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55.4% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 41: Do you know how to cook?

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Chapter 41: Do you know how to cook?

This restaurant was called Tianding Restaurant. This was a high class restaurant inside the hotel. It can be said that Tianding Restaurant was one of the top rank restaurant in Jiangzhou.

Tianding Hotel was located near the Lancang River. When you ate, you could enjoy the food while watching the Lancang River scenery at the same time.

The food here was very delicious. Chen Feng had heard the name of this restaurant before, but he had never been here.

Looking at the numerous expensive looking car at the parking lot outside the restaurant, Chen Feng couldn't help but quietly sigh, the rich people really liked to enjoy themselves.

Although he had never been here, he could estimate that eating here would cost at least 1,000 to 10,000 yuan per meal. This place was truly a gathering place for local tyrants.


"Welcome to Tianding Restaurant, Mr. Lin."

After seeing Lin Erli and his companions entered, the maid and the manager immediately greeted them with a smile.

"I booked a table for 4 people!" Lin Erli smiled slightly and said to them.

"Yes, Mr. Lin, please come with me!" The waiter guided the guests inside of the hotel.

They sat on the table near the window. They could see the beautiful scenery of the river. The manager held the menu in his hand and gave it to Lin Erli. He looked at the menu for a while and ordered several foods.

"Mr. Lin, my boss said that the price is still according to the old rules. Please enjoy your food in a moment, sir." The manager smiled and then walked to another table. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Just this conversation between the two people alone, Chen Feng could see the relationship between Lin Erli and this restaurant's Boss were quite close with each other.

"The view here is really good!"

Chen Feng sat in his chair and looked at the view outside. He hoped that someday he would bring his parents to enjoy the delicious foods everywhere.

Several minutes later, the foods were sent to the table. Every dishes were full of beautiful color and looked tasty.

Chen Feng held his chopsticks and tasted a few bites, he couldn't help but frown a little. To be honest, these foods tasted very good, at least for the ordinary people.

But for Chen Feng, these foods were not good enough by his own judgment. There were always many things that need to be corrected before it reached perfection.

Since Chen Feng had extracted the Culinary Skill from Stephen Chow, his mind was full of cooking knowledge. He could point out the insufficiency in the food instantly when he tasted it. It discerned the difference between a culinary master and an ordinary chef.

"Chen Feng, what's wrong with you? Don't these foods suit your taste?"

Lin Erli, who was sitting on the opposite chair to Chen Feng noticed the change in his expression.

"No, I just think that these foods are not good enough. If the chef makes a little change in his cooking method, I think that the taste will be improved."

When he said that, Chen Feng remembered that Lin Erli had a good relationship with this place's Boss, then he said with a bitter smile:

"Uncle Lin, you don't have to mind my word. I just said it casually Hehe..."

("Eh? Judging by his expression, I can see his confidence. Interesting!")

Lin Erli smiled, his hand took the pen from his pocket and he looked at Chen Feng seriously.

"I don't mind. So can you tell me, in your opinion, in which area should he change before reaching your standard?"

Chen Feng's hand touched his chin and thought for a while, then he said.


"First, I start with this West Lake Vinegar Fish. The problem is in the fish and ingredients. After catching this fish, you must not cook it immediately. You should first make the fish starving for two days to remove any muddy taste from its flesh and the carp prepared with this recipe also have to resemble crab in flavor.

Second, the ingredients are Soy sauce, Salt, Brown sugar, Black vinegar, Cornstarch, Rice wine, and Ginger. This is fine, but the ratio is wrong, it feels too strong flavor.

I understand that the chef wants to use it to cover up the smell of the mud in the fish.

So all in all, he has failed from the beginning."


Lin Erlin, Fang Yue and Lin Hang who were sitting on one side were dumbfounded after hearing Chen Feng's explanation.

"What else?" x 3

They asked him at the same time.

Chen Feng looked at their stun expression, he felt that he said too much, he coughed awkwardly and said.

"Ahem, Ahem, I think their chef's cooking skills are also considered very good!"

"....." Silent*

"What's wrong with all of you? Don't look at me like I am an alien!!"


Everyone could not help laughing.

"Chen Feng, I didn't expect you are a gourmet expert." Lin Erlin said honestly.

The gourmet expert was someone who had considerable talent and knowledge of the cooking skill. He or she could fairly judge the qualification of the food and could suggest his or her idea on spot.

"No, no, I just said nonsense. Please don't praise me too much."

Chen Feng said shyly, he quickly continued eating the food on the table.

Lin Erlin looked at Chen Feng silently. He felt that this person was a little abnormal. The more he knew about him, the more mysterious he was.

("This Chen Feng is really not simple." )

Lin Erli had already run through the background of Chen Feng. At first, he felt like he was only a pitiful child who was sick from the wrong treatment. When he met with him personally, he thought this person was kind, smart and friendly. But now, it seemed like he had concealed his skill. Someone who could evaluate the food thoroughly like him, he must be posted the strong cooking skill.

Lin Erli's heart was filled with curiosity, he suddenly said:

"Chen Feng, do you know how to cook? How about you make something for us to eat?"

"Yes, yes, Chen Feng. I want to taste your food." Lin Hang's eyes lifted up. Just listen to Chen Feng early made him felt hungry again.

"Chen Feng, m-me too." Fang Yue also said shyly in a low voice.

("Cute! She is soooo damn cute!")


Chen Feng hesitated for a moment, then he turned his head to Lin Erli and asked.

"Uncle Lin, I it possible to borrow the kitchen here?"

"No problem, I know the owner of this restaurant. So do you agree?" Lin Erli smiled kindly.

"Okay!" Chen Feng nodded his head.

"Waiter! Call your manager for me!" Lin Erli stood up and spoke to the waiter nearby.

"Yes, sir." He nodded and walked away.

For a while, the manager came, he bowed his head slightly and he asked politely.

"Mr. Lin, do you need something?"

"My friend here wants to borrow your kitchen for a while to make some food. Do you have any free place?" Lin Erli pointed to Chen Feng by his side and said.

"Wait for a minute, Mr. Lin. I need to talk with Boss first." The manager took his phone prepared to make a call.

"Oh...You take this pen to your chef. You know what it is, right?" Lin Erli stopped him and gave his pen to him.

"I understand."

Naturally, the manager knew. This was the Recording Pen. He received it and walked to the kitchen.

5 minutes later

"Mr. Lin, our Boss agree with your suggestion. Please come with me." The manager said that and he brought them inside.

Four of them followed him to the restaurant's kitchen.

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