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Chapter 72: Live Together

Chen Feng was stunned after he finished reading the description of their abilities in his system's interface. This modification was too great, right?

Is it connected to their luck? I don't know about that.

Well, let's think about it later. The most important was they didn't need to suffer from their unstable auras anymore.

Chen Feng released them from his hand, and looked at them in the faces.

"Okay, okay, stop crying. I have good news for you. Do you want to hear it?" he said.

Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling looked at Chen Feng in wonder. Then, they nodded their heads together"Yes, what is it, big brother?"

"Actually, I have found the root of your problem and I also can help you solve it." Chen Feng said.

"Really?" They called out in surprise but soon, their faces turned frowned. They seemed to not believe in his word.

Chen Feng examined their expression, he knew immediately what they were thinking.

"If you don't believe me, you just close your eyes, you will understand whether I'm talking the truth or not." Chen Feng already asked his system about it. So he waited for them patiently.

The children had some doubts in their minds, but they eventually decided to believe in Chen Feng's word.

They closed their eyes together. Soon, an amazing scene appearing in their minds.

They clearly could perceive a kind of bizarre feeling coming from their bodies.

Sheng Ling was first to react, she couldn't help exclaim in surprise "Wow, brother, I saw some black smoke coming from my body. What is it?"

Sheng Hong also wasn't different from his sister "Me too, just that what I saw is the yellow light. Brother Chen Feng, what are they?" he opened his eyes and asked him.

Chen Feng didn't hide it from them and explained the effects of the aura to them but he didn't tell them more about their identities or the rest of their abilities. He thought that it was not the right time yet.

Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling finally understood everything. Their faces became sad when they thought about everything that happened to them. But soon, their expressions turned to normal. At least, right now they didn't have to worry about the misfortune that haunted them anymore.

Chen Feng also instructed them to practice suppress the aura by themselves. Even if his system could help them modifying their abilities, but two of them also had to try controlling it by themselves. In case that their auras leaked out, they still had to face the disaster in the future.

That was also the reason that Chen Feng decided to modify the Sheng Hong's Lucky Aura, he knew only with the help of her brother's ability that could suppress the effect of her power. On the other hand, Chen Feng didn't want to spend even more AP to help modify his ability in the future too.

After a while, the children had calmed down. When they closed their eyes again, they didn't sense their auras coming out anymore. They were very happy.

Chen Feng looked at them with a smile on his face. He took a liking to these two lovely siblings. Then, he asked them to live with his family. He informed them about his family and his restaurant. Chen Feng wanted them to accompany his parents and also wanted them to live like normal children. He couldn't bear to watch them live in this place anymore.

Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling looked at each other. They never thought about it before. Now, with the trouble of their misfortune had been solved, they didn't want to live like this anymore. Especially, Sheng Hong, he also wanted his sister to have a happy life. Even if she didn't say anything in these past years, he understood her thought very well.

"Big brother, please take care of us in the future." Sheng Hong took initially accept his invitation immediately.

Of course, Sheng Ling didn't refuse, her little face smiled blooming like a flower. She felt very excited. She didn't remember how many times in her dream that she wished for this day.

After ten minutes of preparation, they already finished arranging their luggage.

They didn't take too many things with them, just their clothes and their little saving pocket.

Chen Feng then called out the taxi and rode to his house with the two children.

When they arrived, the light inside already brightened. It meant that his parents had come back from the restaurant.

Chen Feng introduced them to his parents. He just told that they were the orphan that he met by coincidence, he didn't tell his parents about the events that happened in these past two years.

He felt nervous afraid that his parents disagreed with adopting both of them.

To his surprised, his parents accepted them faster than he thought. Chen Feng didn't know how much they desired to have the baby in the past but unfortunately, they could only have Chen Feng.

With Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling, the cute children in front of them, Chen Feng's parents felt excited, they immediately cleaned up and prepared a room for both of them.

His mother went to the kitchen and cooked many foods putting on the table. She prepared the feast to welcome the new members in the family.

His father also went to buy new clothes and some necessary tools for them at the market in the evening. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The atmosphere in the house turned bright full of laughing, Chen Feng didn't see them this happy in the past.

He felt speechless. Why they never treat him like them before? Well, at least, this result is already good enough. He sighed and secretly felt happy inside.

He could help both of them and also had someone to accompany his parents at the same time. But didn't forget about their auras, with both of them stayed near his parents all the time, Chen Feng didn't afraid that something would happen to them when he was away.

Now with this problem had been settled, Chen Feng prepared himself to do his main task tomorrow. He already had a plan in his head already. He had to complete this quest no matter what happens for his own development.

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