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Chapter 16: Invitation

In Basketball, Slam Dunk was the most exciting and the most emotional way to show off to the audience. Chen Feng's slam dunk was immediately shocked everyone. The power of the explosion made them feel terrified.

Usually, this scene can only be seen on TV, but now it was happening in front of them. It made the spectator applaud excitedly.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng loosened his hand and jumped down. To be honest, he only just wanted to try it. Chen Feng was truly full of confidence in himself, his body's quality was even surpassed Sakuragi's slam dunk, so it was not so difficult for him.

Chen Feng's face couldn't help but smiled a little, because he saw additional 20 Achievement Points on his system interface.

The last time he defeated Lin Hang in the last 5 minutes, he only got 10 AP, but this time I actually got 20 AP.

Also, the first time he did the test question in front of teacher, he only got 2 AP, but next time he got 3 AP.

Chen Feng couldn't help but frown. It seemed that the number of Achievements Points depended on how many people are surprised at him and how much surprised they were.

"I defeated Lin Hang for the first time. Even though the others were shocked at that time, it was far worse than the shock that I got from destroying him this time, especially the last slam dunk. It put up a stronger impression. "

"The same thing applies to my exam. For the first time, Master is relying on the second years monthly exam, but this time, it is the contents of the college entrance exam, and their level of surprise is completely different!"

Chen Feng had conclusion in his heart. The better, the more admiration, surprise, and envy they had for himself, the higher he got Achievement Points.

"It looks like I destined to be in high profile." Chen Feng glanced at Lin Hang, who was paralyzed on the ground, but he was too lazy care about him. He knew that if it wasn't because of system, the one who sit on the ground was himself.

"Chen Feng, Chen Feng!" At this moment, the voice of PE teacher Chen Ping pulled Chen Feng back from his thought.

"Hello teacher!" Chen Feng greeted Chen Ping with a smile.

Apart from his smile face, Chen Feng did not show any disrespect to his teacher .He knew very well that the more arrogant people were, the less likely he got the good impression from everyone around him. So it was better to be a humble person.

Chen Ping looked up and down at Chen Feng, nodded his head satisfied and quickly said, "Student Chen Feng, do you want to join the school basketball team?"

"Hah? Join the school basketball team?" Chen Feng could not help but taken back.

"Yes, Chen Feng. Actually, I had this idea since last time. Your three pointer are almost 100% accuracy. However, I have never had the opportunity to contact you. This time, I'm taking advantage of this opportunity and I want to ask you if you want to join the school basketball team!" Chen Ping's eyes were full of expectation.

By him saying that there was no chance, actually, Chen Ping was at first not too optimistic about Chen Feng. Even though he could score a lot of three points, Chen Feng's physical strength was not good. What role does 5 minutes player had?

What's more, Chen Feng's body was fat, it was a coincidence that he wasn't lose last time. However, this time was different. Chen Feng's ability this time made him very surprised.

This level of power was too extraordinary. For the full 10 minutes, the oppressed Lin Hang was breathing heavily, but Chen Feng seemed like walking in the park. He barely even broke out a sweat.

Especially, the last slam dunk was very stunning.

If Chen Feng can get the good results in the future, as his coach, he will also gain fame along with him.

Chen Feng naturally knew what Chen Ping was thinking about.

But joining the school basketball team?

Chen Feng was a little confused. To be honest, his character belonged to someone who was relatively low key and didn't like to be too high status. However, the Hero Extraction System now forces him to be high key, if he had not enough achievement, he can't get Achievements Points.

"Do we have to play against foreign schools when I join the school basketball team?" Suddenly Chen Feng asked.

"This is certain!" Chen Ping said quickly.

"There is still the event City Competition, hey, if the competitors can get a good ranking, they can also get a Prize Money!"

"Money?" Chen Feng though for a moment, and quickly said, "How much can I have?"

"If the team is the 1st Rank in the city, the prize is 10,000 yuan, if this is the 2nd Rank, the prize is 5,000 yuan, and the 3rd Rank is 3,000 yuan. If you can be chosen as the best player MVP in town, your prize money will be 30,000 yuan! "

Chen Ping quickly said: "How is that, Chen Feng, do you want to think about it? I believe that with your strength, you can win the best player MVP in town easily?"

30 000 Yuan!?

Chen Feng could not help but stunned for a while. In his family sets aside their daily expenses, they would earn at most 30,000 yuan in a year.

So this was really not a small number!

Chen Feng couldn't help but lick his lips, and his heart was filled with excitement, depending on his basketball standards, it didn't seem like a big deal to win the best player MVP in town.

There are only a few people who compete with his now, even if their strength was truly at NBA level. That's how confident he is.

"Student Chen Feng, how about this? Do you want to join the school basketball team now?" Chen Ping saw that Chen Feng was interested, he asked to him again.

"Yes, I want to join!" Chen Feng thought for a moment, then quickly said, "But, I also have my condition, I hope Teacher can answer my request!"

Chen Ping hurriedly said, "Okay, no problem, you say!"

"I want to follow my own training method, in fact, my first assignment is to reduce the fat on my body first!" While talking, Chen Feng pinched the fat on his body and said with a bitter smile: "What do you say?"

"Ok, it seems like you have to start with this!" Chen Ping also smiled, and then said: "Just do whatever you want, I will return to school to register for you."

After said good bye to his teacher, Chen Feng looked back, but Lin Hang had already disappeared. He felt that he could not careless about him. He thought he should pay attention to Lin Hang well. Who knows, whether he really wanted to revenge to himself later.

This was Chen Feng's mindset. Since he met the accident in the past, he would never believe in someone easily, especially his enemy.


In the school washroom, Lin Hang poured his drink on his head,and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Chen Feng, I will never forget this debt in my life."

Suddenly he heard the voice behind him.

"Lin Hang, how are you? Isn't it just because you lost to Chen Feng? That kid really does have some basketball skill. Do you want to let him be, after he has humiliated you like this?" There was a boy standing beside Lin Hang, who was also a member of the basketball team, his name was Zhang Kai.

Lin Hang swallowed a mouthful water, he gritted his teeth and said, "I really didn't expect that dead pig really well hidden."

"The coach has told the school that this fat pig will soon join our basketball team. It seems that the coach wants to make him our basketball team's main strength." Zhang Kai whispered to Lin Hang's ear.

When he heard this news, Lin Hang couldn't help but clench his fist strongly. His eyes turned blood red.

"Did you want that pig join our basketball team?"

As soon as Lin Feng imagined that he would hang out with Chen Feng every day, Lin Hang had the desire to go crazy.

"Lin Hang, look, do we want to give this child a small lesson?" Zhang Kai lowered his voice and said, "I know some friends on the street. If they did, they would definitely prevent this fat man from appear in front of you forever in the future."

Lin Hang was really hesitant. His parents were paid close attention to him.

Even though Lin Hang was jealous and hated Chen Feng, he really did not want to find someone to find trouble to Chen Feng. After all, he was a good student. He never interacts with this kind of community before.

Even if he lost to Chen Feng, he wanted to overwhelm Chen Feng with his basketball skill, not by underhand method like this.

Besides that, his heart was very clear. Once he had a relationship with them, like a super glue, he won't be easy to get rid of them.

Thinking for a while, he turned around, he shook his head and said, "Let's forget it!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing Lin Hang's refusal, Zhang Kai didn't say much, only said: "Lin Hang, whenever you change your mind, let my know anytime. I am your GOOD friend after all."

"Yes!" Lin Hang nodded his head, but his mind was still thinking about it.

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