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Chapter 39: Make Breakfast

Early in the morning

Chen Feng's parents had not yet woken up, Chen Feng stretched his muscles and came to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast.

He extracted the cooking skill from Stephen Chow last night. Chen Feng now also felt that he couldn't wait to try it.

He came to the kitchen, and Chen Feng's eyes were looking at the ingredients in the refrigerator.

"I want to make Pissing Beef Balls but unfortunately, we don't have enough ingredients hey..." Chen Feng sighed and he started looking for something else.

"Leftover rice? Yosh...let's make Fried Rice then."

Traditionally, fried rice was a dish that people cooked to repurpose leftover rice from the night before. Freshly cooked rice had too much moisture, so it was not ideal for making this food.

Chen Feng took a rice and twisted it in his hand. A bit of disappointment appeared on his face. The quality of the rice was not very good, it was a bit hard but that was not a big problem. Chen Feng searched the kitchen and quickly found other stuff that he needed.

From young til now, Chen Feng rarely stepped into this place so he had to familiar himself in his kitchen first. Normally, he didn't need to cook. His mother was the main chef in the family.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng wanted to make breakfast for his parents.

Chen Feng began operating in the kitchen.

Chen Feng heated up the oil, then he added the eggs and scrambled it. About 30 seconds to 1 minute later, he transferred it to a plate and set aside.

His hand held the knife and skillfully cut the onion, red pepper, carrots and peas and cooked it for another 2 minutes. He then added the leftover rice and mixed it together. The final step, Chen Feng added some salt, soy sauce, brown sugar, and he put the fried eggs in and mixed it again.

For about 10 minutes, Chen Feng finished cooking Vegetable Fried Rice, he took it out and set it up on the table.

When Chen Feng came out, Chen Feng's parents also just woke up. When they smelled the food aroma, instantly, they came into the living room.

"Son, are you cooking?"

Chen Feng's mother, Xiao Sufen, asked in surprise when he saw Chen Feng preparing the table for breakfast.

"Good Morning, Mom, Dad!!"

Chen Feng smiled at his parents, and said.

"Mom, try my food. This is my healthy Vegetable Fried Rice. Mom and Dad work very hard every day. Today, just let me be the chef and cook for you two."

"Oh...Chen Feng, when do you learn how to cook?"

Chen Ze looked at Chen Feng with a hint of shock. They has lived together for so long. Chen Ze really didn't know that Chen Feng could hold the kitchen and even made breakfast for them.

("It seems that my son grows up every minute without us knowing.")

The husband and wife were usually very busy at work, and they rarely had the chance to care about Chen Feng. Luckily, Chen Feng was a good child, which made them feel quite comfortable in their hearts.

Recently, Chen Ze noticed many changes in his son. First of all, Chen Feng became thin and handsome. He really didn't think that Chen Feng could get rid of his obesity in his life, but, unexpectedly, in less than one month, his son really can lose weight, it was not only losing weight, but his body also covered full of dense muscles. Chen Feng's personality also became more cheerful and smarter.

"Well, let me try my son's first cooking then!"

He held the chopsticks and tasted the food a little.


Chen Ze suddenly felt a kind of comfortable feeling cover all over his body. He only savored a bit, yet his face could not help being shocked. He exclaimed loudly.

"So delicious!!!"

The chopsticks in his hand moved quickly. He swallowed a mouthful of the fried rice and smiled happily.

"Do not eat too fast. One by one."

"Son, your food is really super tasty." His mother gave him a thump up.

"Mom, Dad drink some water." He poured more water for his parents.

Seeing the smile on his parents's face, Chen Feng's mind was also full of joy. His parents have worked hard for the family all their lives. He only made a simple meal for them, he felt amazingly warm in his heart.

This Vegetable Fried Rice that Chen Feng made was just a simple one, but the couple had an endless blissful feeling, they felt that it was the most delicious food they have eaten in their lifetime.

"If Mom and Dad like my cooking, this evening, I will make you another food. I guarantee that it will be much tastier than this Vegetable Fried Rice." Chen Feng proudly said.

"Okay, okay my little chef. You quickly prepare to go to school. We will wait for your food this evening." Chen Feng's mother smiled sweetly and said to him.

"Yes, I know hehe..."


Back to the school

At Basketball Club

Chen Feng came to his club room.

"Chen Feng, you are courageous, you dare to knock me out yesterday!!"

Chen Ping walked quickly towards him. He couldn't help but yell out, his heart was full of anger. Yesterday, he couldn't stop Chen Feng to play and he even been punched and fell unconscious by him.

Chen Feng walked slowly to him. He took his hand in his pocket, he looked at Chen Ping and he said lightly.

"Coach Chen Ping, you get me wrong. I don't have any bad idea about you." Chen Feng shrugged his shoulder and said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Ping couldn't help but silent a bit. His old face suddenly flushed, roaring loudly.

"Chen Feng, who are you lying to? Do you think I am just a 3 years old child?"

"No, no, coach, I don't dare. Y-You just listen to me first." Chen Feng said with an apologise face.

"Okay, I give you a chance to explain. If your explanation doesn't satisfy me heh heh..." Chen Ping's face smiled and looked like an evil.

"Actually, I knock you out because I want to help you." Chen Feng whispered to him.

"Want to help me?" Chen Ping asked oddly.

"Yes, now please think about it, sir. If you don't allow me to play in the second half, and we lose, how could you explain to principle?" Chen Feng started explaining to him.

"This...Y-You have a point." Chen Ping stopped for a bit and his face suddenly had a realization face.

"So what if I knocked you out, and we won the game? Our school would get Championships Title, you got "The Best Coach" certificate, and especially, you got free money 100,000 yuan. How is that? Am I not helping you?" Chen Feng smiled slyly and said.

"B-But what if Luo Wenhao come to find trouble with me?" Chen Ping had an anxiety look.

"Tch tch...Coach Chen Ping, how could you so forgetful? Why don't you tell him that because I knocked you out? You just blame it on me, I guess Luo Wenhao will not blame you for this. Don't you think so?" Chen Feng shook his head and sneered at him.

"Yes, why don't I think about it? You are really smart, Chen Feng Hahaha..." Chen Ping's eyes opened bigger and started laughing out loud.

" you are the big winner then. You get both certificate and money. I should congrats to you, right?"

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from the door. A middle-aged man with his hand behind his back, he said with his voice emitting a cold feeling.

"Yes, Hahaha...I am-" Chen Ping's voice suddenly stopped.

Everyone including Chen Ping had their eyes on that middle-aged man at the same time.

Chen Ping's body froze and he said with his tremble voice.


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