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Chapter 35: Plan out before the Match

Chen Feng, Fang Yue, Lin Hang and Lin Erlin had come out of the police station together.

"It's too late now. Do you guys have lunch yet? How about we eat something at a nearby restaurant?" Lin Erlin smiled and asked them.

"That's good. I'm starving right now. How about you two?" Lin Hang's eyes lifted up. When talking about food, he was active immediately.


Chen Feng wanted to reject, but his stomach cried out.

"Nice response. Hahaha..." Everyone laughed at him.

"Let's go together then. Fang Yue, where are our bikes?"

Chen Feng looked at the expensive car that was parked nearby, he felt uncomfortable inside his heart. Chen Feng planned to ride his own bicycle to the restaurant.

"Mr. Chen Feng, you don't need to mind this thing. I'm sure with your ability, you will own a better one than me in the future. How about you experience it first?

Lin Hang's father seemed to understand Chen Feng's intention. In his line of the business affair, Lin Erlin can evaluate the personality of someone with a single look. By his assessment of Chen Feng, he can see the inferior feeling in his heart. He saw that Chen Feng was a good man and he was the person who valued his friendship. Lin Erlin wanted Chen Feng become a good friend with his son.

His son, Lin Hang, was also good but he had some flaws with his emotion. His personality was a proud person, easy to pleased and also easy to angry. He needed someone to guide him and made an example for himself.

That was the reason that he wanted to deepen friendship between the two.

"Chen Feng, we also need to hurry back to school. I think we should accept uncle's invitation."

Fang Yue saw the complicated look on his face, she suggested her idea to him. In reality, Fang Yue also wanted Chen Feng and Lin Hang to become friend. By talking with him in the station, she knew that Lin Hang has changed. He was not like a narrow mind person in the past. Fang Yue felt a little sympathy with him.

"Okay, thank you uncle." Chen Feng bowed his head slightly.

" are this child's friend. You're always welcome."


Four of them had a meal in a medium side restaurant. Lin Erlin knew the mindset of the children. He chose a restaurant whose foods were not too high price. He didn't want them to have pressure and he just wanted them to enjoy their meals.

Sure enough

They had a friendly conversation. Chen Feng felt much better when he was talking with Lin Hang now. He looked at Lin Hang as his little brother.

Suddenly, Lin Hang remembered something and he asked to Chen Feng.

"Chen Feng, do you remember Luo Wenhao?"

"Ohh...Yes. What about him?"

"Yesterday, he contacted me and gave me 100,000 yuan, asking me to lose in today's tournament."

"What!!?" Fang Yue and Chen Feng shouted at the same time.

"What's your response then?"

"Our family is not short of money. Do you think I am the type who lacks money? Hahaha..." Lin Hang laughed proudly at himself.

Unexpectedly, someone had answered to him.

"Yes, you are. Starting from now on."

Lin Erlin sneered at Lin Han's action. He thought that his son needed some lessons for him to remember his mistake.

"Nooo....Don't be like that, Father!!" Lin Hang felt despair. He felt like slapping his damn mouth for like talking nonsense.

"Enough, don't you learn your lesson? I will keep your money for you until you graduate." Lin Erlin talked with a serious expression.

"Yes, Father!!" Lin Hang dropped his head. He remembered that his money also the caused of the incident early. He didn't want something like this to happen again.

"Lin Hang, do you think that Luo Wenhao will also contact other?"

"Absolutely, he will. This person is famous in Seventeenth High School. He like to use his money to do everything he wants."

Lin Hang heard about Luo Wenhao's information from his friend. He felt disgusted with this kind of person.

"His Luo family is in Jiangzhou. His business is about the real estate can be considered one of powerful force in this city."

Lin Erlin also recognized his family. Naturally, he, himself, was a powerhouse. He knew all the force in Jiangzhou.

"Actually, he also found me and promised the same condition as you. However, this grandson asked me to let Fang Yue accompany him for one night." Chen Feng smirked when he recalled the incident yesterday.

"What happened next?" Lin Hang also felt angry inside and he wondered about Chen Feng's next action.

"Of course, I beat the crap of him. And you don't know this, Fang Yue also give him a few kick on his face Hahaha..." Chen Feng laughed while feeling slightly pain on his back.

Fang Yue didn't say anything, she just smiled naturally but her hand was pinching hard on Chen Feng's back.

"He is really deserved to be beaten up. Good job!!" Lin Hang gave him a big thump up.

"What should we do now? Today, if everything goes according to his plan, we will surely lose to him."

"Hmm...we also need a plan." Chen Feng nodded, he placed his hand on his chin and pondered.

After silencing for a while, Chen Feng had an evil smile on his mouth, he came closer and whispered to Lin Hang.

"Today you need to do....this....this....and this. How about that?"

"Chen Feng, it's not that I doubt your word but are you sure about this plan?"

"Trust me, I have my way. I will take advantage of his trick and use it back to him."

"Chen Feng, do you need my help?"

Fang Yue wanted to help him. She knew how hard Chen Feng was working in this past month. If someone used such a cheap trick like this to win against him, normally, she felt mad.

"Ohh...Fang Yue, can you bring a group of girls and.....?"

"Okay, I don't know what you want to do but I promise this job is done."

"Everything is placed on the board. All that left is we just need to complete our own role. Let's cheer for our teamwork!!"

"Cheer!!" x4


After that, Lin Erlin sent Chen Feng and Fang Yue to take their own bikes and brought Lin Hang to school.

Sitting alone in the car, Lin Erlin took out his phone from his pocket and made a call.


"Hello, Mr. Lin, do you need anything?" The man in the phone answered politely.

"Investigate Luo Family Group for me. I need all the details of their business, including their illegal activity."

"Ten minutes later, I will send the file to your laptop, sir." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Good Job!!"

Lin Erlin took a cigarette and smoked in his car. No one knew what he was thinking about. He just smiled and drove his car away.

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