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Chapter 28: Handsome Chen Feng

In the next match, Chen Feng still showed the strength of his terrible attack. For each match, Chen Feng will lead the opponent's team with huge point. To them, Chen Feng was like a nightmare.

The three-pointer almost reached the 100% shooting rate, coupled with the terrible physical fitness, which made Chen Feng invincible on the basketball court.

More than that, Chen Feng began to lose weight which everyone can see with the naked eye. Chen Feng didn't look so fat like before. His body looked tall and big. It's not like he completely got rid of all his fat, only the eight muscles in the lower abdomen have not appeared yet, but Chen Feng also believed that it will be at most a week and it will definitely came out to see the light.

Besides that, Chen Feng also clearly felt that his strength has increased a lot. The fat on his body has converted to the muscle membrane layer under his skin and his bones also has become harder and stronger.

Chen Feng did his exercise everyday, and with the help of Yong Chun Boxing method, his health can also be said to have experienced extraordinary changes. His hormones problem had completely disappeared and was replaced by the appearance of the youth with a strong body. He has become handsome, and he was getting hotter and hotter.

The one who was truly shocked by Chen Feng's change the most was his parents. Initially, they thought that Chen Feng was effected by wrong hormones treatment, and he could not lose fat in his life. They felt depressed and felt sorry for their son.

One day, when they saw Chen Feng come out of his room, they felt that his body has changed. It looked much thinner than before. At first, they just felt a bit curious. But day by day, they noticed that their son truly has lose his weight. Their heart were full of happiness, they couldn't stop their tears.

"Finally, my son has become the same as everyone else. My son, my beloved son..." Both of them hugged each other, while sobbing silently in their room.

Chen Feng didn't aware of the happiness of his parents. He didn't know how much pain they felt when they saw him become a dispirited youth in the past. Now they felt like the stone in their heart has been lifted. Nothing could make them happier than see their son's smile right now.


Not only his parents, everyone that has known Chen Feng before also felt very startled by his suddenly changed. How could they believe that the fatty that they has known since the start of the school has become thinner and looked handsome. It was like the fairy tale of "The Frog Prince" but this one was "The Pig Prince".

Actually, Chen Feng was not so ugly, and his facial features were normal, but obesity made Chen Feng look rather unfavorable. But after getting rid of all his fat, Chen Feng's angular face was actually displayed the handsome face combined with his sweet smile, we can be said he was now become like a super model.

In front of people, if they were holding his photo before to compare with the person in present, no one would take Chen Feng at that time as the same person as Chen Feng right now.

Actually, Chen Feng's body was only thinner, but his weight did not change at all, and even slightly increased. The fat didn't disappear, but it turned into the inner muscle layer instead.

As we all know, the Captain America was about 1.87 m tall, his weighs also 240 pounds, which is more than 100 kilograms, but he did not look fat at all. His case was the same as Chen Feng's appearance now.


Chen Feng has played two games in a row. However, these two games really disappointed him. There were not many audiences, were about 100 people present in the stadium.

For most people, about the High School Basketball, they were too lazy to participate. But if this was a Professional Competition, that was another matter.

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Chen Feng slammed fiercely the basketball into the ring. This was the semi-final match. Chen Feng maintained a fierce attack as usual, the match had been ended with the result 220 to 42.

178 Points ahead

This was overpowering. Chen Feng, who was thinner has become faster and his jumped also higher than before, his fierce slum dunk with the most accurate three-points shot, which made it easy to destroy any opponent's team.

Not that the opponent's team were useless. Just Chen Feng was too strong. The power of the NBA ace class to deal with high school student who can only rely on self-study training can only be described as Completely Destruction.

Chen Ping was even more happy now, he was guaranteed to get the "Excellent Coach" certificate after the end of the competition. Time to time, he replaced the main player's team one by one except Chen Feng, so that the other members can also experience of the formal match.

In the face of Chen Ping's arrogance exchanged member, the opposing coach was itchy to punch him in the face, but they felt helplessness. What can they do? Even without the main team, who could stop Chen Feng?


End of the match

Chen Feng returned to the team room casually. His Achievement Points in the last few days have not increased much. So far, it has barely reached 85 AP. The main reason was that there were too few spectators. Take this game as an example, today's audiences were only 50 people. How many Achievement Points can they bring to him?

"Chen Feng, you are performing very well!!" Chen Ping looked at Chen Feng with a smile.

"No, because of everyone is so well corporate that we can win the game easily." Chen Feng smiled slightly, and said with humble.

Chen Ping smiled, and was very satisfied with Chen Feng's performance. He paused, then continued to say,

"Okay, I have something to tell you, in the final match, you may have a strong rival!!"

"Rival?" Chen Feng could not help but laugh a little: "What rival?"

To be honest, Chen Feng really didn't think anyone could be his rival in this High School Basketball Competition. Chen Feng can estimate his strength. His strength was definitely at NBA level player, even if he faced with the true NBA's titans player, he believed that he will not lose to any of them.

"His name is Luo Wenhao, who is in the High School No.17." As he spoke, Chen Ping took out an iPad and opened a video, and quickly said:

"Look, this is his play in the previous match."

Chen Feng could not help but watch curiously on the display screen. He saw a man about 1.85 meters away jump and slam the basketball with both hands in the basket.

"This guy?" Chen Feng narrowed his eyes, then shook his head slightly, staring back at Chen Ping and said:

"Coach, you judge my opponent based on whether he can slam dunk, right?"

"Hehe...well maybe I'm overthinking it."

Chen Ping couldn't help scratching his hair, but his face was a bit awkward. He really judged based on this as Chen Feng has said, and then he said with a bitter smile:

"Anyway, don't underestimate him. Luo Wenhao is also in his 2nd year of high school this year. Last year, he was the main scorer of his team. In addition, his physical fitness has greatly improved and also his basketball skills. Don't underestimate your opponent!!"

"Yes, coach!!" Chen Feng nodded, but to be honest, he really did not take Luo Wenhao in his heart.

No one could understand his power clearly then himself.

Chen Feng was not the same as before. He had very strong physical strength, and he had a higher jump ability along with his explosive power. His overall physical fitness was also very good.

Moreover, not only physical, he also had basketball skills and excellent three-pointer shots from Mitsui Shou. He really didn't think Luo Wenhao would be his opponent in the final match.

Instead of thinking about it, it was better to think about the bonus of 30,000 yuan after he became the best player MVP of the city. Chen Feng's mind was very clear. He felt confident in himself. It was only a matter of time before he gets that money.


Tomorrow will be the city's main event, the final match of High School Basketball Competition. The most anticipated event that will decide which school will be crown as the final champion.

Today evening, Chen Feng left school with Fang Yue as usual. During this period, Fang Yue's changes were also visible in his eyes. She was taller and had slender body. She had become more pretty and mature compared to the past. Cheng Feng couldn't help but steal a glance at her face time to time. He didn't realize his feeling for her yet. He just wanted to stay near her and felt happy to watch her smiles.

Fang Yue also has realized her feelings to Chen Feng at this time.

Men like beauty, but this sentence can also be reversed. Women also like handsome men.

Fang Yue felt that Chen Feng was her charming prince in her dream. He has protected her, took care of her and especially, staying with him make her have a feeling of secure. She truly was falling in this "Pig Prince".


Right after the two of them left campus, Chen Feng was stopped by a man in a black suit. The man was very stocky and had sloppy muscles in his body.

"You are Chen Feng?" The man asked with his cold voice.

"Yes, I'm Chen Feng, who are you?" Chen Feng slightly frowned. He didn't know the man in front of him, and he also didn't know what he want with him.

"Our master wants to meet you, you come with me!" The man's voice was very rough, giving a cold feeling.

Chen Feng glanced at the big man, and he was sure in his heart. He knew that this man has undergone some training, and his strength was also fairly strong. But there were still many gaps compared to himself.

"If I don't follow you, what will happen to me?" Chen Feng looked at the big man.

If he let himself go with him, it was really a joke. He really didn't know him, but he can see that this man was not a good person. If he followed him, what was the difference between him and a fool?

"I will have a way for you to follow me!" the man said coldly.

"If I'm not enough, there are still many people around!!"

As he spoke, the man gestured his hand and immediately three men has come out from all directions, they were blocking Chen Feng and Fang Yue's retreat. Chen Feng could not help but frown tightly. If he was by himself, he was not afraid of anyone. However, there was Fang Yue with him.

"Okay! I will go with you." Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and pointed at Fang Yue:

"But she will go with me."

"No problem!" said the man in black suit.

Chen Feng didn't let Fang Yue go home alone, he was worry about her. Who knows what these people want? What if he withdraw and they take Fang Yue away?

At this moment, even though Chen Feng was not sure about his feeling, but deep in his heart, Chen Feng had a hint of affection for the other party, and he naturally worried about Fang Yue's safety.

Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng with worry face, but Chen Feng threw a smile at her, Fang Yue's heart relaxed a bit, and she followed Chen Feng's side carefully.

A few moments later, a group of people came to a cafe.

Usually this cafe was closed at this time, but right now this place was still running.

Chen Feng entered, and then he saw a man crossing his legs seemed to be waiting for his arrival.

That man looked at Chen Feng and Fang Yue, then he smiled and said,

"Is your name Chen Feng? Hello, my name is Luo Wenhao."

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