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Chapter 18: Exercise

In the morning, Chen Feng opened his eyes, he felt freshed from his sleep. Now he didn't even have requirements to sleep for long. More precisely, he only needs to sleep for 2 hours a day, it was enough.

He jumped off the bed, all the fat on his body shook non-stop but Chen Feng did not care. He believed that the six pacts muscles that were hidden by his fat will definitely see the day in the future.

Chen Feng went to wash his face, then he continued to the living room. Chen Feng's parent had also gotten up. His mother was busy cooking in the kitchen.

"Mom!" Chen Feng greeted his mother.

"Chen Feng, why did you get up so early? Do you have enough sleep last night?" Chen Feng's mother, Xiao Sufen, looked at her son kindly.

They felt guilty towards Chen Feng. They mistakenly took Chen Feng to see an unscrupulous doctor made him become fat and dropped his intelligence. They knew that Chen Feng didn't put it in his heart, but they were still feeling hurt when they looked at him.

"No, I feel good Mom, no need to rest anymore." Chen Feng smiled back at his mother.

He indeed had a difficulty to wake up in the past. He had no enthusiasm at all, but after injected with Captain America serum, Chen Feng felt very energetic, sometime he even could not fall asleep even if he wanted to.

Chen Feng's father, Chen Ze was busy reading the newspapers on the sofa. After he saw his son in the morning, he said:

"Chen Feng, you already wake up?"

"Yes, dad, don't sound like I never wake up this early. Actually, I'm just busy exercise in my room."

"Hmm...Whatever you say."

After his mother finished cooking, Chen Feng also helped prepare the table for the breakfast. It was rarely for a family of three to have the meal together.

Chen Feng said to his father while eating: "Father, can you give me some money? I lost a lot of weight,and I want to buy a new clothes."

"Thin?" Chen Ze glanced at his son. He was surprised to find that his son seemed to have become thinner like he said.

Speaking of that, even though Chen Feng and his parents lived together, they didn't meet often. Every day when Chen Feng waked up to school in the morning, his parents were already going to work. And when Chen Feng returns, both his parents were tired and went to rest early because of overtime work.

"Okay, take this chance to buy a new coat too. The weather is cold recently." Chen Ze did not hesitate take some money from his wallet and gave to Chen Feng.

From childhood to old age, Chen Feng had been an honest child. Even though his academic performance was not very good, but he never made his parent worry about him.

Maybe they forgot or they never noticed their son before, they saw that Chen Feng had become taller. Chen Feng original height was one meter seventy two, and now he already was one meter ninety. His parent didn't know that it was not they didn't notice, it's just that Chen Feng became taller because Super Solider Serum released by Captain America effect.

So he wanted to to buy the new clothes was reasonable. Only one word in their mind right now was: "Now my son is getting bigger."


After breakfast, Chen Feng rushed to school. Fang Yue was still seen on the road, and the two came to school together.

Chen Feng greeted Sun Minghai, he did not go to his classroom, but came to the school playground and started running.

Chen Feng had been running for an hour already but he did not feel tired at all.

Even though his body was full of fat, his physical strength was far better than ordinary people. To produce a feeling of fatigue, Chen Feng had started running with all his strength.

After a few more hours, Chen Feng had begun feeling tired.

Even if he was Captain America, if he intensified the battle for a long time, he would also feel tired. Super Soldier Serum could not prevent him to feel tired, but only to make his body become stronger.

While running, sweat had already wet Chen Feng's clothes, but Chen Feng had no intention of stopping at all. He knew that his body was far from the limit, and he could withstand such exercise a bit longer.

He ran for three hours straight while maintained the fastest speed. He felt his body almost reached the limit. Then Chen Feng started slowing down, and finally took a break.

Chen Feng wanted to practiced Yong Chun Boxing and Jeet Kune Do. These fighting style were focused more on actual combat.

After he focused on his memory, Chen Feng took a deep breath, slowly adjusting his breathing according to the method described by Yong Chun Boxing. Chen Feng felt that his whole body had improved, also his physical strength was recovered. After an hour, Chen Feng felt his full physical strength had completely back. Not only that, but he also felt that his strength had grown a little.

He patted his stomach while smiling. He felt that if he continued to practice like this everyday, it was not too long for him to get rid all of his fat on his abdomen completely.

After a while, Chen Feng was called to Basketball clubroom. When he arrived, he saw the other members were already waiting for him.

Coach Chen Ping came foward and said:

"Dear students, from today, Chen Feng is a member of our basketball team. Everyone, please get along together."

"Hello, nice to meet you all!" Chen Feng greeted everyone politely.

For Chen Feng to join the basketball team, there were no objections to the basketball team members at all. Even though Chen Feng was fat, his basketball skills were clear to them. Nothing else, just his fierce Slam Dunk was enough to qualify him to join the team easily.

If you don't agree, can you slam dunk like him? So no one showed any objection even Lin Hang was chosen to be silence too.

"Hello Chen Feng, I am the captain of the basketball team, Fang Cheng, you are very welcome to join our basketball team!" A man stepped out and shook hands with Chen Feng. This Fang Cheng was tall and had a big build looked like a humanoid giant.

He was a senior, studied in the third year of high school and he was also the main strength of the team.

"Hello, hello!" Chen Feng shook hands with Fang Cheng, he smiled and said, "I'm glad to meet you. I heard a lot about you captain." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Has ha...I'm afraid that my basketball ability isn't as good as yours. After you join, in the future, maybe you will become our Ace!" Fang Cheng laughed and said with serious face.

"Ace?" After hearing Fang Cheng's words, Lin Hang could not help but frown a little. Actually, this Ace title was belong to him originally.

"Okay, let's get to know each other first. Regarding Chen Feng, I won't let practice with you all for now. I will do some preliminary training for him first." Coach Chen Ping patted Chen Feng's shoulder and told everyone.

Chen Feng nodded!

Actually, Chen Ping's training for Chen Feng was nothing special. That was just training his body, so that his fat will be quickly decreased, and strengthen his physical muscle.

"First, you run 10 laps in the gym. Let me check your physical strength." Chen Ping was silent for a few moments, then slowly spoke.

Chen Feng nooded and he began to run with all of his might.

Everyone saw Chen Feng run wildly, his speed was truely shocking fast.

Fang Cheng quietly calculated that his speed was clearly not as fast as Chen Feng's speed. He shook his head while remaining silent.

"He run with his full speed at once, how long can he last?" Lin Hang snorted coldly.

However, soon their facial immediately showed the disbelief expression. After one round, Chen Feng's face did not turn red, his breath was also normal, but his speed did not slow down at all, still maintaining its original top speed.

Second lap! Third lap!

Everyone's facial expressions looked dull, and all of them had their mouth opened.

Chen Ping also felt that the scene before his eye was hard to believe. He originally knew that Chen Feng's endurance might be good, but not so terrible. Now it seems that the fat appearance was actually hidden with power like a dragon.

The training was still ongoing, but Chen Feng ignored their surprised eyes. The more surprised they were, the more benefits he got.

Before long, Chen Feng had finished his last lap.

Chen Feng looked at their shocked face and showed a bit smile.

"Coach, I'm already finishing my 10th lap."

"Good!! That's it for today. Chen Feng come back at the same time tomorrow."

"Yes, coach."

"Chen Feng!" Just when the basketball team players were preparing to leave, a young girl walked toward them.

Seeing this girl, everyone's eyes couldn't help but surprised.

She was Fang Yue.

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