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Chapter 25: I mean what I say

The two teams slowly came to the basketball court. Five players were sent from each team.

Fang Cheng, Lin Hang, and Chen Feng were also among them. After all, Chen Feng's basketball skills were the best in all positions. Including his physical fitness has been determined, he was the first major strength of the team.

In the auditorium, someone noticed Chen Feng, he pointed to him and said,

"Hey, look at that player wear No.14."

"What the heck? So fat!!"

"Is there no one else in their team? Actually letting such a fatty going to play."

"Yes, his body look very funny and ridiculous! Hahaha" The spectators pointed at Chen Feng and laughed together.

Some people silently sneered at him, apparently they also were not too optimistic about Chen Feng too.

"To let the fatty play start off the game, look like there's not enough player in their team this year hahahah!!"

Zhang Ke chuckled, he did not expect that Chen Feng would really can play.

"Brother, work hard. Let's destroy them again this year!!"

"Destroy Them, Destroy Them, Destroy Them, Go!!"


"Play Ball!!"

The referee's voice came, Zhang Ke and Fang Cheng both came forward at the same time. As the two tallest man in the two teams, they had jumped to take the starting ball.

Actually, Chen Feng knew very well that in reality, he was more suitable in this jumping ball than Fang Cheng. Even though he was a little shorter than him, but if Chen Feng wanted to, he would definitely jump higher and faster than Fang Cheng.

However, Chen Feng did not want to become the center of attention yet. After all, his position was three pointer. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Suddenly the basketball was thrown high, Zhang Ke and Fang Cheng jumped at the same time.


Zhang Ke jumped a little higher than Fang Cheng, his right hand was shot hard on the basketball.

Basketball directly flied towards the player of the High School No.4.


At this critical moment, a dark shadow suddenly passed. The school No.4 midfielder has not yet responded, but was surprised to find that basketball had fallen into Chen Feng's hands.


Chen Feng roared loudly, and his entire team quickly rushed to the opponent's basket. The audience in the auditorium could not help but be surprised at the same time. The saw the fatty directly shot in the three-point line position.

Pause, take off, shoot!


All movements carried out the best form and a perfect rotation of the ball were flying in the air and fell toward the basket accurately.


"Score [3:0]"

After silence a little, the audience started shout in disbelief.


"No way, this fat guy really scored three points?"

"From the interception, offense, and jump shots, are all perfect, no additional action, who the heck is he?"

"Is it too fake? Are you kidding me?"

An audience cannot sit still and stand up in shock. Their eyes nearly came out of its socket and showed an extraordinary expression. As a basketball fan, they naturally had a good judgment of the player.

"This player is so skillful."

On the other hand, the members of High School No. 4 cannot help but stun of the fatty's performance. They looked at Chen Feng walked back one by one to his team with a calm expression.

"HEY!! What are you afraid of? We just lost one ball. The game is still going!" Zhang Ke roared loudly.

"Let's score back. Get into formation."

A school No.4 player dribbled the ball and passed to Zhang Ke. Chen Feng quickly stood in front of him.

Zhang Ke looked at Chen Feng's eyes. He snickered and said, "You only just got lucky. This time I won't let you touch the ball, I want to see, how did you win?"

His voice had just dropped, but Chen Feng's figure suddenly run pass him. Zhang Ke felt his right hand empty. The basketball has been stolen without he noticed. He turned around unknowingly and found that Chen Feng already holding a basketball quickly came to his team's basket.

"Block him! Stop him!"

Hearing the Zhang Ke's voice, the two boys in the team immediately run to Chen Feng. They opened their hands, tried to blocked the opponent. Chen Feng smiled slightly, his body turned around, the basketball was passed on to Fang Cheng on the other side.


Fang Cheng jumped and shot straight into the basket.

"5 Points!" Chen Feng looked at Zhang Ke with a faint smile on his face, and slowly said, "You don't need to worry, I mean what I say, it's at least 100 Points ahead of you!"

Zhang Ke couldn't help but grit his teeth hard, and said coldly, "It's only been less than a minute since the match started. What is your arrogance?"

Chen Feng just smiled, and said casually, "So, let's continue!"

Lin Hang on the side looked at Zhang Ke with pity. So far, no one knew more about Chen Feng's horror in basketball than he did. It could say that he is a freak. His shot was almost 100% accurate, with his great physical fitness, and even his dunk abilities. Who can stop this monster?

On the outside, this fat man looked like a cute hippo, he was kind and intimidated, but inside this appearance, it contained a terrible death god. If he wanted to kill someone, no one can stay alive to see tomorrow.

When the time for School No.4 offense, this time five players rushed to the basket at the same time. Zhang Ke was very careful. Instead of carrying basketball, he chose to ensnare Chen Feng. The four remaining players also quickly gathered towards the basket.


The player of School No. 4 quickly passes the ball to Zhang Ke. Zhang Ke jumped as soon as he caught the ball.

He knew that Chen Feng will guard him but he felt no need to worry about him. Because he knew his weakness.

"Let's see how you block me."

Stand in front of the basket, Zhang Ke shot the ball with his both hands. The basketball flied straight at the basket. However, he saw a very scary scene. A palm suddenly blocked in front of the path of ball.


" H-He jump higher than me?" Zhang Ke's face suddenly appeared in a deep thriller. At the height 2 meters high, coupled with his physical fitness, the height of the shot was naturally unusual higher. However, Chen Feng could still block it?

Everyone "....."


Every audiences in the court showed in a deep stun and extraordinary in their faces.


Chen Feng's palm hit the basketball, and a loud bang sound out.

A player of the School No.1 rushed to get the ball. As soon as Chen Feng landed, he exploded with his incredible speed hurried run to the other side. Everyone also quickly rushed to the opponent's basket.

"Hurry up, Defense, Defense!!" Zhang Ke growled loudly.

The player of school No.1 was intercepted, but then he heard a voice from behind him: "Pass me the ball!"

When he heard the familiar voice, he did not hesitate at all, and passed the ball immediately.

It was Chen Feng.


The ball was fallen in Chen Feng's hand. He quickly run to the basket in the blink of an eye.

"Don't let him shoot!!" Zhang Ke shouted and prepared to block him. Suddenly a big figure stood in front of him.

"Don't I tell you from the beginning, I will play with you until the end today Hehe" The figure was Fang Cheng. He used the screening technique to block against Zhang Ke.

Then, Chen Feng's body leapt up. His jump suddenly made everyone in the stadium also stand up along with him.

"Slam Dunk?"

Everyone had this idea in their mind. But soon they shook their head. They didn't believe that Chen Feng could success slum dunk. How many high school students in China can do it? Besides, Chen Feng's body was too fat.

However, everyone's eyes did not want to stray from this scene.

Chen Feng surged more than a meter, his majestic body was under the reflection of the light and aimed at the basket.


Loud sounds sound like thunder. The basketball was poured into the basket by Chen Feng, and the entire basketball rack began to shake uncontrollably as if it couldn't stand the terrible blow.

"H-h-he actually did it...HE DID IT!!!"

"HE DID IT hahaha...Such a Slam Dunk!!"


Everyone's faces trembled in shock. Soon, the sound of applause was rung out through the stadium.

Clab! Clab! Clab!

Chen Feng fell to the ground, glancing at his teammates. He saw they give him a thumb up. Then, he looked at the players of School No.4, and walked to Zhang Ke's side.

"I say again, 100 Points at the very least." A faint voice echoed in Zhang Ke's ear.

A simple sentence made Zhang Ke feel powerlessness that it had never happened before. His heart couldn't help but beating faster in deep frustration.

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