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18.91% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 14: God Student level

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Chapter 14: God Student level

Arriving at his classroom, Chen Feng greeted a few classmates, and returned to his seat.

Chen Feng's chair was in the corner of the room, near the window as normal but today he felt that the view was quite good.

He opened the book did the usual test questions, immediately, Chen Feng felt something wrong.

The rate of his thought had become much faster, his speed of solving questions had been increased sharply. At first, Chen Feng still felt uncomfortable, wondering if he was doing the wrong question, after he examined it carefully, Chen Feng discovered that he had not made a single mistake.

"How could this happen?" Chen Feng tapped his forehead, and a thought appeared in his mind: "Is that because I injected Captain America's serum?"

Apart from this, there is no other reason to this circumstance.

Chen Feng slightly narrowed his eyes, he remembered that there seemed to be an introduction of system that the Super Soldier Serum could stimulate the potential of the human and made the body perfect, not only strength, agility, physical, It seemed that the intelligence also increased too.

"Did it also increase my intelligence? Or because of the serum injections offset the side effects of my hormones problem?" Chen Feng said to himself.

He had done three or four consecutive exams. The time spent is only a quarter of usual. The speed of his working on the questions has greatly increased, and the accuracy rate was still 100% correct.

Chen Feng had the feeling that he didn't need to analyze the question at all. As long as he saw it at the first glance, various formulas would appear in his mind. All he need to do was to write it down on the paper.

"In this way, it seems like I don't need to practice my analytical skills anymore. Now I think that my study ability is no different from the God Student." Chen Feng said to himself.

Looking at the student around him studying hard in the classroom, Chen Feng suddenly developed a sense of superiority.

Chen Feng suddenly felt that even though everyone in this world was the same, in fact, it was not equal.

Some people were born with the golden spoon. They can spend a lot of money, accompanied by many beautiful women. Some were born poor. A life-time struggle can only be exchanged for one month's allowance.

This world seemed fair, but in reality, it was unnecessary true.

In the past, Chen Feng was not an idiot. Depending on his own strength, he can be accepted in middle school. If it was not for a serious illness, therefore he was treated by unscrupulous doctors and affected his weight and brain. He may also not too bad at study.

Now, with injections of Super Soldier Serums released from Captain America, the side effects of his hormones were gone.

More than that, it had given Chen Feng a certain strength. Although not as good as the original one, Chen Feng also clearly felt that his body was stronger than he had before multiple times.

How much power does he has? Chen Feng was also not sure.

(Author: I don't know too :P)

Chen Feng also tried to ask system, but the system was too lazy to explain to him.

"If this is the case, then it seems like I don't need to be bored studying in class!" Chen Feng said to himself, and a smile appeared on his fat face: "I should have discussed it with my teacher!"

After the first lesson, Chen Feng immediately went to the teacher's office department.

Sun Minghai was preparing a lesson at his desk. When he saw Chen Feng enter the room, he was a little surprised.

"Chen Feng, do you need something?"

Chen Feng looked at Sun Minghai and said, "Teacher, there's something, I want to talk to you!"

"Yes, speak!" Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng with a smile on his face, after all, he had a good impression for this student.

"Actually, Teacher, I want to adjust my own learning schedule in the class for myself." Chen Feng slowly said.

"Adjust your own learning schedule?" Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng oddly.

"Isn't this study timeline adjusted by teacher? Is there a problem with teacher's adjustment?"

Chen Feng felt that he was still not good at explanation, and he only said: "No teacher, I just want to study on my own, that is, I do not want to stay in class. After class, I want to set my own study time and make the plans according to my situation!"

Sun Minghai's face was rather ugly. He understood the meaning of Chen Feng, that he wanted to study outside wherever he wished to.

At this moment, Sun Minghai frowned and told to Chen Feng openly: "Student Chen Feng, I know that your monthly exam results are very good, but I don't want this to make you feel superior than other. I hope you can continue to study hard and keep this momentum stable. You have to be calm. Everything has its own flow." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Teacher, let me tell you this!" Chen Feng looked at Sun Minghai and said seriously.

"I used to give up on myself before, maybe because of my weakling. Actually, you don't know, I'm secretly working hard recently. I have completed all courses from primary school to high school. If you don't believe me, you can just take the college entrance exam to test me, I guarantee that my grades won't be bad!"

Looking at Chen Feng's confident face, Sun Minghai couldn't help but believe a little, but he still had doubts in his heart.

"Okay, I will give a test question. If your total score can remain above 70 percent, I will approve your request and let you manage your study time freely. "Sun Minghai said quickly.

His heart was also very curious, did Chen Feng really secretly study on his own?

"Okay!" Chen Feng nodded at Sun Minghai.

With a stack of examination papers on the table, Sun Minghai asked Chen Feng to do all of these questions on the spot.

This time, Sun Minghai was even more surprised because Chen Feng's speed in conducting questions was really accelerated. He hardly needs to think anything and continue writing the answer nonstop.

In the afternoon, Chen Feng had finished the exams for all subjects except composition in Chinese.

Sun Minghi had chosen the examination question for all subjects. To be honest, he also find it quite interesting. He did not expect that after less than 3 days, Chen Feng had showed him such a great changed.

Chen Feng had finished all the questions at this moment. Sun Minghai had collected the paper and evaluated the answer at his desk.

10 minutes later

"Perfect Score!!"

The accuracy rate was 100% correct. Of course, his handwriting were still ugly.

However, this 100% accuracy rate is still very shocking to him.

Chen Feng also saw that his Achievement Points had increased by 3 AP, and his heart was a little surprised. Before all the teachers in the office only gave him 2 AP. But this time, how did Sun Minghai, only one person, can got him 3 AP by himself?

Now he had totally 13 Achievement Points!

For now other teachers had swarmed at Sun Minghai's desk looking at Chen Feng result too.

"This level is almost better than Enron!" After a long time, Li Linzhu said in surprise.

They could not help but surprised. A few days ago, they had Chen Feng to do exam too. At that time, Chen Feng only problem was his thinking rate, he spend too much time on each question but now his speed had increased significantly even among all the instructors in this school, they didn't know if anyone can outpaced him.

"Teacher, how about my proposal?" Chen Feng looked at Sun Minghai with a smile brightly on his face.

"Yes!" Sun Minghai patted Chen Feng on the shoulder violently: "Chen Feng, good boy, I really don't expect you to hide deep enough! I will ask the headmaster for you. But I also have a little request."

"Please say teacher!" Chen Feng looked at Sun Minghai with suspicious face. He knew that his teacher was so tricky.

"The next test are the midterm exam. My requirements are very simple. You must enter the top 3 ranker. If you can do it, you can continue to manage your own study time. If you can't do it, then I'm sorry, you have to return to class and study honestly, Understand? "Sun Minghai said seriously.

The top 3 ranker from the Ministry of Education, it was very difficult to reach this level, but Chen Feng nodded confidently "Yes, there is no problem at all!"

When he said this, Chen Feng's mind was filled with strong competitive spirit.

He had the knowledge of the university professor, and after injecting with Super Soldier Serum, his intelligence also increased rapidly. For him, he was not difficult at all.

The bell rang (Ding Dong x 2)

Chen Feng stood up and smiled at several teachers "Dear teacher, I'm sorry, I still have a promise match this afternoon, so I gotta go first!"

After Chen Feng had left the office.

Some teacher couldn't help it but wonder what was this match about. Soon he heard the news that Chen Feng had promise to play basketball match with Lin Hang one on one.

"Come, let's see together."

"Yes, I'm also curious too."

All the teachers decided to come see the match together.

Walking far enough, Chen Feng turned his head around and had an evil smile on his face.

"Hehe...Lin Hang has spent such the afford to give me Achiement Point, how could I make it into a small event?!" Chen Feng smirked while continue walking to Basketball stadium.

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