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Chapter 21: Fighting

This sudden attack by Chen Feng truly shocked everyone. No one thought that in his fat body would contain such a frightening strength.

Chen Feng originally had a small suspicion about himself, but now, he could be 100% sure that he could easily defeat these people. His heart suddenly filled with confidence.

In the movie, Chen Zhen could fight ten people at a time. Even if his current fighting abilities were not as good as him, however Chen Feng confident that his strength was far surpassed him.

Chen Feng looked at the thug that had just been fallen down on the ground. He only used 70% of his full power, this was the result of him controlling his strenght.

The 14 gangsters looked at Chen Feng cautiously. When they saw what happen to their friends, they didn't dare to approach him.

"What are scaring about? He is only one person. Bring weapons!! Go fucking kill this pig bastart!!"

Li Wei suddenly shouted, and immediately, the gangster group pulled out various weapons, iron bars, wooden sticks, and rushed towards Chen Feng.

Woot woot*

Chen Feng dodged the attack easily like a child's play, then his punch and kick, like lightning bolt, suddenly landed on his opponent.


Chen Feng's terrible power exploded. The gang that was punched suddenly flew 2-3 meters away, his body felt like he was hit by a high-speed car. Immediately, he curled up in pain and no longer had the strength to stand up.

Although these little bastards weren't very strong, but they were very fierce in battle.

Chen Feng didn't want to get too close to the enemy, his body turned 360 degree and his kick fell violently in the stomach of one of the gangster. That man fell to the ground, only feel that his intestines were bound, and waves of pain stimulated his nerves.

In an instant, Chen Feng had already defeated three people. The speed of his attack was almost unthinkable.

Li Wei couldn't help wide the sweat on his forehead, he felt that he seemed to have provoked a difficult pray today, this was something no one could think of.

If Chen Feng was only 1.7 meter tall man with some muscles, it was estimated that Li Wei would have used all his underling to catch Chen Feng directly. But this Chen Feng was too dangerous, he was 1.9 meter tall and he had strong power. His whole person looked like a spinning ball, who could think of such a very fat man had such a terrifying fighting ability.

The remaining people rushed towards Chen Feng ferociously, more than a dozen people wanted to surround him. Chen Feng didn't let they come closer because Fang Yue was behind himself. Suddenly Chen Feng heard to the scream.

"Watch Out!!"

Fang Yue's voice came to his ears. Chen Feng suddenly felt pain on his back. A person hold one nunchuck hitting on his back.

A wave of pain was followed by a wave anger. The serum fortification was not only given Chen Feng the various physical qualities, but also his body's healing ability had greatly improved. In addition, Chen Feng's thick fat layer was also his natural protective shield.

As soon as Chen Feng turned around, his hand quickly took the nunchuck from the hands of that rascal and used his leg kicked him away.

The nunchaku in Chen Feng's hand started spin around his body.

Chen Feng's mouth moaned inexplicably. On a dark night, his little smile that makes people feel cold on their spines. Chen Feng spun the nunchuck rapidly to one gangster and hit fiercely on the man's chin.

How much was Chen Feng's strength? In addition, the weight of this nunchuck was really not light. Once it hit, his legs turned jelly fell to the ground, and a crisp sound came from where the chin and nunchucks touched.


Chen Feng was too lazy to care about this poor little rascal. The nunchuck in his hand separate, and the chain in the middle immediately locked the iron rod. Then, Chen Feng pulled in his right hand. Immediately, an iron rod fell to his palms.


Chen Feng didn't wait and immediately used the rod hit back on the opponent's face and immediately made him fainted. Nunchuck was a very powerful that was considered the best weapon in both guard and attack.

To get Nunchuck in his hand, for Chen Feng, it was like adding the wing to a tiger. Chen Feng grabbed the iron rod in one hand and nunchuck in his other hand. He can used them to pick up or block the opponent's weapons.

His body blinked, avoiding the attack of s gangster, Chen Feng drew a rod directly hit on his belly, and immediately fell to the ground in pain.

The nunchuck in his hand spun fiercely, and each attack had to knock down a person.

This scene was very beautiful and very intoxicating, and Chen Feng was still humming in his mouth, a several gangsters were quickly defeated by him.


At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly heard a strong wind. He turned his body sharply, and swing the nunchuck to block the attack. The sound of two object met each other echo loudly.


Chen Feng took a few steps back quickly, not because his own strength was not as good as the opponent's, but he felt danger from the opponent's weapon.

Li Wei was holding a machete. At this moment, Li Wei's right hand trembled. Only this moment that he felt Chen Feng's terrified strength, even he himself can't hold a machete in his hand steady.

"Damn, what kind of pig god is that Lin Hang bastard provoked?" Li Wei can't help but hate Lin Hang.

Right now, he had only 7 underlings left. He knew that even if they all came to him at once, they might not be Chen Feng's opponent.

Chen Feng watched Li Wei cautiously, even though his opponent had a sharp machete in his hand, but at this moment, after experiencing initial tension, he did not have much fear, as long as he be careful, Li Wei could not touch him at all.

Don't say anything else, just the nunchuck length was longer than the machete range. As long as he was careful, you can take a step and defeat Li Wei before his attack hits him.

Chen Feng did not rush to attack, he spun the nunchuck in his hand while looking at his opponent's action.

Unexpectedly, he was Li Wai came forward and said:

"Fatty, this time we will let you go!" Li Wei suddenly spoke.

"Le me go?" Chen Feng couldn't help but stop for a moment, but he still didn't dare to be taken lightly. These kind of people were full of dirty trick. Chen Feng could not take it easy.

Just as he thought, Li Wei secretly hide a powder in hand.


As if he saw Chen Feng' didn't fall to his trick, Li Wei immediately threw the powder and his machete to one side. At the same time, he said coldly "You all also put it down!"

Some of the remaining gangsters, one by one also throwing the weapons in their hand.

Li Wei then said to Chen Feng: "Alright, you can calm down now!"

Chen Feng went to his bicycle while Fang Yue walked behind him, and slowly said, "Who told you to teach me?"

Li Wei smiled and said: "We naturally have rules when we draw lines, there is something we cannot say, I cannot help you, but I swear I will not provoke you again in the future!"

Chen Feng didn't ask more questions. Even though he defeated them all, but there was still some nervous in his heart, after all, this was the first time he was fighting.

"Fang Yue, you go first. Don't worry. Let's go!"

Chen Feng pulled Fang Yue up to the bicycle let her go first, he rode behind her and both of them disappeared into the night.

After seeing Chen Feng leave, Li Wei took a deep breath and slowly said:

"Help our brother to the hospital!!"

"Brother Li, do we really let this child go?" A younger underling frowned.

Li Wei did not speak, but only raised his right hand. The thug could not help but stay quiet. He saw Li Wei's mouth bleed, and its top was covered with blood. Li Wei then continued to say, "That fat man is not an ordinary person. If I fight with him, 90% of the losers will be me."

"Brother Li, do we let this end like this?"

"End like this? How could it be easy?"

Li Wei sneered, and slowly said, "We have to collect the debt from someone. Who do you think we are? How dare he play with us like this?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Li Wei pushed all the blames to Lin Hang.

Reaperurgo Reaperurgo

Something come up. And I'm really busy recently.

Thank you, enjoy the chapter!!

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