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Chapter 30: I teach you for free

Chen Feng's family condition was not very good. He indeed was short of money. For money, he could give up some of his honor and decided to lose the match this time. However, it didn't mean that he can let go of all his morals for money.

There were some things that must not be touched. Fang Yue was considered one of them in his life. Even if his relationships with her didn't consider the couple yet, but in his mind Fang Yue was a very important person to him.

Luo Wenhao was stunned by Chen Feng's action.

How could he think that Chen Feng dare to reject himself?

He immediately felt a strong anger. He did not stand up and he slightly gestured his hand and coldly said:

"Where do you think you going?"

When his words had just been uttered, the four bodyguards who were wearing black clothes started surrounding Chen Feng and Fang Yue.

Fang Yue clenched Chen Feng's palms involuntarily and looked at them with worry.

These bodyguards were filled with a strong aura spreading out their bodies. These people were really different from the small thug like Li Wei. At first glance, she can see that they were trained soldiers and very strong.

"What are you doing?"

Chen Feng stood in frond of Fang Yue. His eyes showed the fierce expression. He looked wary at those black suits bodyguard.

Luo Wenhao still sat on the sofa. He sipped the coffee slowly.

"You can leave. Let the girl stay. Tomorrow, I will give her back to you."

"Ohh, so I can go back right?"

"Yes, take the check and go away." Luo Wenhao sneered and threw the check to the ground.

"Fang Yue, you stay here. Wait for me a bit. You must believe in me, Ok?"

Chen Feng released Fang Yue's hand and he walked to the door.

One step

Two step

Three step

Chen Feng suddenly moved, he was very fast. At one time, he had pulled the nunchuck from his waist, and fiercely swung to a bodyguard.


The bodyguard was caught unprepared. His head was hit hard and faint instantly on the ground.

Chen Feng didn't wasted his time. He used his leg kick to another one in the stomach.

His speed was so fast. Combined with the Kong Fu and his titan strength, even if Chen Feng faced with more than ten people, it was really a piece of cake to him.

The bodyguard that was kick only felt that his intestines were entangled together, and intense pain suddenly entered his mind.


The bodyguard snorted in pain. Initially, bodyguards like him had undergone a number of anti-attack training. For them, the ordinary attack only felt like a mosquito bite.

However, facing with the strength of Chen Feng attack, he felt like he was been hitting by a truck. Severe pain spreads out of the intestine. Even if he had been trained for a long time, such pain still made him to bend in pain.


Chen Feng raised his right knee and struck hard on the bodyguard's forehead. Immediately, the bodyguard snorted and fell to the ground without moving.

The two remaining bodyguards were immediately on the alert. With their experiences, they knew immediately that Chen Feng was a strong enemy.

Chen Feng secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, after being blocked by Li Wei that time, he became alert. Wherever they go back together, he always bring his nunchuck along.

At this time, Chen Feng suddenly rush over to them.

Chen Feng kicked a chair to one of them, and he pulled his nunchuck swing hard to another bodyguard.

Chen Feng hit on a bodyguard's wrist.


His wrist was dislocated by Chen Feng, but the bodyguard was unmoved and clenched his teeth. He used his another hand and punched straight for Chen Feng's Temple.

Chen Feng suddenly felt his temples suddenly protrude, he couldn't help quietly admiring. These bodyguards were unusual and terrible, completely ignoring their wounds, the aim of the shot was to knock his opponent to the ground.

Chen Feng raised his left hand like lightning.

Yong Chun Boxing style was very strong.

Chen Feng's left hand and bodyguard's hand collided violently. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, followed by a crackling sound.

Pak Pak Pak Pak.....*

His hands, his chest, his head and all over his body were being hit by Chen Feng's strike-combos.

The bodyguard was immediately beaten by Chen Feng. He flew three meters, his left hand was dangling weakly, and his numerous bones had been broken by Chen Feng's punches. Chen Feng stared blankly to him. He didn't regret his action. If they wanted to touched his woman, they had to pay the heavy price.

See that Chen Feng stand in one place without moving, the other bodyguards took the chair near his feet and swung hard to Chen Feng's body fiercely. The chair was fell to Chen Feng's chest.


The chair was broken into pieces.

Chen Feng felt shocked, but he did not feel any pain.

Chen Feng was very confident in his physical defense. His skin and subcutaneous muscle tissue had long formed a thick endometrium, which had a very strong anti-impact ability.

Now that he has suffered, Chen Feng has an assessment of his defense. Such an attack will not cause much damage to his body. Even though he might feel a bit uncomfortable. If he had to say, it felt like a mosquito bite.

Chen Feng turned his head slowly. He looked to that bodyguard.

"It's itchy, you bastard!!"

"W-What are yo..."

Without let him finish his sentence, Chen Feng raised his nunchucks and aimed at the bodyguard's head, then slammed it hard, and the guard hummed in place, and fainted directly.

Luo Wenhao on the side seemed to see that Chen Feng was not an easy pray. His eyes suddenly fell on Fang Yue, his face inevitably showing an evil smile:

"Little beauty, looks like your man is pretty good. What do you think if you become my hostage!?"

As he said, Luo Wenhao suddenly jump towards Fang Yue.


Fang Yue shouted involuntarily, and hurriedly avoided to the side, but Luo Wenhao smiled and rush towards her again. He naturally knew that his bodyguards were not Chen Feng's opponent, he wanted to use Fang Yue to threat him.

"How dare you!!!"

At this moment, Luo Wenhao suddenly heard a fierce burst of air. When he turned his head, he saw a dark object flying towards him directly.



Luo Wenhao hurriedly folded his arms around his head, and could barely block the black object. A moment later, intense pain came, and Luo Wenhao noticed that Chen Feng was throwing his nunchuck.


Luo Wenhao suddenly felt his arms ache and numb, and the pain constantly stimulated his brain. For the time being, he could not do anything, and Fang Yue seemed to realize something and her eyes suddenly lifted up. She used her right leg and hit Luo Wenhao's face fiercely.

"Take this, take this, take this..."

Luo Wenhao fell on his back and wanted to reach his hand and cover his face, but the intense pain from his arm was very irritating to his brain, and he could not raise his arms at all.

Chen Feng slowly approached Luo Wenhao, who looked back at him in horror. Chen Feng took his nunchuck on the ground, sneered at him, and said lightly:

"Mr. Luo, don't think that your money can buy anything. Oh by the way, if you dare want to touch my woman again hehe..." Chen Feng smiled evilly at him.

Luo Wenhao suddenly felt cold in his spine, he shook his head fiercely.

"N-No, I,I don't dare again."

"Good, you remember. This is the only and the last time that I teach you a lesson for free. Next time you have to pay."

Chen Feng looked at Fang Yue and said, "Fang Yue, let's go!"

Two people hold their hands and left the cafe shop with a big swing. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Luo Wenhao saw the two leave, his face can't help but show an angry expression. He bit his teeth hard.

When did he suffer such the insults?

He used his unhurt hand and took his phone from his pocket.

"HURRY UP, call ambulance you trash!! Find the information and contact the High school No.1 team and coach for me immediately." Luo Wenhao shouted loudly.

"Chen Feng, let's me prepare a surprise present for you tomorrow. I really want to see your face when you lose badly to me hehehe..."


Chen Feng pulled Fang Yue out of the cafe, but frowned slightly while watching her face and said:

"Fang Yue, you must always stay with me. I will protect you. Okay?"

Fang Yue's cheeks were slightly reddish when she saw Chen Feng's serious expression. Fang Yue nodded gently, and said in a weak mosquito voice:


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