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Chapter 63: Cultivation Method

In the morning, Chen Feng got up early as usual but this time, he felt very different compared to the past.

After he got the original Super Soldier Serum, his body seemed to be fully transformed into a new person. All of his attributes were significantly enhanced.

Moreover, now he was the cultivator who could use Inner Energy to strengthen his physical strength. Presently, his body had reached a new level maybe even stronger than Captain America.

Therefore, his focus was on the cultivation path to becoming even more powerful in the future.

In his room, Chen Feng still practiced his Yong Chun Boxing, he didn't feel lazy since he got many abilities because he thought of training it would make him more familiar with his fighting skill, and also, it already became his habit long ago.

After wiping his sweat and took a good bath, Chen Fen went to his restaurant.

He summoned his four clones, then he dismissed the other three and left only his Clone No.4 to help him making the Pissing Beef Balls in the kitchen.

Since his physical power was stronger, his speed of making the food was also faster, and with the help of his clone, Chen Feng finished his work very quickly.

"My clone is an excellent assistance. The problem is that it can only maintain for 2 hours. I need to find a way to make my cultivation advanced faster." Chen Feng pondered by himself.

"System, how can I cultivate to the next level?" He asked to his system.

>[Host need to practice the cultivation method.]< System replied.

"Oh? I get it." Chen Feng hit his hand on his palm. Finally, he realized. He forgot that in the movie, the cultivator had to practice according to the cultivation method.

"System, scan for Stephen Chow's cultivation method for me!" He asked his system immediately.

>[System Analysis!]<

>[Ding! Discover Shaolin Luohan's 18 Hand Method (Tier-3)- The elementary forms of fighting style in Shaolin Kung Fu. The fighting method is mostly done by combining Inner Energy with palms, hands, hook hands and fists. The movements of this Luohan's 18 hand are simple, straight but highly affect on the opponent (Limit: Low-Earth Realm): 100 AP]<

Chen Feng decided to extract it without hesitation. He thought that it was essential for his development. Especially, not only could this method help him to advance to the next realm, but it also gave him a new hand to hand fighting skill.

>[Deduct 100 AP, extract the Luohan's 18 Hand Method successfully]<

Looking at the information in his head, Chen Feng raised his hand and he instructed the Inner Energy according to the method.

Soon, he sensed a white layer covered on the surface of his hand that the naked eye couldn't see. Only the cultivator whose realm above True Core realm that was sensitive to the Inner Energy could know about its existence.

In the past, if Chen Feng's hand could break 10 bricks, right now, by coating the Inner Energy on his hand, he could break to 20 or 30 bricks in a single punch. That showed how powerful this method was.

Chen Feng clenched his hand in excited, then he remembered something in the movie, then he closed his eyes and began to focus his Inner Energy on his hand again.

In the next moment, something amazing happened.

Chen Feng's hand was on fire.

"Yes, I success!!" Chen Feng couldn't hold his excitement and shouted out loud.

This scene was the same as when Stephen Chow ignited the fire on his hand cooking the Sorrowful Rice at the last hours in his cooking contest. Chen Feng, at this moment, successfully duplicated his technique.


In the afternoon, Chen Feng couldn't wait any longer, he went back to his house in a hurry and started cultivating in his room.

Sitting cross leg on the floor, Chen Feng began practicing Luohan's 18 Hand Method, he could sense clearly the Inner Energy was absorbed into his body in a rapid rate, or he could say into his core in specific.

Then, Chen Feng summoned his four clones to cultivate together. He was delighted with the result, his speed of cultivation was faster up to four times.

Right now, he was only in Low-True Core Realm. After he cultivated silently with his clones for 2 hours, (Boom*) Chen Feng could feel the shackle to the next stage was unlocked. He succeeded in breaking through to the middle stage.

"Sure enough, my decision to extract this Shadow Clone Jutsu first was really a correct choice." Chen Feng opened his eyes, he grinned happily.


At a grand mansion

"Princess! Good News, the factory manager report that they succeeded in making the Pissing Beef Balls, the factory is ready to launch our product to the market at anytime soon." Ah Sui walked in the room, she bowed her head and said in excited.

"Good! This news comes at the right time. You prepare to contact the advertisement company for me and also tell Dr. Zhang to announce his research to the public. All that left is to tell our main star to make a shocking promotion." Jennie had a fox smile on her face.

"Who is our main star? Do we have such a person?" Ah Sui asked.

"You didn't have to wonder, I'm talking about that Chen Feng. Well, I fulfill my promise to him. If he wants to be famous, I will let him to commercial his product himself, of course, for FREE Ha ha..." Her hand covered her mouth while laughing.

"....." Ah Sui.

"Ahem! Okay, business aside. How is the situation? Are there any movements from my brothers?" Jennie's face turned serious, she couldn't hide her concern in her voice.

"The situation is not good. Both sides are gathering their own back up. I have no news from the first prince's side. Recently, I only got the news from our spy saying that the second prince was going to ask for the dragon race to support him." Ah Sui relayed her information. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Princess, do you want to go back to our world?" She continued asking.

"No need. Even if I go back now, I can not change anything." Jennie sighed.

"You don't have to worry. At least, in the meantime, they don't dare to wage war with each other openly. Unless, father announces anyone of them to crown as the new king or the day that father...pass away." Jennie said in a low voice, she then turned her head looking at the portrait on her table.


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