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14.86% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 11: My Request

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Chapter 11: My Request

After he heard his result, Chen Feng immediately opened his system.

To his disappointed, he got only 1 Achiement Point this time.

"The surprise from all my classmates only give me 1 Achievement Point? Why? It seems that the effect is not very clear. They still doubt my result. If I can convince them and show that my result is genuine, I would definitely get more Achievement Points. But How?!" Chen Feng said to himself.

Chen Feng got 10 Achievement Points for playing basketball. He used 6 Achievement Points to extract the knowledge of each subject, plus this one, there were totally 5 Achievement Points.

"Chen Feng, come to my office after class!" On the podium, Sun Minghai said coldly.

"Eh?" Chen Feng frowned slightly, staring back at Sun Minghai and he saw a clear mistrust in his eyes.

Chen Feng sat quietly, he knew that if he had reached this high score suddenly, surely that would cause suspicion, but Chen Feng was not afraid. In other word, he was feeling happy because this also was his chance to proved his result to everyone.

After the class end, Chen Feng had gone to the office with Sun Minghai as he asked.

"Chen Feng, this fat man, must have copied too much, to let the teacher call out to talk!" After Chen Feng left, a student with a sharp mouth said immediately, this person's usual study was only normal. It would not be too bad but he was not expected that Chen Feng, the last ranker in the class, would perform better than himself.

"I suppose so, but Chen Feng is also very strong. This test is very strict but he can really get it. It's amazing, hey, if we can use his method and get it at the college entrance exam, that would be great." A girl interrupts.

"Do you still want to cheat in the college entrance exam? Don't dream about it. If you dare copy a college entrance exam, you will be arrested after copying, and your grades will be canceled." Another person shouted.

"Hey, this person Chen Feng is too clueless, and it's unclear how he do it. He really copied it so hard!"

"Hey you all, don't say anything without evident. Why do you think Chen Feng was copied? Let us wait for teacher to come back, we will know whether he cheats or not." Fang Yue was a little nervous. Even though she also felt Chen Feng's result was too strange, but she was still standing on Chen Feng side.

"But the contrast is too great!"

"Yes, suddenly his exam scores increased this much, I also feel like impossible!"

"What is impossible? I believe that Chen Feng hide his ability, maybe he want to be low-key. Can you believe that Chen Feng can play basketball back then? And can earns a lot of three points? Is this contrast also not good?" Zheng Qiang on the side said very unhappy.

When Zheng Qiang said this, the students in the class closed their mouths one after another. In short, they slandered Chen Feng because of their jealousy. Exactly, they saw that Chen Feng suddenly surpassed themselves, so they were unhappy.

At this time, as long as one person took the lead and said that Chen Feng's grades were copied, other people would immediately agree with them, which would make them feel more comfortable.

The psychology of some people was sometimes very strange.


At Teacher Office Room

"Chen Feng, come and sit down. Do you know why I asked you to come here?" Sitting at the table, Sun Minghai said bluntly.

This was also a simple technique used by Master Psychologist. In general, students with poor psychological quality have discarded peanuts, and everything that should or shouldn't be said had emerged when the teacher asked him or her with this question.

(Author: Try yourself at home)

"Teacher, do you doubt the authenticity of my test scores?" Chen Feng asked him directly.

"Oh?" Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng with a faint smile on his face: "Yes, I really doubt it. First of all, I don't deny that you has studies hard in this few day. You can gradually improve your performance, but this increase is a step-by-step increase. It's not like sitting on a rocket and get on the top rank like you do this time. If it was you, do you decide to believe it?"

Sun Minghai's voice was not really loud, but some teachers in the office heard and directed their gaze at Chen Feng's body, and their eyes also showed the disbelief.

"Teacher, this is the trust and my results are absolutely correct!" Chen Feng didn't bother about their gaze. He only looked at Sun Minghai and said seriously.

"Do you think I will trust you?" Sun Minghai also looked seriously at Chen Feng: "To be honest, I don't believe this is your ability to get this result. In comparison, I am more curious, how exactly did you cheat during the exam?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Why are you sure that I am cheating?" Chen Feng's voice suddenly became louder, and he said "Sun Teacher, I know that my test scores have increased greatly. It's okay that you don't believe me, but why do you say I'm cheating? Why do you not believe that this is my true strength?"

Sun Minghai could only silent, he hesitated for a moment. He always felt that Chen Feng had changed a lot recently. He did not look like the quiet person in the past day. He really can spoke back to himself.

Actually, to be honest, Sun Minghai preferred that Chen Feng to looked like this. Chen Feng in the past was like the dead pig. No matter what he said, he was silent, and his word felt like hitting the cotton, no effect at all.

"I just can't believe this is your true strength, unless you can prove it to me!" Sun Minghai shrugged and said slowly, "As long as you can prove it, I will apologize to you!"

Chen Feng's eyes rolled, but he said with a serious face: "Teacher, there must be some examination papers left. I can sit and do it again on the spot, under your supervision. But I also have a request!"

"Okay, sure." Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng and said, "What is your requirements?"

"It's okay to ask me to take the exam again, but if I do, then I want teacher to apologize to me in front of the whole school and acknowledge my results." Chen Feng calmly said, "I don't know if you can do it, teacher?"

("I am not afraid to make trouble. This is my true strength after all. It's not good to be low key anyway, so let make it big then. The more people know that I have achieved good results, the better. Maybe they can get me more Achievement Points.")

Chen Feng now thought about how he could get Achievement Points. It is unfortunate not to take advantage of this good opportunity in front of him.

"Okay, I can promise. I still have some exam papers left. As long as you can make it and make sure the results aren't bad, I'll raise the flag tomorrow and apologize to you in front of the teachers and school students!"Sun Minghai was also followed.

He only apologize, so there was no problem at all. Compared to apologies, he was even more curious whether Chen Feng's results were truly true.

Immediately, Sun Minghai brought Chen Feng a stack of test papers and slowly said, "Okay, now you will do the test again. The office has a teacher monitor you, and you will be given exam paper on spot."

Chen Feng didn't talk too much nonsense. He picked up his paper and began quickly starting his work.

He gained a lot of speed in solving these problems. Because he just took the exam a while ago. Chen Feng still had an impression on his head. And this time, there was also no time limit. He can slowly count and think.

Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng in surprise. Especially, he was looking at Chen Feng's face.

"His face didn't seem to pretend, and he really knew how to do it?"

Even some teachers in the office also seemed to be curious about this scene. Chen Feng started doing his work nonstop.

After an hour, Chen Feng had finished mathematics and submitted the examination paper to Sun Minghai.

Sun Minghai was silent for a few moments, then began to examine quickly.

Correct! Correct! Correct!?

Sun Minghai looked at the examination paper in surprise. Initially, Chen Feng's mathematics was 136 points. That's because time was too short. He didn't finish a few questions at the end, but now he had to do it again. It was very easy for him.

Full score, 150 points.

Sun Minghai rubbed his eyes, his face looked extraordinary. In fact, Chen Feng's efforts were in his eyes, but he did not believe that Chen Feng would get this good result.

However, the facts were before him, and it was impossible for him deny it.

During the exam, he watched Chen Feng took the scrolls without blinking. He has no possibility of cheating at all, so in other words, is the monthly test's result his real score?

If Chen Feng did not complete the examination paper before their eyes, the teacher in the room also would not beleve it.

However, everyone was surprised and started taking his exam seriously. Chen Feng get full marks in all subject.

In the exam, he did not get full marks. That was because there wasn't enough time. He took a long time to analyze questions and think. The speed of conducting questions must be slower, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, subjects that were require to do analysis and calculation. But his exam this time was unlimited time.

As long as he was given enough time, he was able to finish it quickly.

Holding Chen Feng's examination paper, all the teachers in the entire office were stunned.

"He actually, he really did all of these and his score was even higher!?"

"This is too abnormal. The answer accuracy rate is 100%!?"

"With this result, I believe he can compete for first place this year."

"Teacher?" At this time, the door to the office was pushed open, and then a beautiful girl entered, and watched the surprised face of the teacher in the office, the girls couldn't help it but wondered.

"What's wrong today, how can Teacher's expression be so strange?"

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My brother called wake me up to continue write the novel.

He told me that he waits for me this whole morning for my update ?

I think that he though of me as his Slave. I wonder ?

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