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45.94% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 34: Sergeant Xia Yan

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Chapter 34: Sergeant Xia Yan

"Don't move, raise your hand!!"

Two policemen pointed out their gun.

Chen Feng and Lin Hang didn't dare to do anything, they just raised their hands honestly.

After a while, they saw four police cars surrounding the small alley.

Ten policemen have come and checked the situation.

Immediately, Chen Feng saw a policewoman walked towards them step by step.

She wore a police uniform. Her skin was white and beautiful, with her plump, mature, fair and seductive skin lined up. She had short hair. Judging by her face, she seemed to be a smart and capable woman.

"Who reported to the police? Policewoman asked calmly.

"It's me, police sister!!" Chen Feng replied back.

She then turned her gaze to Chen Feng and Lin Hang.

"What happens here?"

"These people come to extort my friend for money. So I beat them up to help him out and I let my friend call the police to come here."

Chen Feng looked at her and told about the circumstance. He didn't tell her about Lin Hang hire them to break his leg, he just merely described how the gangs beat Lin Hang and blackmailed a lot of money from him.

"You're alone and beat them all?"

The beauty police officer looked at Chen Feng with a little shock. Even though Chen Feng now looked tall and mighty, but one person could fight against seven people with the weapon and he was unharmed. The effectiveness of this person's combat seemed to be quite formidable.

"Well, I'm from the school basketball team. I love sports activities. I like watching fighting movies, and I learn a few tricks from them Hehe...!!" Seeing that she looked suspicious to him, Chen Feng smiled and explained to her.

"Sergeant Xia, we have already finished investigating!" A policeman quickly came to her and promptly said:

"The identity of this man is Liu Wei. He is the gang leader. His leg seems to be broken. And the other also have a severe injury. I remember that his gangs are suspected for causing harm to a student one year ago."

Xia Yan gently raised her eyebrows looked at Chen Feng again and said lightly:

"Bring everyone back, take the injured people to hospital. You two also go back with me!!"

"Yes, ma'am!!"

All policemen took the order and did their own work.

"Chen Feng, Lin Hang, are you guy alright? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Fang Yue quickly run towards them with a worry expression.

"I'm okay and Lin Hang just has a small injury."

Chen Feng shrugged towards Lin Hang and looked back at Fang Yue:

"Fang Yue, why don't you go home first? Just leave the rest to us."

Fang Yue hesitated a little, then slowly said:

"No, I'll follow you to the police station. I want to be a witness for you too."

Chen Feng nodded helplessly and said,

"Okay, let's go together then."


An hour later, at Police Station

In the interrogation room, sergeant Xia Yan looked at Chen Feng with interest and said slowly.

"Hello, my name is Xia Yan. Your name is Chen Feng, right? Oh, look at your ID card, it looks a little different from you right now."

"Actually, I lost a lot of weight recently and I will change my ID soon." Chen Feng smiled embarrassingly.

Xia Yan took the reports paper on the deck, after reading it for a while. She narrowed her eyebrows and asked.

"Today, do you only want to help your classmate?"

Chen Feng stared weirdly at Xia Yan.

"Police sister, what do you mean by that?"

"Don't try to hide it from me, I receive the confession from Li Wei, and your classmate Lin Hang already admit it too."

Xia Yan looked at Chen Feng and said seriously:

"In the beginning, your classmate Lin Hang hired Li Wei to teach you, they wanted to break one of your feet. Later, Li Wei did not succeed, and he was given a lesson. As a result, Li Wei didn't want to face you again and turned to blackmail Lin Hang instead."

Chen Feng seemed surprised a bit, and he said quietly:

"I knew all of this. I already forgave him. After all, Lin Hang is young, his decision is easy be affected by his emotion."

" Li Wei's confession is really true after all." Xia Yan smiled sweetly at Chen Feng.

"What!!? Fuck, you trick me." Chen Feng was shocked, he stood up and pulled his hair frustrated.

"Hahahah..." Xia Yan laughted at Chen Feng's funny reaction.

"Listen to me pretty sister, Lin Hang don't hurt me at all and he is already punished by his action. I think that's enough. But Li Wei's group is different. Even if they don't success cause harm to me, but they use a weapon and plan to beat me up. So they are the real culprit in this case."

Xia Yan seemed to be interested, and continued asking him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"According to what you said, Li Wei and his group cannot do much damage to you, so it mean that you can avoid them, right?"

Chen Feng stretched out his arms and shook his head.

"It's true that they don't harm me but undeniably, they are the rubbish of society. I don't know how many bad things they has done in the past. They must be severely punished by law."

Xia Yan couldn't help laughing, staring at Chen Feng.

"You are really interesting. You want to save your friend but you don't want to let the guys that were hired by your friend go. Hahaha!!"

"Police sister, can you somehow don't punish my friend Lin Hang?"

"What are you talking about? I don't hear anything. This case is about your friend Lin Hang has been extorted money and beaten by Li Wei's group. That's all."

Chen Feng smiled and said, "Thank you pretty police sister!! So how long will they be punished?"

"Their actions are considered extortion, they are actually robberies. During the extortion process, they use violent methods. According to chapter 263 of the Criminal Law, they use violence, coercion or other means. The method of robbing public and private property is punishable by imprisonment of 3 to 10 years, additional with Li Wei's outlaw behavior, so they are expected to be sentenced to several years more."

"The money they extort from him is 500,000 yuan, it's not a small amount. How can they are sentenced for too short?" Chen Feng asked.

"Oh, I forget to tell you. Robbery, even if it's a penny, will be sentenced to 3 years, and in Li Wei's case is very serious. The number of extortion is especially large, with a total of 500,000 yuan enough for him to be in jail for his whole life." Xia Yan explained patiently.

Chen Feng nodded his head, he seemed to be satisfied.

"Police sister, I have a little request. I hope you can help me!" Chen Feng said very politely to her.

"Oh?" Xia Yan took a cup on the table, she sipped the tea, and looked at Chen Feng oddly:

"What do you need police to help you with?"

"You know, my behavior can be considered a manner of good citizen, right? Don't your police station give me a banner or something?" Chen Feng said shyly.


Xia Yan squirted tea from her mouth and spray on Chen Feng's face.

"Thank for your blessing!!" Fortunately that Chen Feng closed his eye faster.

Xia Yan didn't care about all this. She was a little astonished at the request made by Chen Feng. During her years as a police officer, it was really the first time such a request was made. This person didn't seem to be joking with her too.

In Xia Yan's eyes, the banner was not necessary important but for Chen Feng, it was different. If this banner was given to him in front of teachers and school students, how many Achievement Points can he get?

Thinking about this, Chen Feng felt a little excited.

"What do need it for? Well, that depends on whether we have time!" Xia Yan took a deep breath of air. She watched Chen Feng for a while and said:

"Do you have anything else?"

"No!" Chen Feng said honestly.

"Okay, you can go out!"

Xia Yan waved her hand. When Chen Feng came out, she shook her head. Thinking of Chen Feng's performance now, her lips could not help but smile slightly.

"Sergeant, why do we release Lin Hang? He is also guilty about hire Li Wei and his people." A policewoman came in and asked Xia Yan.

"Don't worry about it. I already report this case to Head Chief. He also agree with my arrangement."


"Do you want to know the reason?"


"Do you know Lin Hang's father? He is a well known person in this city. His line of business is enormous. And in this case, Lin Hang's fault is not severe so Head Chief decide to do him a favor."

"Ohh...So why don't you release him immediately? Why you need to interrogate Chen Feng?"

"Don't you think his reaction is funny? I feel like teasing him more and more."

"Your inner self is coming out, sergeant."

"I think this Chen Feng is quite interesting Hehe!!"


"Chen Feng!" As soon as he stepped out of the room, Chen Feng heard Lin Hang's voice. Turned out that Fang Yue and Lin Hang were still waiting for him.

"Lin Hang!" Chen Feng walked towards Lin Hang. He noticed that there was still a middle-aged man standing next to Lin Hang, who looked somewhat resembles to him. That was Lin Hang's father.

"Hello, Mr. Chen Feng!" Lin Erli came to Chen Feng and shook his hand.

"I am Lin Hang's father, Lin Erli, I have heard about you. Regarding this issue, I'm sorry, this is the failure of my education."

"No, no sir. Everything is over. So don't mention it again."

Chen Feng smiled softly. He also knew that Lin Erli belonged to high class people, cannot be compared to himself. Maybe the money that he earned in a month was probably more than the money his parents made in a lifetime. With his status and he still maintained such a friendly manner. Chen Feng had a very good feeling about him.

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I was a bit tired last night. Today I will update 2 Chapters :)

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