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94.59% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 70: Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling

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Chapter 70: Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling

Chen Feng walked to the two children that just came out of the police station. He observed them up and down, seeing that they didn't have any injuries, he nodded his head happily.

"Hello, my name's Chen Feng. What's your name?" He greeted them with a smile and asked.

"Hello, big brother, my name's Sheng Hong and this is my little sister, Sheng Ling. I heard from Mr. Police say that it was you who came and rescued us. Big Brother, thank you so much for helping us." Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling bowed their heads together.

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Chen Feng grinned a little, he patted on their heads and said "You're welcome, but you need to be careful in the future, understand?"

"Yes, we understand~." They shouted cheerfully. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Okay, where do you live? Big brother will bring you back."

The two nodded their heads, and told him their whereabouts.

Chen Feng's hand reached out and called a taxi, he asked the driver to bring them to the destination as Sheng Hong telling him.

Half an hour later, they arrived at an old apartment.

Leaving from the car, Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling didn't enter the front door of that apartment, but they went to the gate behind the building.

Chen Feng saw them entered that gate, he could see a small path ahead. The wall around here looked a bit shabby, the alley gave him a desolate feeling.

Walking for a while, Chen Feng saw a small wooden house at the corner. Without a doubt, this was their house.

"Big brother, thank you for bringing us home. This is our home. Do you want to come inside?" Sheng Ling said in a sweet voice, she looked at Chen Feng without blinking her cute eyes.

When she met Chen Feng for the first time, she started having a strange feeling. She felt like she knew him for a long time.

A closed sentiment arose for the first time inside her heart. Besides her twin brother, she didn't have this kind of feeling with anyone else.

Not only her, even Sheng Hong who was standing near her also had this feeling, just that he didn't speak it out.

At this moment, they didn't realize that something inside their bodies, in specific, in their souls began to change. A tiny light-yellow sparkle was glowing in Sheng Hong's body. At the same time, one small black light was also shining inside Sheng Ling.

This phenomenon didn't cause any change to the outside, that sparkle also didn't seem to cause them any discomfort sensation at this moment.

"Okay." Chen Feng didn't reject her invitation, he didn't want them to think that he was looking down at them, so he decided to enter.

When he entered, Chen Feng only saw a small bed in the middle of the house, two boxes of paper that they seemed to use it as their closets, and various stuff laying down at the corner of the room.

Chen Feng didn't say anything unnecessary. He looked left and right, then he asked them "Are you the only one who lives in this house?"

Sheng Ling sat down on the bed, while Sheng Hong came, he poured a glass of water for Chen Feng and he responded "Yes, big brother. I live here with my sister for two years already. At first, we lived here with our grandfather, but after he passed away, only us two who live in this house."

"So what did you do for a living in this past year?" Chen Feng asked them curiously.

"Sheng Ling and I, we collect the junk around the street. I understand a bit about electronics gadgets, so I fix and sell them back for money. We also collect the bottle and sell some metals too." Sheng Hong replied.

"Ah!" His answer made Chen Feng dumbfounded. Are they doing these jobs every day?

"Not only that, at that time, we also want to deliver the brick at the construction site nearby but they refuse us to work there, they said that we are too young for this job. After that, we go selling newspapers and flowers in the morning at the market." Sheng Ling who was sitting on the bed continued telling him while swinging her small legs.

"What? Deliver the bricks? Thank goodness, they refused."

"How could you think of doing this kind of job? You are so young, why don't you ask for the ophan house to adopt you? At least, you guys will have enough food to eat and you don't need to do these jobs by yourself."

Chen Feng felt pain in his heart while listening to their lives. How could he bear to see the children at their ages struggled living like this by themselves?

At this time, Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling dropped their heads when they heard this. They could understand Chen Feng's feelings but they seemed to struggle with something in their minds.

"No, we can't. If we stay with them, I'm afraid..." Sheng Ling didn't finish her sentence, she then looked at her brother with a sad face. There was a stream of tears at the corner of her eyes.

Sheng Hong understood what she wanted to say. He walked to hug her while patting on her head.

"Brother Chen Feng, thank you for your concern but we really can't stay near others." Sheng Hong said.

"Why? Is there someone who bullies you there? Or you have any kind of disease?" Chen Feng furrowed his eyebrows and asked him.

Why can't they stay near others? Why do they decide to do various jobs for a living rather than living in the ophan? Chen Feng had many questions in his mind.

At this moment, Sheng Hong raised his head looking at him and he said "No, because we are the cursed children."

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