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Chapter 71: Gemini Stars

"Curse Children? What is that?" Chen Feng froze for a moment, his head was full of question mark, then he asked them.

He tried to think of many possibilities but he never expected this kind of answer from their mouths.

Sheng Ling buried her head in her brother's embrace. Whether she was shy or didn't want Chen Feng to see her cry, Sheng Ling just didn't want to face Chen Feng at this moment.

Sheng Hong took a deep breath. He clearly didn't want to recall this incident from the past, but facing Chen Feng's concern look, he somehow had a sense of trust from the other party, he had a feeling that he could rely on him to save his sister and himself from this misfortune.

"Big brother, do you remember the incident today?" Sheng Hong asked.

"Yes." Chen Feng nodded.

Sheng Hong continued "Actually, it's not our first time facing this kind of event."

"What? What do you mean?" Chen Feng furrowed his eyebrows, then he asked curiously.

Sheng Hong seemed to expect his reaction, he smiled helplessly while looking at his sister in his hand.

"Sheng Ling and I haven't had parents since we were little. We were sent to be raised at an orphanage for 12 years. This weird event started from there.

"On our 12th birthday, the orphanage has caught fire. The place was burned down completely. Fortunately, there were no victims. The children and teachers have been successfully rescued."

"After that, we were sent to another place. One week later, that orphanage also has met the robbery, made them lost a lot of money."

Chen Feng listened to his story carefully. He had to say they indeed had such a misfortune past. But it didn't mean that all of these were because of them, right?

"Don't you think that this is just an accident? Why do you blame yourself for all of these events?" Chen Feng didn't give up, he tried to complain about the way they're thinking.

"Yes, I also think like that at first but the strange phenomenon does not end, it still happens to everyone around us." Sheng Hong said.

"My friend lost her hairpin after Sheng Ling and I admire it." Sheng Hong said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

At this moment, Sheng Ling took a peek at Chen Feng's face from behind Sheng Hong's back.

"One of our classmates want to bully Sheng Hong, but when he walked towards him, he slipped on the floor and fell unconscious for three days."

"My friend also lost his pet after he played with me." Sheng Ling said in a low voice.

Then Sheng Hong continued "Everyone has met this kind of misfortune whenever they stay around us. Before long, this news has spread throughout the orphanage. No one wants to play with us anymore."

"Even our teachers are also scared of us. They even complain saying that they don't have a boyfriend because they teach in our class."

"After that, we were isolated from everyone. Because we didn't want to cause trouble for anyone else, we decided to run out of the orphanage. That was the time when we met Grandpa Zhun. Since then, he raised both of us as his grandchildren and lived here with him."

Sheng Hong smiled when he recalled the time that they spent with him.

"If you stay with him, don't you afraid of causing him misfortune?" Chen Feng asked them in confusion.

Based on their stories, if they have cursed everyone around them, they shouldn't stay with him, right?

"We already told him our past, but Grandpa said that his life was full of misfortune already, he didn't think that his luck could be even lower than that."

"After staying with him for a few days, we learned that Grandpa Zhun had liver cancer in the advanced stage. He could only live at most two weeks."

"After he passed away, we tried any means to live by ourselves. In this past year, we had totally been kidnapped 3 times, and met the traffic accident 4 times already." Sheng Hong ended his story.

"....." This time, Chen Feng was speechless. He didn't know how to reject their misfortunes' beliefs anymore.

Damn! How could these kinds of events happen? Are they really cursed children?

"System, what do you think about their situations?" Chen Feng couldn't think of any solution, then he tried to ask his system in his mind.

>[Ding, system suggests host to extract their characters.]<

"Okay, extract their characters for me." Chen Feng commanded immediately.

>[System Analysis!]<

>[Extraction complete]<


>[Name: Sheng Hong (Male 14y)]<

>[Origin: One of the Gemini Star (Reincarnate)]<

>[Title: Holy Paladin Knight of Heaven (Lock)]<

>[Soul Awakening: 5%]<

Extractable Abilities

>[Holy Magic Mastery: Have the ability to control the holy power (Lock) - AP(???)]<

>[Holy Body: Immune to any kind of curse and dark magic. It can be strengthened by absorbing holy magic (Lock) - AP(???)]<

>[Holy Aura: Release the lucky aura to everything around 5 meters, bring misfortune to anyone that has ill intent towards the owner (Unstable) - 1 million AP]<


>[Name: Sheng Ling (Female 14y)]<

>[Origin: One of the Gemini Star (Reincarnate)]<

>[Title: Great Which Calamity of Heaven (Lock)]<

>[Soul Awakening: 8%]<

Extractable Abilities

>[Dark Magic Mastery: Have the ability to control dark power (Lock) - AP(???)]<

>[Curse Magic Mastery: Have the ability to control curse power (Lock) - AP(???)]<

>[Calamity Body: Immune to holy magic, it can be strengthened by absorbing dark and curse magic (Lock) - AP(???)]<

>[Calamity Aura: Release the cursed aura to everything around 5 meters, bring misfortune to anyone that has ill intent towards the owner (Unstable) - 1.2 million AP]<


>[Ding, congratulations host, you complete the hidden mission.]<

>[You discover the god reincarnation's bodies. Reward: 5,000 Achievement Points]<


"Holy Sh*t! For real?" Chen Feng couldn't hold his shock, he accidentally exclaimed out loud.

Gemini Star?

Reincarnate of the God?

So that explained everything. Because of their abilities that made them suffered in this past two years.

His reaction made the children frowned, they thought that Chen Feng would be scared of them the same as everyone else after listening to their stories.

At this time, Chen Feng seemed to notice the change of their expression, he could guess what they were thinking about.

He hurriedly explained "Thing is not as you think. Actually, I'm just shocked for a different reason. I'm not scared of you. So please don't have a wrong idea."

"Don't worry big brother, we get used to it already. We don't blame you for this." Sheng Hong said with a forced smile on his face.

Chen Feng didn't say anything else, he then walked to hold both of them in his hand and whispered besides their ears "It's been hard on you in these years."

Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling shocked by his sudden hug. When they heard Chen Feng saying this word to them, they couldn't hold back their feelings anymore, they started crying out loud in his hand together.

They thought back to what happened to themselves in these past years, the moment they were hated by their friends, classmates, teachers and everyone around them. The warmth feeling when they stayed with grandpa Zhun, those misfortune events, the hardship when they tried to earn money and many things else that happened to them.

Chen Feng continued hugging both of them silently but in his mind, he was trying to ask his system to find the solution "System, can you find the solution for them?"

>[System Analysis!]<

>[Ding, host can help them by stability the aura in their bodies.]<

>[Modify the "Holy Aura" in Sheng Hong's body - 2,000 Achievement Points]<

>[Modify the "Calamity Aura" in Sheng Ling's body - 2,500 Achievement Points]<

"What are you waiting for? Modify them immediately!" Chen Feng felt excited when he heard that he could use his Achievement Points to help both of them, he didn't hesitate at all and agreed to his system instantly.

>[Deduct 4,500 Achievement Points]<

>[Modify in progress]<

>[Ding, modify successfully, do you want to check their new abilities?]<

"Yes, show me now." Chen Feng answered.

>[Holy Aura: Release the lucky aura to everything around 100 meters, can bless someone good luck 1 time/day, bring misfortune to anyone that has ill intent towards the owner (Level 1) (Stable) - 5 million AP]<

>[Calamity Aura: Release the cursed aura to everything around 100 meters, can curse someone bad luck 1 time/day, bring misfortune to anyone that has ill intent towards the owner (Level 1) (Stable) - 6 million AP]<

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