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Chapter 26: I won't play anymore

"Did he really dunk? Hey bro, you go outside with me."


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"Hah!? Are you drunk? You idiot."

"So i'm really not dreaming."

"Of course, it's really happen."

"This is amazing. His body has terrible explosive power, and he jumps so high."

"No wonder that they let him join in the main team. He is really the dark horse of the game."

All of the audience in the auditorium was boiling, everyone looked at Chen Feng in disbelief. His slam dunk was like a fierce dismissal, which surprised everyone.

Slam dunk was not something that you can easily do it if you want to. That depends on your innate personal qualities and was only possible after training for a long time. Chen Feng was the exception. He hadn't experienced such a training before but he had Hero Extraction System that can extract someone's ability directly.


The Game Continued

The entire High School No.4 players were silently stood still without saying anything. Chen Feng's slam dunk made them feel too much pressure. It was like they were playing with the real NBA player and that slum was almost destroyed their confidence.

Three points*

Three points*

Slam dunk*

Three points*





Within 10 minutes, the scores of both sides quickly extended to more than 100 Points. Even if the school No.4 tried to score back, but they still cannot catch up to them. They were slowly lost their fighting spirit.

Chen Feng felt that he really underestimated his strength, or that he was overestimating the strength of the High School No.4. If they can still maintain their original momentum, of course, he can win them with 100 Points ahead, but it was not an easy match.

But right now, they had lost their bravery, and they had no desire to try at all.

("How about I go easy on them? Hey, why do I have to show mercy?")

Chen Feng's thoughts flashed through such thoughts. He thought that if he sympathized, he would have slightly less Achievement Points. Why did he need to sympathize then?


With that in mind, Chen Feng slammed the basketball into the basket again.


"Way to go fatty!!"

"Destroy them fatty!!"

"Kill them fatty!!"

"R*pe them fatty!!

Chen Feng "NO FUCKING WAY!!!"


The audience laughed and shouted at Chen Feng.


"The First Half end!!"

The payer in High School No. 4 were stiff at the moment. They never wanted to wait for the end of the match as fast as they did now. This was total humiliation and profound insult.

They can easily win the High School No.1 last year, but now they have been drawn by more than 100 Points, which still happened only in the first round. This was helpless situation for them.

By playing so far, they noticed that Chen Feng was not only mastered the best basketball skills. He also had exceptional physical fitness, strong vision, responsiveness, and physical coordination. How can they win against such a monster?

"Ahhhhhh.....I won't play anymore!" Zhang Ke suddenly shouted loudly, slammed the basketball in his hand on the ground, and turned away from the basketball court.

"Zhang Ke wai-"

Everyone couldn't hold back for a while, but they also felt relieved inside. This was overkill. This was really one-sided match.

There was no possibility of winning at all for them.

Seeing Zhang Ke leave, the rest of the players, suddenly they seem to have come to a decision and left the basketball court together.

"You guys, what are you doing?" As soon as the players started leaving, Du Guang, the basketball coach, stood up angrily and said,

"Come back, hurry up back. The game is not end yet!!"

"Come back? I have enough of this shitty game. Find someone else!!" Zhang Ke growled angrily.

Du Guang couldn't help but stun a little. A group of players ignored Du Guang and left the basketball court. At the High School No.4 side, there were only the substitute players and coach left

Du Guang was silent for a moment, pointing to the one of the substitute: "Wang Teng, you are playing!"

"Me?" Wang Teng was a little astonished, and he hesitated to say,

"This morning I have diarrhea. I don't have any power, sir. Can you find someone else?"

"You!" Du Guang angrily looked at Wang Teng coldly and said, "Are you going up or not?"

"Coach, I really don't want to play!" Wang Teng simply shook his head and said, "They are too strong, even if I go up, we will still lose. Why don't we..."

Wang Teng's voice grew weaker and he saw that the replacements around him also dropped their head.

Normally, they really wanted to play in the main team, even if they lost, it was enough if they can show their potentials. But in this situation, it was not a matter of losing point but how much time left before they lose.

Du Guang also felt the same as them but he just wanted to end the match properly. The problem was no one want to play.

"Damn, why such a thing appeared in High School Competition? His basketball skills and physical fitness are terrible strong, but he is still a fat man. Ahhh...." At this moment, Du Guang's heart only had a kind of frustration.

"I'm not inferior to Chen Ping, I'm just losing to this fat guy!" Du Guang could only console himself, he came to the referee slowly, and said in a helpless sentence:

"Sorry, we abstained!"

"What!!? Are you sure?"

"Of course!!"

This was the first time that Jiangzhou City has held a High School Basketball Competition. But now they saw the situation that never happened in history.

"The High School No.4 team has forfeited the match. The winner is High School No.1 team!!"

When the judges said this out loud, the audience was shocked, however, most of the attendees really understood it well. Everyone had a deep sympathy for this High School basketball team.

But what can they do? Win against fatty? No Way.

Chen Feng also had a regret feeling. Until now, he was only 180 Points ahead of the other side. Chen Feng planned to lead more than 300 points.

Chen Feng slightly shook his head. Then he turned on the Hero Extraction System, and a slight smile appeared on his face. Now he had totally 28 Achievement Points. Previously, there were only 8 AP. In this game, the Achievement Points have been increased by 20.

The Achievement Points that he get were much smaller than he thought.

However, in detail, there were not many spectators, not even as much as when Chen Feng played with Lin Hang for the first time. There were fewer, less than a hundred people. Their surprise level was different, and the Achievement Points they brought were also different.

The audience had less than 50 people and contributes 20 Achievement Points. This was definitely a good harvest for Chen Feng.

You know, the last time Chen Feng beat Lin Hang in front of the school. There were only twenty people who saw the game at that time much worse than now.

It was really a pity that the number of people was too small. If the number was higher, if Chen Feng could perform better, he might be able to extract the full version serum of Captain America's Super Soldier Serum.

Thinking about this, Chen Feng couldn't help shaking his head again.

Reaperurgo Reaperurgo

"Happy Khmer New Year !!!"

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