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Chapter 10: Monthly Exam

Walking outside of the room, Lin Hang turned his head back and showed an evil smile on his face.

"Chen Feng, Chen Feng hehe...Just you wait! One week later, I will make you embarrass in front of the whole school. Not only that, I will tell my fan make a Live Video post on internet. I will completely detroy you." Lin Hang though excitely.

If Chen Feng had known what Lin Hang was thinking about, he would come running to hug him. In Chen Feng's mind, Lin Hang was a bit cute little doggy.


Chen Feng rested in the afternoon again. He felt that his body was recover a lot. Even though the muscles in his entire body were still ached sometime, it didn't affect Chen Feng's activities much.

Fang Yue was still waiting to go home with Chen Feng after studying alone late at night. This time instead of quietly following him, she rode her bicycle along with Chen Feng while talking and laughing together.

Fang Yue discovered that Chen Feng had changed a little. He began to be optimistic and cheerful. Even though he didn't say much, he was no longer showed the kind of indifferent silence face anymore.

The next day, when Chen Feng came to the classroom, it was clear that the students around him looked at him a little different.

He frowned slightly, and sat quietly in his chair.

"Chen Feng!"

Chen Feng turned his head look at the source of the voice. He saw Zheng Qiang suddenly came into his table.

"Zheng Qiang? Do you need something?" Chen Feng asked, looking at Zheng Qiang strangely.

"I heard that you were going to play a One-on-One match with that Lin Hang?" Zheng Qiang said quickly.

"Yes! How do you know?" Chen Feng made a strange expression.

"I'm afraid the whole school will find out now!" Zheng Qiang shrugged: "Lin Hang's fan has spread the news everywhere. Lin Hang is a man with a narrow mindset and he was defeated by you on the basketball court at that. Naturally he does not stay still. I am worried that this incident will be heard to teacher. He want to make this event bigger as possible. He want to beat you in front of more people to reshape his pride!"

Chen Feng couldn't help but wanted to laugh out loud but he tried his very best to make a gloomy face.

Zeng Qiang had noticed the changed face of Chen Feng, he though that Chen Feng maybe didn't have confidence in himself to win againt Lin Hang.

"Chen Feng, don't worry too much. Lose or win is not matter." Zheng Qiang slowly said: "Lin Hang's strength is still very strong. Last time he played against our Class 6, we lost a lot because of him. His physical energy is strong. I know your basketball skills is great, but physical energy is your weakness, One-on-One, facing againt Lin Hang under his peak physical condition, you might not be his opponent. So if by any chance you lose to him ,it's not embarrassingat all."

"Thank you!" Chen Feng's heart moved slightly. To be honest, he has long since lost this feeling, he usually has no friends, and no one has ever taken the initiative to speak to himself. At this time Zheng Qiang came to support him let Chen Feng feel flattered.

"You are already far too great in my eye. You taught Lin Hang a lesson yesterday, haha...! Who said that they had 50 points ahead of our class and they would surely win. In the end, we cought up with them,we spend only in 5 minutes and won. We has smack their face the the ground!" Zheng Qiang laughed: "Chen Feng, you really save us Class 6's face!"

Chen Feng only smiled. Both of them spoke for a few words, then the bell rang. Zheng Qiang smiled and returned to his seat.

Seeing teacher stood up teaching in front of whiteboard, Chen Feng began listen to him carefully.

Chen Feng discovered that, in fact, he did not need to listen much, because he understood everything that was taught easily. he remembered all of them, even more throughly than his teacher.

After a while, Chen Feng decided to stop listening. He just found the test questions and started doing it.

As soon as he did the problem, Chen Feng realized that after he had extracted the professor-level knowledge, as soon as he started looking at the problem, he would immediately found the solution.

But even if he had this knowledge, he noticed that he cannot solve them flexibly yet.

For example, Mathematics, it had been using various formulas. There were many places that need to be analyzed and there were many places that need to be calculated. It was not that when you had mastered this knowledge and you can instantly use it skillfully at one.

However, even though it cannot be used skillfully, the knowledge in mind could still provide an accurate assessment to Chen Feng, but it would take more time to do a problem analysis.

"It seems the next step is to strengthen my practice training. It is necessary to use knowledge in the brain skillfully!" Chen Feng said to himself.

Chen Feng decided choose the math questions to do on his desk. As for what the Teacher was talking about was not important. Ehat he needs right now was to master the knowledge in his head.

When the class ended, Chen Feng still immersed in a sea of questions on his table. Suddenly a white palm had slam in front of him.

"Are you Chen Sanfat?"

The girl standing in front of Chen Feng was looking at Chen Feng in disgustion, as if she saw a sickening fly.

Chen Feng frowned slightly. This girl's looked can be called beautiful. But he did not know this girl at all. She was clearly not a student in his class.

"You are?" Chen Feng frowned slightly.

That girl ignored Chen Feng's question. She raised her hand pointed her finger at him.

"You dare want to play basketball with our prince? With you? A fat pig trash? I say to you, fat man, don't dream, you cannot win at all!"

The girl was called Gu ShaSha. She was the big fan of Lin Hang. When she heard that Chen Feng used the dirty trick to win againt Lin Hang in the match and he shamelessly wanted to chalenge her prince again, she felt very angry. So she decided come to teach Chen Feng a lesson.

Chen Feng put down a ballpoint pen in his hand and looked at the girl with a serious expression: "This schoolmate, whether I can win or not, it's not up to you. In fact, Lin Hang has already lost to me once and this is the fact that cannot be changed."

"If it wasn't for his physical strenght was tired, how could he would lose to you?" the girl said loudly, "I said, you fat pig only just won once, so it doesn't mean that you can luckyly win a second time!"

"Because his physical strenght was tired? haha...,this sentence is really interesting!" Listening to the girl's taunts, Zheng Qiang put his hand on his stmach and laughed at one side.

"How did you know his physical strength isn't functioning properly? Was he with you before the match? Was his body really that strong?"

Some boys in grade 6 understood the meaning and started laughing. The meaning of this sentence is too much, especially when they saw her red face.

"You you..." The girl pointed her finger toward Zheng Qiang angrily.

"Lin Hang, his physical strength is not good, it's his own business. Don't come to Chen Feng for this problem. And you who do you think you are? Bluffing the people in our classroom, do you think with your slightly beautiful face would make you amazing?" Zheng Qiang also stared coldly at her and said.

"What did you say?" The girl suddenly became angry and pointed at Chen Feng's nose and angrily.

"Even if Lin Hang is unlucky lose to him once, what is wrong with that? Beside this fat man is just a lowly trash, fat and ugly, what is amazing about him? Can he comparable to Lin Hang? He also wanted to continue to challenge Lin Hang, hms!, he is unworthy!"

Chen Feng looked at the girl. She didn't even put him in her eye. His inferior feelings in the past also made him had a good mentality. He will not be angry because of a small things like this. He smiled at her a little and said "Yes, I am indeed lowly trash, but this trash has defeated your prince, so what is your prince? Unrecycle trash?"

The girls could not help but remain silent for a few moments. This statement surprised every students around him. They didn't see it coming at all. This Chen Feng really can talked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Feng ignored the girl, his hand was still holding the textbook, and said lightly, "Okay, don't be too boring, don't disturb my studies. Instead of coming and harassing me, it's better to think about your prince. Before the match day, you should give him enough rest, it can help him save his physical strength rather than come here to annoy me. It will only be seen that it is very useless. Looks like you are also very naive. Now, please don't disturb me, okay?"

The girl opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but Zheng Qiang said coldly, "You can go now. We don't welcome you in our Class 6 anymore."

The other classmate also looked at the girl angrily. Fang Yue on the otherside said coldly, "You are Gu Shasha, aren't you? Gu Shasha, please leave our Class 6's door. If you don't leave, don't blame us for use force!"

"You!!" Gu Shasha still wanted to talk, but in the end, she didn't say a word and started walk away.

Gu Shasha did not turn to her head at all. She though about what Chen Feng had said just now. "You should give him enough rest, it can help him save his physical strength."

"This sentence mean that there's something wrong between me and Lin Hang? Does it mean I have done it with him? Something between men and women?"

At this moment, Gu Shasha's face turned pale. Even though she was Lin Hang's brainless fan, she didn't have relationship with Lin Hang as his girlfriend. But as soon as the story spread, her name would be destroy.

Gu ShaSha couldn't help but secretly regret it, she shouldn't have come to Chen Feng at all.

What Gu Shasha did not expect at all was that in less than a day, various kind of rumors had spread throughout the campus.

Topic: "The main reason Lin Hang lost to Chen Feng was because Gu Shasha had drained Lin Hang's physical strength the night before the match."

Rumors describe the relationship between Gu Shasha and Lin Hang clearly. What's more, it was said that Gu Shasha was pregnant before the match. Lin Hang took Gu Shasha to the hospital, and some people said that they witness ShaSha went to hospital and Lin Hang was found with her.

As soon as the rumors spread, it couldn't be stopped anymore, and there was a little entertainment in the school. Coupled with some students who are accustomed to gossiping, the rumors immediately spread like wild fire.

When Lin Hang and Gu ShaSha had heard the rumor, they started coughing blood.

Rumors about Gu Shasha outside, Chen Feng did not take it seriously, he was not a gossipy person.

What's more, people who insult other are always be insulted.

If Gu Shasha didn't came to cause trouble herself, how could Chen Feng humiliate her?

Because of extreme inferiority, Chen Feng is now more mature than the boys of the same age.

In the next few days, Chen Feng's life began to become organized.

In addition to taking lessons every day, thinking about his own test questions, he also exercised running for one hour every morning. Every day, students will see a fat figure running in a playground.

Although it was difficult to lose weight due to hormones problem, but Chen Feng still tried his best every day. This is also to sharpen his will and to strengthen his body quality.

Chen Feng didn't think he could greatly increase his physical strength in a week, but exercise was always good.

Except for exercising, Chen Feng spend more time on the Math problem every day. Knowledge in his brain must be used skillfully. Now he can be to get 100% accurate answer but it would takes too long time to write down, and too much time to analyze.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt that this kind of life was actually quite interesting, more interesting than quietly reading a small book alone in the past.

Actually, learning can be considered a more interesting things.

During this time, even though someone occasionally came to harass Chen Feng, Chen Feng didn't take it seriously. In recent years, he had long practiced the skills of honor and shame. He will not affect by it.


Sun Minghai, the homeroom teacher, clearly noticed that Chen Feng had changed. Even though he was still quiet and unobtrusive, Sun Minghai found that this person actually began to study hard, even though he still did not listen to class.

He secretly came to Chen Feng seat and inspected his action.

"Mathematic question?"

Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng's change with a little surprise. After the basketball game, he seemed to have experienced a the shook the earth change. If it wasn't for his body was still fat, he would doubt that was someone else instead.

Sun Minghai didn't stop him. He just watched Chen Feng calmly. He began to be curious, to what extent Chen Feng would do it.


The Day of Exam

Chen Feng was sitting in the examination room, his heart was full of excitement. Playing basketball was the first step to success. This time, if he had a hight score on this exam, he was sure that more people will be impressed with him and he will earn a lot of Achiement Points.

The bell rang up

Chen Feng took a ballpoint pen and quickly wrote the answer on the examination paper.

At the end of the exam, most students packed their belongings, everyone had either worried and happy expression on their faces. Chen Feng walked out of the examination room with a smile.

"Chen Feng!" Fang Yue screamed when she saw Chen Feng leaving with the flow of people.

"Eh?" Chen Feng stopped and looked at Fang Yue: "Fang Yue, you called me?"

"How was the test?" Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng with a smile, even though she asked him this sentence, Fang Yue had estimated that Chen Feng may could not pass the exam.

"I am too slow, I don't finish the last question on time!" Chen Feng's face was slightly depressed: "If they give me two more minutes, there should be no problem!"

Listening to Chen Feng's answer, Fang Yue couldn't help but hesitate for a moment. What does this sentence mean? Could he do the exam well enough?

Actually, Chen Feng was very annoyed this time. He ignored one thing, that is, he was now a science student, and he did not take the political lesson seriously. In other word, he spent more time in writing down the politic exam, so he didn't have enough time finish his Mathematic.

"Does he really almost finish all the question?" Fang Yue though.

She then shook her head and drove away this absurd idea. Fang Yue felt that was somewhat impossible. She knew that Chen Feng's bad study were not because of he didn't work hard enough, but his talent wasn't there.

Suddenly, someone else had walked toward them.

"Oh, Chen Feng!" At this moment, when Lin Hang walked out of his classroom, he saw Chen Feng and Fang Yue standing together. With a sinister smile on his face, he called them.

"What about the test?"

Chen Feng looked at Lin Hang with a faint smile on his face: "Okay! It's not bad!"

He felt that he really did not have anything to tell Lin Hang. The man in front of him is only a tool using to earning his Achievement Points. He didn't care about at all. Such a person was destined to be a stepping stone towards his success.

Chen Feng's expressionless made Lin Hang even more angry.

"Fat man, you better not be proud. After 3 days, I'll show you what real basketball is like." Lin Hang opened his teeth at Chen Feng.

"Wait for you, then I win again after 3 days, let's go." Chen Feng walked away without looking back at Lin Hang.

"You??" Lin Hang hoped that Chen Feng had a fight with himself. Only then can he vent his anger a little. The man in front of him is really vicious, especially in the last few days. Gossip and rumors also affected him greatly.

It would say that Lin Hang was absolutely impossible without pressure.

He wanted to have a big fight with Chen Feng, or hit him hard, but he ignored him. Chen Feng's attitude being completely ignorant was made him even more angry.

"Okay, Chen Feng, let's go!" Fang Yue quickly grabbed Chen Feng's palm and hurriedly left after watching Lin Hang's face turned ugly.

While watching Fang Yue pull Chen Feng's palm, Lin Hang could not help but clench his fist hard, his mouth screamed lowly: "Damn fat man, I must, I must make you regret in your life!!"

Walking quite far away, Fang Yue released her hand from Chen Feng. Her face was slitghly red cause of shyness. She never hold hand with the boy before. This time she toke initiated hold Chen Feng's hand because of desperation.

"Chen Feng, please be careful, this Lin Hang is narrow-minded person, you must beware of his action!"

"Okay, I understand!" Chen Feng also felt a strange emotion in his heart. After all, this was the first time Fang Yue held his hand in the public.

Fang Yue smiled, and ran away in panic.

"Only the last question in mathematics is not done, my final score shouldn't be too bad!" Chen Feng said to himself: "I better add one more hour to practice at night!"


The next day!

After class teacher Sun Minghai entered the classroom, he involuntarily glanced at Chen Feng in the last line of the classroom, his eyes complicated, and he was confused.

Many classmates were full of nervousness when they saw Sun Minghai enter. Everyone awaited their own results. Chen Feng's eyes also stared at the teacher.

He looked forward to his result.

"Students, stop for a moment." While pulling back his eyes, Sun Minghai stepped forward and knocked gently on the whiteboard.

After a while, he slowly said: "This month's monthly exam results have come out. Let me announce the results for everyone."

"Fang Yue, China 140, Mathematics 146, English 145, General Review 284, Total Score of 715, Rank 5th This Year!" After saying that, Sun Minghai smiled at Fang Yue and said, "Congratulations, Fang Yue, your grade have improved a lot compared to last time! "

When Sun Minghai's words fell, the students in the class could not help but turned their gaze to Fang Yue.

Chen Feng also turned his head looking at her. It must say that Fang Yue had her own talents in study, beautiful and good manner. She had many fans in the school. So her result was not unexpected to everyone.

Sun Minghai continued announce the results of each student one by one, untill the last name was called.

"Hey, where is mine?!"

Chen Feng couldn't help but frown slightly. Sun Minghai did not announce his results at all. What does it mean? According to his idea, his test scores was clearly not bad.

"These are the results of all your tests!" Sun Minghai calmly spoke.

"Wait a minute, teacher!"

Chen Feng suddenly raised his hand and said, "Teacher, I have something to ask!"

Sun Minghai's eyes fell on Chen Feng's body at once. A smile appeared on his face.

"You want to ask why don't you get your result right?"


Chen Feng said seriously, "Please Teacher, give me an answer!"

Sun Minghai toke a paper on his table.

"Chen Feng, 138 Chinese, full score in English, Mathematics 136, Points 282 comprehensive!" Sun Minghai's voice was very calm, as if telling a trivial matter: "Total score of 706 points, Rank 24th in the school this year! "

Total score of 706!?

Rank 24th this year!?

In the quiet classroom, Sun Minghai's voice sounded like thunder, making the expressions of everyone including Fang Yue immediately froze.

Everyone had an "O" mouth, and their face were filled with disbelief.

Chen Feng? The quiet Chen Feng who was usually rank at the end of the school got 706 points?!!

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