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Chapter 45: Happy Cooperation

"Why are many people gathering in the morning?"

"Some event, I guess."

"Oh...look at that! They seem to come to the new shop."

"Go, let's take a look!"

"Is it a new restaurant?"

"Seem interesting!"

The passerby looked at the crowds curiously, they hesitated a bit and then they started coming to Chen Feng's restaurant.

Suddenly, they saw a Maserati stopped slowly near the shop.

The door opened, A beautiful legs sticking out, then under everyone's stunning eyes, a beautiful woman slowly emerged from the car and walked step by step towards the shop.

" beautiful!"

"Is she the model?"

"Maybe she is invited for the opening ceremony of that shop. They really have a lot of acquaintances."

"The shop owner is not ordinary."

Naturally, the crowd could see that these people were not simple. Looking at many luxury cars parked outside, the ordinary shop owner could not afford to invite such people.

"Ara Ara...I seem to come late, right Mr. Lin?"

"Oh...Jennie, I'm glad to see you're here!" Lin Erli stood up and greeted her.

"Mr. Lin invites me, if I don't come, won't I give you face?" She said with a smile.

All the guests inside recognise her immediately. She was the owner of Tianding Hotel. In terms of status, they were considered high and mighty among all businessmen, but they couldn't underestimate this woman.

Jennie was a genius businesswoman in the history, she was also a well-known person in Jiangzhou, she was often seen appearing on the TV show, as well as on the Internet.

"Boss, give me a bowl of Pissing Beef Ball." Jennie sat directly at the table near Chen Feng, she smiled sweetly at him and said.

"Okay, wait for a second!" Chen Feng said casually.

He didn't seem be affected by her beauty, he came to her table and quickly gave her a bowl of Pissing Beef Ball.

Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng's face. She seemed to worry about something. When she saw that he talked to her casually and didn't change his expression, Fang Yue sighed a relief and smiled slightly.

"Safe!" She secretly said in a low voice.

And about Jennie, she felt a little disappointed in her mind. She then looked at the Pissing Beef Ball in front of her, she took a spoon, caught a beef ball, then gently put it in her mouth.

1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds...

Everyone, including the people outside, watched her face with anticipation.

After a long time, Jennie's face suddenly changed and showed a disbelief expression.

"Yes, it's very delicious!" Jennie could not help but nod her head and said with admiration.


The door slammed open.

Many visitors rushed to Chen Feng, and shouted.

"Boss, I want a bowl, hurry up. Give me a bowl!"

"Me too, I want it too!"

"Give me two bowls, Boss!"




Within a split second, the small shop was immediately filled with many people.

Chen Feng's parents dazed for a while, they were confused. The silence atmosphere early in the morning was changed completely. This sudden 180 degrees changed made them unable to react.

Chen Feng looked at their faces and laughed.

"Hahaha...Mom, Dad, what are you doing? Let's receive guests."

"O-Oh yes, welcome!" The old couple reacted and began to greet the guests in a hurry.

The long queues had formed outside Chen's shop. Many bowls of Pissing Beef Ball were sold out quickly.

Seeing the scene before him, Chen Feng's face couldn't help but smile deeply. He knew that starting from today, the people who wanted to eat his Pissing Beef Ball will increase every day.

"Chen Feng, I have to go first."

"Boss, I will come again."

"I will introduce your food to my friend. Thank you, Mr. Lin for your invitation."

The guests, one by one, including Fang Yue, Lin Hang and Lin Erli said their goodbye to Chen Feng and his parents.

"Thank you, everyone." He smiled at them and bowed his head slightly. He felt grateful for their support.

After everyone left the shop, Chen Feng heard someone called his name.

"Boss Chen Feng, can I have a moment with you?"

"Oh, you are...?" Chen Feng didn't remember meeting her before.

Jennie furrowed her eyebrows for a second, then she took a paper from her bag and gave it to Chen Feng.

"This is my name card. My name is Jennie. I am the owner of Tianding hotel and restaurant. You didn't forget about it, right?"

Jennie had a smile on her face but Chen Feng could feel clearly, the dark aura was formed behind her friendly expression.

"Y-Yes, of course, I remembered. S-So what does Ms. Jennie want with me?" He didn't dare to say no to her.

"Big Sister!" She said in a deep voice.


"I permit you to call me Big Sister Jennie. Don't you want to?" Jennie glared at his face.

"O-Okay, Big Sister Jennie." Chen Feng's instinct told him to do as she said.

"Hmm...good. I have a trade want to talk with you." She nodded satisfied and said to him.

"Trade?" Chen Feng ask strangely.

"I want to buy the Pissing Beef Ball recipe from you. If you want, I will buy it for 10 million yuan." She said casually as it was not a big deal.

"10 million!?"

Chen Feng could not help but suck a cold air. With this money, he and his parents could live a happy life. He had won the title of the best player MVP in town, of which only got 30,000 yuan, but now someone was willing to offer him 10 million yuan.

Chen Feng took a deep breath to calm his mind down. He thought for a moment. 10 million yuan, even if it was the astronomy among of money, but for himself, the one with Hero Extraction System, what the most important was Achievement Points. As long as he had enough Achievement Points, money was just a number. Sooner or later, he will become a rich person.

"I reject to sell it. This is something I have managed to find out myself. That's why I am sorry." Chen Feng hesitated a little, then he said to her with a serious tone.

Seeing Chen Feng's hesitant expression, Jennie couldn't help but laugh in her mind.

("Hehe...this little guy seem to be greedy.")

Xiao Yu giggled and continued.

"Little Boss, you don't pretend in front of me, I have seen many people who can act like this, their talents were even better than you. If you are not satisfied with this price, you can tell me. How about 20 million yuan?"

("20 million yuan, Damn it!!") He screamed in his mind.

Chen Feng sighed again, then he said to her.

"Big Sister, do you think I am the person who kills chickens to get eggs? Or should I keep this old chicken that lays golden eggs instead?"

("Heh...I'm surprised he was not a fool.")

"Big Sister Jennie, how about we use another method? I can give you the recipe but you are responsible for raw materials, production, promotion and marketing. And we divide the profits 50-50, what do you think?"

She sneered at him and she held her three fingers and said.

"Impossible! You do nothing except giving me your recipe but I have to do all the hard works. And you have face to ask for 50%? At best, I can give you 30%."

"Deal, but I have 2 conditions. First, everything except for the problem with Pissing Beef Ball is solved by you. Second, you have to help me to become famous." Chen Feng said.

"Famous?" Jennie looked at Chen Feng with curiosity. She had contact with many people. However, someone like Chen Feng who said he wanted to be famous, was the first time she had seen. Besides that, she felt that Chen Feng was not that type of person and the request made by him really shocked her.

"The first one is acceptable but the second, why do you want to be famous?" She asked him in curious.

"No reason. This is my final decision. Agree or not, it's up to you." Chen Feng shrugged his shoulder and said.

"Okay, for me, everything's fine. Happy Cooperation Hehe...!" Jennie took out her hand and looked at Chen Feng with a smile on her face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hahaha...Happy Cooperation!" Chen Feng shook her hand and also laughed.

The two people laughed at the same time Jennie looked at Chen Feng as if she saw a glittering golden mountain, while Chen Feng looked at Jennie back as if he saw endless Achievement Points.

"In a few days, I will let my lawyer drawing a contract and show you." Jennie stood up and told him.

"Yes!" Chen Feng nodded.

After that, Jennie drove her car and left Chen Feng's restaurant.


Back at her villa

Jennie entered her room. Immediately, she saw a woman who wore the maid outfit stood near her bed.

"Welcome back, princess!" She bowed to her politely.

"I'm home. Ah Sui." Jennie greeted her normally. Then she sat in front of the mirror and she asked her.

"Ah Sui, do you think I am pretty?"

"Hah? Of course, princess is the prettiest woman in the world." Ah Sui stopped what she was doing and answerd her question.

"What if there is a man who doesn't interest in me?" Jennie thought of Chen Feng's face.

"if there is a man like you describe, he for sure is gay." Ah Sui was absolutely sure about her princess's beauty.

"Gay? What is it?" Jennie asked strangely.

"In the human world, the man who falls in love with the same gender, they are called "Gay"." Ah Sui entered "Teacher Mode" and tried to explain to her.

"Is he gay?" Jennie had a goosebumps and muttered softly.

"Who is he, princess?" Ah Sui asked curiously.

"N-No, never mind. More importantly, I went to meet him today. He is the same as your report, that's also what I thought at first. Until I shook hand with him, I noticed something strange about him. His skin seems to be incredibly tough. I believe that not even your sword can make a wound on his body." Jennie said with a serious voice.

"What!?" Ah Sui was shocked, she believed in Jennie's judgment.

"He is interesting, right? Hehe~" Jennie chuckled and looked outside her window.

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