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5.4% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 4: New Ability Extraction

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Chapter 4: New Ability Extraction

The system display screen started blinking again, but this time, the characters that appeared were clearly lower level, Holmes, Conan, and finally, the system interface had come to stop.

The character that appeared also slightly shocked Chen Feng.


>[Character source - "Slam Dunk"]<

>[1st-level hero]<

>[Name - Mitsui Shou]<

Extractable Ability :

>[Basketball Skills (Three-pointer): 4 AP]<

>[Fighting Skills: 2 AP]<

>[Japanese Language: 1 AP]<


"This is?" Chen Feng could not help but get excited.

"Slam Dunk" was one of his favorite classical animations in his childhood. He was excited and inspired movie in Chen Feng's childhood memories.

Mitsui Shou was an ace player at Wushi Middle School when he was in junior high school. His team was left behind in the county final. Then, under the guidance of Anxi coach, he finally led Wushi Middle School to win the championship and MVP district.

During his high school years, Mitsui Shou did not forget the kindness of coach Anxi and declined the invitation from Lingnan High School. He joined the Xiangbei Middle School where Anxi coaches were trained. Socially disadvantaged young people work together. Later, Mitsui Shou returned to the team with the help of friend and coach Anzai, and became the main player on the team.

"Coach, I want to play basketball!"

Until now, Chen Feng still remembered this line.

Tell the truth, in "Slam Dunk", Chen Feng's favorites characters were Sakuragi and Rukawa Kaede. But Chen Feng was touched by Mitsui Shou, who has strong will and faith's victory, a three-point whirlwind initiated by him in many matches, had been became one of the key situations in North Hunan to turn around and won the game.

"Basketball Skills, (Three-pointer), require 4 Achievement Points?"

Chen Feng slightly narrowed his eyes. "Do I need to extract it?" He asked himself.

Although Captain America's Super Soldier Serum was quite tempting, Chen Feng also knew that if it took four months to get enough Achievement Points by the system every month, how can he achieve his achievements?

How can he get Achievement Points? Chen Feng had a few ideas in mind, but this needed the proof.

"System, extract Mitsui Shou's basketball skills!" Chen Feng decided and spoke immediately.

Then a ray of light surrounded Mitsui's body, then, white light fell directly onto Chen Feng's body. Then, Chen Feng felt that his body seemed to change many things. With basketball knowledge, various skills, and more important things, Chen Feng felt his body changed slightly, and it seemed that his muscles had become dense and tighter.

"Hey, do I looks a little thinner?" He startled.

Chen Feng's gaze instantly appeared on the screen. That was his own body data. His weight changed from 108 Kg to 107 Kg. Sure enough, he lost 1 Kg.

"Haha, quite beautiful!" Chen Feng had smile on his face:

"I can't think that system would help me lose weight for free!"

"The system saved charactor "Mitsui Shou" for me!"

After extracting Mitsui Shou's abilities, Chen Feng immediately saved Mitsui Shou. After all, Mitsui Shou could also extract Japan Language, and it seemed like he could also fight. After all, Mitsui had been a bad boy for a while, and there was still little point in saving, not to mention five places, but now he was only two heroes.

As soon as his mind was moved from the system interface, Chen Feng's mind appeared in his room again.

Chen Feng stretched his bones comfortably, and I didn't know whether it was a side effect after the Hulk turned around, Chen Feng now felt sore muscle and tired.

"Forget it, I'm better going to sleep!"

When he thought about it, Chen Feng turned his body and lay down in his bed. He thought he would be so excited that he could not sleep, however, as soon as his head touched the pillow, the dormant rushed to his heart.l and he fell asleep instantly.

While he was sleeping, Chen Feng's saliva also flowed down.

In his dream, he dreamed that he had become thin, handsome and elegant, and then he played with Fang Yue some adult activities without shame and unhappiness.

Early in the morning, the alarmclock made Chen Feng wake up on time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After rubbing his eyes for a while, Chen Feng glanced at his parents's room. They were still sleeping. They were tired of working overtime last night. Chen Feng did not bother them. He took the bread from the table and placed it in his mouth. He swallowed three or two pieces, and then pour a large glass of milk to drink.

When Chen Feng came out, he looked at the mirror, and saw the bruise in his eye circles were still there, they did not turn red or swollen. Fortunately, they were not very noticeable.

While carrying his bicycle readied to go, Chen Feng couldn't help but feel a little startled. He saw a beautiful figure on the side of the road who seemed to be waiting for someone. Chen Feng suddenly recognized her, it was Fang Yue.

Chen Feng looked at Fang Yue for a while, and he rushed to school directly with his bicycle.

He did not think Fang Yue was waiting for himself. Even though, he saved Fang Yue last night, but deep down, Chen Feng was still a very inferior person, even if he got a system now.

This inferiority complex in his mind cannot be changed overnight.

"Chen Feng, wait for me!" Fang Yue suddenly called out.

"Eh?" Chen Feng stopped the bike, he did not expect Fang Yue to really call himself. He looked back at Fang Yue, and a smile squeezed from his face: "You called me?"

Fang Yue rolled her eyes and said, "Of course I called for you. Is there someone else here?"

Chen Feng grabbed his hair and looked at Fang Yue: "Do you have anything to do with me?"

"Thank you for yesterday!" Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng and said gratefully, "If it wasn't for you, I might have been disturbed!"

"No, it's fine!" Chen Feng immediately waved his hand: "I, I, I cannot pretend not to see you, you are my classmate after all."

Chen Feng's heart was a little nervous, and his speech was also rather sutter, which showed that his heart was not very calm at this time, and he was usually accustomed to inferiority. And this time, Fan Yue was deliberately waiting for him here and took the initiative. It really made Chen Feng feel a little happy.

"Let's go to school together!" Fang Yue smiled at Chen Feng.

"Okay, okay!" Chen Feng nodded quickly.

When they rode bicykle passed the passage last night, they decided stop the bike. At this moment, Chen Feng saw the horror's scene where he turn into the Hulk yesterday.

The land was completely destroyed by stampede. There was also a severe depression on the wall, and Chen Feng still had a bit of memory, which was the result of reaching for others and throwing them away.

He though of the moment that he throw two punks crashed into the wall, he nearly destroy the wall completely.

Hulk's status seems to make sense sometimes, but sometimes it doesn't make sense. Chen Feng did not have much sensitivity at that moment. Luckily, he transformed for only ten seconds. If it takes longer, he was afraid it will cause more large-scale destruction.

"Uncle, what's wrong?" Chen Feng asked an old man who was stand by the side of the road.

"I also do not know!" The uncle shook his head slightly. "I don't know what happened last night, but I heard a monster roar. Then I saw this place look like this in the morning. There was four jerks nearby, and I don't know how many girls have been spoiled on this road. Early in the morning, I saw four of them here half dead sleep on the corner of the wall."

"Ah?" Chen Feng was a little surprised, a thought flashed in his heart, what did he do last night? Then there is a little tension in his heart, then, will others doubt that he did it himself? If they knew, he afraid they will throw him into the lab like a mouse.

"All four of them are deemed worthy!" Uncle snorted, and continued: "I glanced at them, these four little bastards, all their bones seemed to be broken. When the ambulance came, he doctor said at that time that there was basically no rescue. I think this must be a punishment given to them by heaven!"

"Are they dead?" Chen Feng couldn't help but nervous, but there was a scare in his heart, and he actually killed peole. And he killed four at that, even though at that time he lost his mind but his heart is still difficult to accept.

There was something he want to ask in his heart, but Chem Feng decided not to. Then he continued walking towards school with Fang Yue.

"Last night, what happened?" After a long silence, Fang Yue suddenly said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng said with a bitter smile: "I do not know, I was faint by them at that time, when I waked up, it was like this, what happened, I am also not clear."

Fang Yue didn't doubt anything a bit. Anyway, Chen Feng has been very common for a long time, he really wouldn't think that Chen Feng could become a superman who wears clothes in an instant. But in reality, of course, he changed but not as Superman, but Hulk.

"Chen Feng, why are you giving up on yourself?" Fang Yue did not continue to involve this topic.

"Give up on myself?" Chen Feng was silent, looked at Fang Yue: "Why did you say that?"

"Actually, when you are in middle school, your test scores are not bad, and if you can be accepted in high school, it also shows that you are still strong. Why not study hard and turn yourself in better? " Fang Yue said with a long signed "Actually, you shouldn't look like this!"

Chen Feng just kept quiet. In fact, Chen Feng's academic achievements in middle school were quite acceptable. When he was on the high school entrance exam, Chen Feng was also in very good condition and study very well.

However, after entering high school, Chen Feng became sick. He did not achieve good result. Suddenly, he felt depress and he began to gain weight. A little by little to be like this until he become who he is now.

Fang Yue felt that Chen Feng shouldn't look like this, because he could continue his studies, there was no reason why he couldn't continue.

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