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Chapter 15: One on One Match

In the afternoon, many people had gathered in the school basketball hall.

Lin Hang and Chen Feng were both the school famous figures. Especially, Lin Hang who had many girls support him.

The basketball match between the two people naturally attracted numerous spectators. Chen Feng's famous name "Chen Sanfat" had also be well known in the whole school. Everyone knew that Chen Feng's Three-Pointers were not a joke.

Lin Hang had been waiting for Chen Feng for some time.

At this moment, his heart was full of fire. The rumor about him and Gu ShaSha were still continued, and turned into a big scandal. He was really hate Chen Feng to the bone.

Later, Chen Feng's test score greatly caused Lin Hang to feel frustrated too. This fat guy, who was the last ranker in the department, was able to win the 24th place in the whole academy.

At this moment, he really wanted to give Chen Feng the most unforgettable lesson. Only in this way that he can vent all his anger.

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When Chen Feng came to the stadium, he had already changed to the basketball uniform No.14. He was much thinner, and this suit was not too inflated like before.

"Chen Feng, you finally come? I compliment you for not running away." Seeing Chen Feng walk toward him, Lin Hang said with mockery tone.

"Of course, how could I refuse your good intention?" Chen Feng looked at Lin Hang with a smile on his face. But in Lin Hang's eyes, this fat man was seeing him as his prey.

"Good intention?" Lin Hang asked doubtfully.

"Yes, is it just a friendly match to strengthen our friendship?"

"....." Lin Hang silenced. In his heart, he still didn't trust this pig fatty before his eye.

("Kill him and get many Achievements Points hehe...!!") Chen Feng though in his mind.

At this time, physical teacher Chen Ping pulled out a basketball and came to the middle of the two, slowly speaking:

"Then, let me explain the rules of the game. This game is a One on One match. The game time is last 10 minutes, the one who score the most points is the winner. Do you both agree?"

10 minutes?

Chen Feng looked at Lin Hang deeply. It seemed that this prey (Lin Hang) was not stupid at all, he thought of relying on his physical strength to win against him.

Thinking this, a smile appeared on Chen Feng's face: "No problem at all!"

Teacher silently looked at Chen Feng's face. He knew that this arrangement was unfair to him.

"Alright, who will serve first when the game starts?" The PE teacher looked at both of them and asked.

"Leave the ball to him first!" Chen Feng smiled at Lin Hang.

Lin Hang took the basketball, looked at Chen Feng, started dribbling the ball rhythmically.

Even though he said in his mouth that he would not easily lose to Chen Feng, however, deep in his heart, he knew this fatty strength than anyone else. Chen Feng's basketball ability was clearly extraordinary.

Lin Hang suddenly moved, and his body cut through the outside quickly. He understood that Chen Feng had a very deadly weakness was his lack of physical strength. Despite his three strong pointers, his physical strength was very inadequate. His power was last at most 5 minutes. So in this 5 minutes, he would try to consume Chen Feng's physical strength little by little.

Arrived under the basket, Lin Hang took the ball and prepared to shoot.

However, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him, and he saw Chen Feng slap the ball out of his hand.

When the ball dropped, Chen Feng took it and jumped highly toward the basket. This jump surprised everyone.

They saw Chen Feng jumped close to one meter.

"How could it be?" Lin Hang couldn't help but widen his eyes, Chen Feng had stretched out his fat palm and slammed it on the basketball net.


Basketball slammed into the ground fiercely, a strong noise suddenly shocked everyone. Teacher Chen Ping was taken aback. This is really out of scientific truth. How can he jump so high? His body was very fat and he can jump up to 1 meter above the ground!?


"Did you see that?"

"Who say that the pig can't fly?"

Lin Hang stunned for a moment and went to take the ball, but Chen Feng's reaction was faster. He took the basketball first. His speed was much quicker than Lin Hang. When he came to the three-point line, Lin Hang was 7-8 steps far away from him. Then he jumped out.


Basketball draws a perfect parabolic movement in mid air, piercing the net.

Turning his head, staring at Lin Hang with dull expression, Chen Feng smiled faintly: "5 points earlier than you!"

Taking the basketball back, Lin Hang gritted his teeth, and said coldly, "What so proud, is this just 5 points?"

Chen Feng only looked at Lin Hang and smiled indifferently. He had make up his mind. He would not let Lin Hang score a single points in this match. This was not the arrogant proclaim, but Chen Feng indeed had this ability.

Although in Slam Dunk story, all the character was only the high school students, but the ability showed by them inside were clearly at NBA level, and the most character prototypes were also based on NBA characters.

Previously, Chen Feng's physical strength did not work out with his ability. However, since he had injected Captain America serum yesterday, his physical fitness had greatly improved. If he wanted to compare it, then his physical fitness was even more terrible than the protagonist Sakuragi Dowa in the story.

In other words, his current strength had completely surpassed Mitsui.

Lin Hang's level was indeed very good, but in Chen Feng's eyes, it was very pitiful.

Lin Hang rushed towards Chen Feng again, but Chen Feng's face smiled mockingly, and with only 3 to 4 steps, Chen Feng were already in front of Lin Hang again.

Steal the ball!

Lin Hang suddenly felt his right hand go blank, the basketball was snatched away by Chen Feng again, and then, from a distance, he saw Chen Feng take a leap shot.

Three other pointers!!

"8 points!" Chen Feng casually threw a basketball at Lin Hang, still with an evil smile on his face: "Don't worry, there are 8 minutes and 30 seconds left, we can slowly played to our heart content."

"You...! Just you wait, I'll show you how your basketball skills are worthless in front of me!" Lin Hang's eyes are red. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he knew it very well. Purely in terms of basketball skills, he was indeed inferior to Chen Feng.

"I have to wait, I have to be patient, I can't be in a hurry, as long as his physical strength runs out, it's my turn to show my strength!" Lin Hang's heart growled silently.

Seeing Lin Hang's face, how could Chen Feng fail to guess what in his mind. He wanted to wait until his physical strength was used up? It really was ridiculous.

The Captain America serum strengthens the metabolism and can fully metabolize fatigue-causing substances such as lactic acid in the muscles. Although his endurance was not as good as Captain America, his strength was already far beyond normal people. Even if he played basketball game until the night, he believed that he won't feel tired at all.


Chen Feng shook his body and once again snatched the basketball from Lin Hang's hand. He did not hesitate to fire the three-point shot.

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes....

Lin Hang was very scared. Chen Feng's shooting level was too accurate, and the most terrible thing was his physical strength showed no signs of fatigue at all. That was really different from last time.

In the last match, at this time he would already started breathless. He was basically continued to play only supported by his strong will.

But now?

Chen Feng's physical strength was like a bottomless pit. His movements were still very flexible, there were no signs of tired at all, and his averages score were 4 three pointers per minute.

"Time up"

[120 : 0]

This data surprised everyone present. Lin Hang looked at Chen Feng foolishly and trembling said: "Why, why aren't you tired?"

Chen Feng didn't reply. His hand reached out and took basketball from Lin Hang's hand. This time he didn't shoot at the three-point line, but jumped directly to the basket itself.

"Does he want to dunk?"

This jump was so high, Chen Feng's hand grabbed the ball hard and swing toward the ring.

Lin Hang looked at this scene with extreme disbelief. He could not stop himself from praying, praying that the ball would not enter, be sure to fail, and become embarrassing.

Under everyone's attention, Chen Feng jumped more than a meter, and was under reflection like a dragon, and he dunk the ball explosively in a basket.


In a stunned look from the audience, a loud voice like thunder. The basketball was highly poured into the basket by Chen Feng. The whole frame of the basketball began to shake, and it seemed like it couldn't withstand his force.

"Impossible, right?"


"This is.....!!!"

Everyone was astonished. These weren't many middle school students who can slam dunk like this. This was not impossible feat for many professional basketball players. But this was Chen Feng whose weights more than 108 kilograms, a middle school student, nicknamed was Fat pig.


Lin Hang fell heavily on the ground, he felt that all of his power had been emptied. He could only look at Chen Feng stupidly, a deep feeling of frustration appeared in his heart.

He knew that he had lost. His strength was not on the same level as Chen Feng.

"The score [120 : 0], Chen Feng is the winner!!!"

Pa! Pa! Pa!...

I didn't know who take the lead to clap. Instantly, the entire stadium was filled with applause like waves.

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