a simple method to explain to Chen Feng and taught him how to act according to the script.

Putting his/her weird personality aside, this person was really a professional actor instructor. He/She spent one-hour teaching Chen Feng step by step such as how to change his expression, his posture, how to look at the camera's angle, etc.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng understood almost all of them in a short time, but because he didn't want to mess up during his performance, Chen Feng decided spending 5 Achievement Points to extract Christina's ability directly.

During the rehearsal's shooting, everyone was shocked by Chen Feng's smooth performance. Even Director, Ah Sui and Christina also looked at him like seeing a monster.

"Is he really an amateur actor?"

"Are you kidding me?"

"Even if you say he was a professional actor, I would not doubt your word."

How could they not surprise? Just as they heard from the director said that they have a job shooting a commercial video with an inexperienced youngster, they already expected to come across a dozen of retake and had to work extra time. But the reality was different from their imagination.

"Is he really an inexperienced actor?" This was what in the mind of everyone here.

At this time, Christina stared at Chen Feng intensely as he was afraid that Chen Feng would run away from his eyes.

He also was not different from others, he believed that he had to spend a lot of time teaching him. How could he imagine that this young man has such a monster talent in acting? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This boy really has a great potential. His style is also similar to mine. Is it fate for me to meet him?" He secretly said to himself.

At last, the real shooting process was sooner than everyone expected.


The story of this commercial video was that there was a young chef who was cooking in his kitchen, of course, he was making Pissing Beef Balls. After he finished cooking it, that chef took a food box (Bento) and put that food inside.

Then he went outside to visit his friend's house. Open the door, he saw a little girl who was sleeping in the bed. Looking at her thin body with the serum by her sides, we could understand that she could not eat anything for a long time.

That young man had a sad look on his face. When a little girl turned her head looking at his direction, his face changed to a friendly smile. His hand patted on her head gently, then he raised his hand showing her that he also brought food with him.

The little girl suddenly frowned, she slowly shook her head, her face seemed like wanting to throw up at any moment, she then closed her eyes and turned her head away.

That young man put the food on the table near her bed, then he slowly opened the box's cover.

Immediately, the little girl reopened her eyes. Glancing at the box, she couldn't help but secretly gulp down her saliva a bit. Finally, she decided to point her little finger to the box.

Her parents seemed to understand her meaning, they quickly rushed to her side and fed the food in her mouth, their eyes were filled with tears, but of course this tear was because of happiness.

The young chef by the side, he looked at them with a bright smile on his face.

The video came to the end and showed a picture of a Food Can which had the name "Pissing Beef Balls" on the surface.


From the beginning to the end, Chen Feng acted according to the script without fail. Everyone was satisfied with his performance.

Only Director and Christina who were standing before the main camera seemed to discuss something with each other.

"Cut, Everyone rest a little. Chen Feng come here with me!" Director shouted at his crews and waved his hand to Chen Feng.

"What do you need me for, Director?" Chen Feng walked towards him, he asked with a curious face.

"Actually, I really surprised by your performance today. I already discussed it with your instructor, Christina. You act very well. Everything is okay, except I want you to change something in the last part of the story." The director said with a smile, then he showed him the video.

"Oh?" Chen Feng tilted his head and focused on watching the video.

The director paused, and pointed to the screen.

"If you are that chef, how do you feel when you look at that family at this moment?" He asked to Chen Feng.

"Hmm...feel a relief? happy for them?" Pondering a bit, Chen Feng finally said his opinion.

"You're not wrong, but you also miss something important. It is a sense of accomplishment, proud and confident of the chef." The director looked at Chen Feng's eyes and said.

"Ah?" Chen Feng was startled but he soon agreed with Director's word.

As a friend, the chef would feel happy for that family. But how he did he feel as the chef? Of course, he would have a sense of accomplishment with this new discovery, he also felt proud and confident with his food that he made.

Director continued,

"In this last scene, you have to show an expression that has all of these feelings. Okay, you rest a little and consult this part with your instructor." The director patted on his shoulder encouraging him.

"Yes, sir. I will do my best." Chen Feng shouted out.

He then returned to Christina and asked for his/her advice.

"Candy Boy~ You know, I really like your acting. Watching you, I feel like watching myself on stage. How about you become a real actor working under me?" Christina asked with the expectation in his/her eyes.

"Ugh! Instructor, let me think about it later. Can you teach me about the last scene according to Director's idea?" Chen Feng didn't refuse his invitation immediately, he just changed the topic and asked him about the acting.

"Actually, the last scene is not difficult to act. At that time, you just think of yourself like you are the only one in this world. You are the god and you just save a miserable soul. Yes, this is the feeling." Christina explained roughly of his idea.

"....." Chen Feng's face turned ugly, he felt even more puzzled after listening to his explanation.

"Has ha...Don't make that face. The real actor is the one who can manipulate his own feeling according to the situation. Bring out your confidence, I believe in you~" Christina laughed while covering his mouth.

"T-Thank you, instructor."

Christina walked away from him to allow Chen Feng to think about the solution by himself.

Well, we couldn't blame him in this part. This wasn't the problem of his acting's ability, it was because of his emotion. Chen Feng only regained back his confidence in this few months, that was the reason he couldn't inject his feeling in his acting.

"What should I do? Confident? Proud? Only one in the world?" Chen Feng sat down and mumbled by himself.

Suddenly, a thought had flashed in his mind. He quickly got up and said excitedly, "I get it. I think of a perfect solution."

Then he went to the toilet. When he came out, he smiled brightly and walked to the director's direction.

"Director, I am ready." Chen Feng smiled with confidence.

"O-Oh? Really?" He stared at him with a question mark on his head but he still believed him and did as he said.

"Okay, everyone gets ready."

Only Christina felt surprised. When he looked at Chen Feng at this moment, he felt like looking at a different person. This was not a small change, it was like 360 degrees transformation.

"How can he change his personality so much in a short time? Maybe because his talent is much higher than me, hmm...that's it." He nodded his head satisfied with his idea.

During the shooting process, at the last scene, Chen Feng smiled warmly when he looked at his friend's family. After that, he turned to look at the food on the table, his expression changed, his face flashed a proud smile full of confidence and showed a sense of accomplishment through his eyes.

"That's it, that's it! This is what I want. Brilliant!" The director suddenly stood up, he clapped his hand on the table while shouting excitedly.

"How can he do that?"

"Yes, his acting is genuinely perfect."

"I bet after this video put on air on the TV, this man will become famous instantly."

Everyone in the studio applauded loudly, the shooting was wrapped up ahead of time.

At this time, Christina dashed to Chen Feng in a light speed, he held Chen Feng's hand very hard while excitedly saying to him,

"Candy Boy~ let's go sign the contract and work with me. Do you know? You are born to be a top actor, believe in me. I can help you to become a top celebrity in this country, no, in this world."

"But can you tell me, how can you do that? How can you change yourself in a short time?"

While he asked Chen Feng this question, everyone in the room also heard their conversation. They stopped what they were doing and concentrated their ears listening to his answer.

The room became silent.

Chen Feng at this moment didn't change his expression at all. His face was still full of smile. He turned his head looking at everyone around him.

"You ask me how? Of course, I can tell you." He said with a smirk on his face.

He then unbuttoned the top of his shirt and turned his head 45 degrees to the right side. He used his hand to open up his collar while saying,

"Because.....I am handsome~"

"....." Silent*

Everyone stunned speechless, except Christina who was jumping excitedly.

"Yesssss, THIS IS IT. I like him even more. His talent is at the top of this world Waaaa....!"

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