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43.24% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 32: Rescue an old friend

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Chapter 32: Rescue an old friend

The sound of the engine system echoed in Chen Feng's ears. Then, the operating interface in front of Chen Feng suddenly added a new character.


>[Character source - God Of Cookery]<

>[1st-level hero]<

>[Name - Stephen Chow]<

Extractable Ability

>[Culinary Skill: 50 AP]<

>[Knife Skill: 5 AP]<

>[Pissing Beef Balls Recipe: 10 AP]<

>[Sorrowful Rice Recipe: 10 AP]<

>[Buddha Jumping Over The Wall Recipe: 20 AP]<

>[Chair Weapon Master: 2 AP]<

>[Shaolin Sutra: 1 AP]<

>[Internal Energy Mastery: 200 AP]<


"Stephen Chow? I can't believe it was him."

Chen Feng's heart was full of surprises. "God of Cookery" was a classic film of Stephen Chow. This film told the story of Food God Stephen Chow who was sold by his wealthy partner and defeated by his apprentice Tang Niu.

Tang Niu became a new "God Of Cookery" and Stephen Chow fell into the streets, but he got help from Turkey.

Turkey and her rival street vendor, Goosehead (Lee Siu-Kei), conduct gang warfare to see which vendor can sell the two best-selling dishes: beef balls and "pissing" shrimp. Chow managed to unite the two rival vendors by combining the two dishes into a new dish, "Pissing Beef Balls".

Afraid of his came back, Tang Niu arranged for Stephen Chow to be assassinated.

Stephen Chow escaped from the assassin and found his way to a Shaolin Monastery.

Entering the kitchen of one of the thirty-six rooms in the Shaolin Temple. After he learned unparalleled culinary skills, he came back and he finally regained the position of "God Of Cookery" again.


"What does Internal Energy Mastery mean?" Chen Feng asked oddly. This was the first time he had seen such a thing, and he unconsciously asked,

"System, does this mean that If I choose to extract it, I can become a real cultivator like in the Chinese Novel?"

The sound of the engine system answered in Chen Feng's ear:

>[Yes, host]<

"Wow, is there such a thing?"

Chen Feng couldn't help but hesitate for a moment, and think back carefully, if he can cultivate, it mean that he can fly or run over the water and even can used his energy to make fire like in the movie.

Steven Chow could be considered a special 1st-level hero. There was no great thing about him besides his cooking skill. However, after he returned from the Shaolin Temple, the whole person has changed. He has become a cultivator. His strength was thought to have the ability to fight with Captain America.

Chen Feng only had 85 AP ans plus free 5 AP this month, totally he had 90 AP. He was tempted. He wanted to save up enough Achievement Points to extract this Internal Energy Mastery. However, in the end, he decided to wait until he extracted the Original Super Soldier Serum first.

"Well, let's think about it again after the match today."

Chen Feng sighed slightly and suddenly said:

"System, save Stephen Chow charactor for me."

>[Stephen Chow character has been saved.]<

Chen Feng always felt that his Achievement Points were always not enough. As soon as a new character appears, if he extracted it slightly, all of his Achievement Points must be consumed to a clean rhythm immediately. He had to think about a way for him to earn a lot Achievement Points in one go.

Lying on the bed, Chen Feng was too lazy to move, he soon fell asleep.


At 4 AM early in the morning

Chen Feng jumped off the bed. The sky wasn't fully lit up yet at this time, but Chen Feng's body was filled with endless energy. Now Chen Feng didn't need much time to sleep. He needed only 2 or 3 hours a day.

Chen Feng came to the park to start running, and then he started practicing Yong Chun Boxing. When the sky began to shine a little, Chen Feng returned to his house and showered. Looking at himself in the mirror, Chen Feng felt unbelievable. He really didn't expect that in a short time, he has become what he is today.

The appearance of obesity disappeared completely, replaced by strong and dense muscles. Because of practice on Yong Chun Boxing, Chen Feng's muscles had to be firmer, denser and more explosive. Especially, his skin was wheat colored healthy, and his body looked full of masculine beauty that was unique only to the real man.

Walking to the living room, Chen Feng saw his parents were preparing breakfast.

"Mom, Dad, today my school has a Basketball competition at the city's Sports Center. Can you come and see?" Chen Feng looked at his parents and asked.

"Are you playing?" Chen Ze hesitated for a moment, then he shook his head.

"Sorry Son, today's work cannot be postponed."

"That's okay, Dad, just wait next time."

Chen Feng was a little disappointed, although he really hoped his father could share the joy with himself, he was also very clear that they were swamped with their work.

("All of it was about money.")

Chen Feng secretly made a decision, he had to find a way to make money as soon as possible.

Pushing the bicycle and leaving the house, Chen Feng couldn't help but a little hesitant, then saw Fang Yue waiting by the roadside.

"Fang Yue, good morning!!"

Chen Feng was a little shy, and then he let out a little sigh in his heart. It must have been because of what happened last night, Chen Feng wondered about Fang Yue's feeling to himself.

"Good morning Hehe, Chen Feng, why are your face so funny today?" Fang Yue laughed at Chen Feng's red face.

"N-Nothing. I just don't have enough sleep, t-that's all."

Chen Feng didn't tell her about his thought, and the two rushed towards the school on their bicycles. They were silent along the way. Last night, Fang Yue's sudden question to Chen Feng made them felt somewhat embarrassing with each other.

Chen Feng brought Fang Yue to school as usual. After that Chen Feng also came to his classroom.

Seeing Chen Feng walk toward him, Lin Hang couldn't help but look at him deeply, lowered his head and walked away.

Chen Feng also looked at Lin Hang. Recently, he always felt that Lin Hang was somewhat wrong. However, Chen Feng didn't think too much about it. He had a bad relationship with Lin Hang initially. For the change, Chen Feng will not take it to his heart.


In the afternoon

Chen Feng has invited Fang Yue to have lunch together at a small cafeteria. On the way, Chen Feng's movements suddenly stopped and he waved at Fang Yue:

"Wait a minute!"

Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng strangely.

"What's the matter?"

"There is a situation!" Chen Feng's ears moved slightly, and a slight sound resounded in Chen Feng's ears.

There were no cars on the road at the moment, the road looked very quiet, and some of the surrounding noise was clearly transmitted to Chen Feng's ears.

"Brothers Li, I don't have much money in my hands!" This voice was still familiar. Chen Feng immediately realized this voice was Lin Hang's.


He heard the sound of a slap, and then he also heard a rude voice:

"Not much money? Hahaha...I saw you have more than 20 million yuan in your account with my own eye. Believe it or not, I will report to your school right now about you hire us to breaking Chen Feng's legs."

"Fang Yue, hurry up call the police!! Lin Hang has met trouble. I will go to help him." Chen Feng pointed at Fang Yue.

Fang Yue couldn't help but stun a little and she nodded,

"Okay, I know. Chen Feng, you have to be careful!!"

"Hmm...You go back first. Leave it to me."

Then, Chen Feng walked directly to this small alley. The light in the alley was not well clear, and it seemed rather dark at this time. In the depths of the alley, Lin Hang was surrounded by a group of people.

Li Wei were like a nightmare for Lin Hang. He was repeatedly blackmailed by Li Wei. He has paid him 500,000 yuan already. It was his own money that he had collected hard over the years. His father also gave him a lot of money for him to save up to study abroad after graduated. But now, all this money has fallen into Li Wei's hands.

Well, Li Wei was naturally impossible to release this fat sheep. He had countless greedy thoughts in his heart. He had not blackmailed anyone else because he never met such a rich kid like Lin Hang before.

Li Wei has extorted 500,000 yuan from Lin Hang's hands. This was an unthinkable number. He can buy a house in a remote place in Jiangzhou and live comfortably.

How can he let such a fat sheep like this leave his hand?

"I really can't afford to give you money anymore. P-Please just let me go already!!"

Lin Hang had pleaded expression on his face.



As soon as his voice fell, a hard slap was drawn on Lin Hang's face. Li Wei pushed Lin Hang to the wall with his knee pointing at Lin Hang's stomach and hit him hard.


The intense pain caused Lin Hang's face suddenly changed. He bent down with pain, and opened his mouth vomit. His face was pale as white paper.

"No money?"

Li Wei grabbed Lin Hang's hair, and said with a frown on his face:

"Tell me, where did you hide your money? Or I will killed your whole family?"

Lin Hang's face showed an expression of horror, and he whispered.

"I, I really don't have any money left. My father already took it back. P-Please let me go!"

Li Wei's face showed a smiling expression, patted Lin Hang's cheek gently, and said slowly:

"Let you go? It is not impossible to let you go. I have a lot of brothers to feed at hospital. It's okay. I do not want a lot of your money. You can give me 500,000 yuan more. In this case, I will never bother with you again. How about that?

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Lin Hang's mind flashed with various thoughts.

Li Wei looked at Lin Hang's calm expression, but he couldn't help but smile coldly on his face.

Letting him go? How is this possible? He really wanted to know how much money he could squeeze from this child. It was very easy to fool this money bag.

"O-Okay, I promise, but you also have to guarantee that after getting 500,000 yuan, you will never come to threat me again!" Lin Hang gritted his teeth and said.

"Of course! As long as you give me 500,000 yuan, I guarantee you will never come back to ensnare you again!" Li Wei patted his chest and said.

"I am mixed in the street, what we are all talking about are words of faith, rest assured, as long as you are willing to give me money, I will never come to let you see me again."

("But my brother will hehe...!!")

"Lin Hang, don't be stupid, do you really think 500,000 yuan can solve this problem? This group of bloodsucker will slaughter you as a fat sheep."

At that moment, Chen Feng's voice suddenly resounded in the ears of a group of people.

Lin Hang was surprised. He looked up involuntarily and saw Chen Feng stood with his hand in his trousers pocket.

He walked towards the group of people, and frowned slightly at Lin Hang's pitiful appearance. He shook his head slowly and said:

"When did you get in touch with this group of street dog?"

"C-Chen Feng!" Lin Hang's voice trembled slightly. He had never dreamed that Chen Feng would appear in front of himself, and saw him in such a case.

At this moment, Lin Hang had the feeling of being naked on the street, all his dignity, and the image he was trying to maintain was all destroyed. He was seen by the person who he didn't want to be exposed to the most.

"Who are you, kid? This uncle is busy doing business, haven't you seen it? Hey, go welcome him a little!!"

Li Wei snorted, and winked at the small brothers around him, and soon a group of people walked towards Chen Feng.

They did not remember what Chen Feng's face looked like at all. Last time, the night was dark, and they did not pay much attention to his appearance. Besides, Chen Feng a month ago and Chen Feng now were exactly like two different people.

How could they recognise him?

At this moment, Chen Feng looked at Li Wei, his face suddenly showed a surprise expression.

"Oh, It's you!"

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