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Chapter 19: Li Wei

"Fang Yue?"

Chen Feng came to her, and said strangely, "Why are you here?"

"I'm waiting for you to go to home together." Fang Yue smiled at him, and said,

"You see you are sweating, don't be too hard on yourself."

As she spoke, Fang Yue took a towel from her beg and wiped Chen Feng's sweat.

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This intimate move immediately made the surrounding basketball team, including the coach, felt jealousy.

("This fat man was so lucky. He really enjoyed the feeling of beauty wiping his sweat. Don't he feel sorry for the single feeling!? Go flirt somewhere else, damn it.")

("Tomorrow, I'll make him run until he dead tired.")

("I should consider call the thug to teach him a lesson. He dare to flirt with Fan Yue in front of me!?")

Chen Feng didn't know that he make enemy out of the Basketball team at this moment.

Chen Feng felt that her action was too intimate. His face could not help but turned red. Although the Hero Extraction System had changed Chen Feng greatly to a certain extent, but more or less He still had traces of inferiority in his heart. He never felt too close to any female before. This is not something that can be changed immediately.

Chen Fenh hurriedly took a towel from her hand and said,

"I'll do it myself!"

As he spoke, Chen Feng quickly wiped the sweat from his face while keeping the towel in his pocket.

"Let's go!" Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng's action, smiled and said.

"Okay, okay!" Chen Feng hurriedly left the stadium with Fang Yue.

When he walked far enough, the basketball team started talking.

"I really can't see it. This fatty is actually very blessed. Do you think the fat people are popular to the girl nowaday?" At the gym, a boy can't help but said it.

"This is the true winner of life! His basketball skill is good, his study is also outstanding, just he has a fat figure, but now it seem like the girl actually like his fat body too. How could he is so lucky?" Team members followed.

Lin Hang kept silent this whole time. But in his mind, he truly hoped that Chen Feng had died numerous times. Only in this way could he dispel the hatred of his heart.

Lin Hang was a student with good academic quality, he was regarded as the son of the god. He studied well, and also good at basketball. However, after being defeated by Chen Feng one after another, his heart had been distorted. At this moment, when he saw that the woman he liked was intimate with Chen Feng too, how could he endure it? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Zhang Kai!" Lin Hang said suddenly.

"Lin Hang my friend, what's up?" Zhang Kai came near him and said, "Is something you need?"

"Didn't you say you know some people on the street?" Lin Hang bit his teeth and said, "Tonight, please give me a recommendation and I will talk to them!"

As seem like he expect it, Zhang Kai smiled and said, "Rest assured, I will call you tonight, and don't worry, just consider the fatty is done for hehe..."

When Lin Hang left, Zhang Kai found his cellphone and quickly dialed the number.

"Brother Li, where are you? Well, I found a new chicken for you, okay, I'll take him there tonight."


"Where do we go?" Lin Hang frowned slightly, and asked but Zhang Kai smiled and said quickly:

"This is brother Li's people, his name is Li Wei, very famous in this area. There are more than a dozen underling under his hands. So you ever heard of name, Sun Tao from Middle School No.6? You know! Just only one order from Brother Li, Sun Tao has his leg cut directly."


Lin Hang couldn't help but be a little nervous. This Sun Tao, he knew it. It could be said that it was a big event in the Middle School No.6. That school was not a good school at all.

Some time ago, Sun Tao went to the entrance of the other middle school to blackmail other students. He was consider the big shot in that area. But Someday later, Sun Tao was sent to hospital and the rumor said that someone had cut his right leg.

Then, the police intervened, and investigated the case which caused bad students in the middle school No.6 be extinguished a lot.

"Is it true?" Lin Hang asked in surprised.

"How could it's still fake!?" Zhang Kai licked his lips and said, "I saw it with my own eyes, oh, you haven't seen the miserable look of Sun Tao. The blood was spray everywhere, at that time Sun Tao shout and faint on the ground without moving that could only called half-dead."

The truth was Zhang Kai purely bragged but he described seem very realistic, as if he was present at the scene.

Soon they arrived at a room in the old building.

"Hey, Brother Li!" Zhang Kai gestured at the big man who was full of tattoos, he was sitting on sofa while his legs were on the table.

This large man seemed to be in his thirties, with a fierce expression on his face, when he saw Zhang Kai gesturing to himself, he could not hold his mouth and laughed: "Little Kai, you are here!"

"Yes, Brother Li!"

"Hello, Brother Li!"

Zhang Kai and Lin Hang nodded and went to the big man.

"Little Kai, what do you want this time?"

Zhang Kai swallowed and pushed Lin Hang beside him:

"Brother Li, this is my classmate Lin Hang. This time, he is looking for you and wants you to help him teach someone!"

"Teach someone?" Li Wei took a sip of beer in his hand, and said lightly.

"Who dare to mess with the friend of my brother? But doing something like this is not easy. You also understand too, we can face the police anytime. So...?"

Lin Hang sat in front of the big man and slowly said, "How much for you to teach someone? 10,000 yuan?"

"Well, it depend on the situation, break one hand 10,000 yuan, break one leg 30,000 yuan!" Li Wei became interested, and looked up and down Lin Hang slowly and said, "Which one do you want?"

"Break his legs? Can he recover later?" Lin Hang kept asking.

"Oh, boy, I really can't see it, you're a bit cruel. Hehe" Li Wei looked at Lin Hang-up and smiled, "This is VIP service. His knee will be broken, then he can only carry a stick in his lifetime , but the price will be a little more expensive!"

Lin Hang gritted his teeth and said, "How much will it cost?"

"50,000 yuan, not a yuan less. Me and my brother are at risk of doing this. If we fail, we will be sentenced to 3-5 years in prison."

Li Wei grinned: "This price is definitely very reasonable."

"Okay, 50,000 yuan then, help me break his leg forever. I want him to spend his whole life with a stick!" Lin Hang said coldly.

"Deal, consider the job done." Li Wei grinned, "Brother, according to our rules here, first give us 50% deposit. After we finish the job, then we take the rest."

"Okay!" Lin Hang nodded and said, "However, it is so late now and there are no ATM around!"

"It doesn't matter, do you have Alipay?" Li Wei smiled at Lin Hang.

"Yes!" Lin Hang pulled out his cellphone. Li Wei looked at Lin Hang balance. He could not help it but surprised . The number was not a small amount, he had more than twenty million yuan?

Li Wei licked his mouth, and a hint of greed was revealed in the depths of his eyes. However, his face remained calm, only tell Lin Hang his Alipay account calmly.

Then, the notification came, 50,000 yuan was successful entered his account.

"Hey? You're not afraid that we won't give you the your money back if we fail the job?" Li Wei asked Lin Hang after completing the transaction.

"Done or not, I don't want to found out connecting with this incident."

"Oh, young man!" Li Wei looked at Lin Hang, but his eyes were a bit fierce, and he said sinisterly: "Young man, do you think that I am such a disgraced bastart?"

Unable to contain the fear in his heart, Lin Hang shook his head and said quickly: "No no I believe in you Brother Li, I'll give you his photo in a second."

After give Chen Feng's photo, Lin Hang hurriedly left the building.

He didn't want to deal with a thug like Li Wei at all.

"Hey, Lin Hang, you can calm down, Chen Feng's fat pig, he won't be able to jump for long hehe..!" Zhang Kai followed Lin Hang and laughed.

"Are they really reliable?" Lin Hang said with worry.

"Brother Li is the strongest boss in this area. You think too much! " Zhang Kai grinned and said, "People in the streets do anything for money but their word can be truth. How can you lose your money for nothing?"

Lin Hang thought for a while, and felt relieved. It's just that Lin Hang still had a little feeling in his heart. He could not say what it like.

"Is it good to find someone to break Chen Feng's legs like this?" He didn't know why but Lin Hang felt regret a little.


"Hehe, Brother Li, it looks like we make lots of money this time!" After Lin Hang and Zhang Kai left, the underling that lying around them gathered and laughed.

"Make lots of money?" Li Wei licked his lips and looked at the little brothers around him while grinning: "Just this much? This time, we have found a fat sheep!"

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