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Chapter 23: Slap on the face

"Damn, Li Wei people don't do anything after taking my money?" Lin Hang couldn't hold his anger.

While resting for a while, Lin Hang took Zhang Kai to a corner.

"Zhang Kai, didn't you say Li Wei are reliable? Why hasn't he started yet?"

"Lin Hang, what are you in a hurry?" Zhang Kai rolled his eyes and said, "How can people do things so fast? Maybe they have to prepare in advance, and wait for right time before they can do something, isn't that right?"

When Lin Hang heard this, he couldn't help but frown tightly, "That's not true, haven't I already given dead pig's photo and his way home? Li Wei must also be clear about what to do."

"Oh, I think you think too much!" Zhang Kai shrugged. "Don't worry, sooner or later, you will never see him again. It won't be long. Just trust me."

"Okay, I wait then!" Lin Hang bit his teeth and looked at Chen Feng in distance in vengeful eyes.


Chen Feng was still doing weight training. Two days of high-intensity exercise did not reduce Chen Feng's fat a lot. However, Chen Feng was well aware that he had become thinner, but his weight had not diminished much. However, the muscles in his body begin to become tight and full of power.

His daily exercise seems to turn his fat into the inner muscle layer and he also notice that his skin was very thick, like cow skin, and most likely was able to resistant to beating.

After extracting kung fu's fighting skill from Chen Zhen, Chen Feng also understood that this muscle layer was the endometrium which would be produced after the martial artist had reached a certain level. It had a strong anti-impact effect.

Most people store nutrients with fat. For example, bears eat meat and fat, and turn the fat into vitality throughout the winter.

A true master artist, after being train to the certain level, all the fat in his body could turn into a denser and film, which can store more nutrients than fat, and became the strong shield layer cover his body.

Chen Feng knew that even though he was a bit capable than normal person, but he was still far from the master level.

However, in this way, Chen Feng also felt a little complicated. Although he can convert fat in his body into endometrium. But it became more difficult for him to lose weight.

Normally, as long as you lose weight, you need to lose your body fat. However, Chen Feng was not the same. The fat will not be consumed, but will be converted into the inner muscle under his skin.

So even if Chen Feng exercised until he's dead tired everyday, his weight would not decrease at all. In contrast, his muscles and bone density would greatly increase instead.

("So am I fat like this in my lifetime?") Chen Feng started realize the problem.

("No, there must be the way. I can't give up easily!!")

Chen Feng did not have any discouraged emotions.

Actually, he didn't know that the inner muscle that was formed in his body was a good thing for himself. How many people can practice martial arts? How was it easy to form inner muscle like Chen Feng? So this was his rare opportunity.


"Dear students, come here!"

Right after the student finished the training, Coach Chen Ping brought everyone together.

Seeing everyone gathered in front of him, a faint smile appeared on Chen Ping's face:

"Dear students, I have something to announce. This weekend, the High School Basketball Competition in this city will begin officially, I hope today, everyone can strengthen their practice and strive for good results in the upcoming match!"

"The competition has begun?" Chen Feng's mind moved slightly. This was his main goal in joining the basketball team. As long as he achieved the good results in the next match in town, how many Achievements Points can he get?

Thinking this, Chen Feng couldn't help feeling a little excited. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Chen Feng!" Chen Ping looked at Chen Feng and said earnestly, "From tomorrow onwards, you don't need to practice alone for a while, you have to practice teamwork with everyone!"

"Yes, coach!!" Chen Feng did not dispute anything. He actually wants to be part of the team.

"Okay, let's disperse! Come back and get a good rest!"

Chen Ping looked at the crowd while smiling and could not help sweeping Chen Feng's body.

("With Chen Feng's body like this, the opponent's team will be sure to underestimate him. Who can guess that he is our real trump card? This will be interesting. Hehe!!")

Of course, Chen Feng also knew Chen Ping's hopes for himself, and he also had his own goal. As long as he won the title of the best player MVP in town, he will get 30,000 yuan prize money for his family.


After finish the training, Fang Yue came to get Chen Feng to go home together normally.

Lin Hang saw Chen Feng and Fang Yue left with a smile on their face. His eye stared hard at them ferociously.

"Lin Hang, you don't need to be jealous of them, that Fat Pig can't walk for long." Zhang Kai pulled Lin Hang and said, "Let him be happy for a few days!"

"Damn it, call that bastard Li Wei, what are they waiting for?" Lin Hang gritted his teeth hard, watching Chen Feng's fat gaze almost burst into flames.

Both of them spoke, but suddenly a burly man appeared, and both of them froze at the same time, and Zhang Kai exclaimed in surprise: "Brother, why are you here?"

Lin Hang also recognized him at once. This man was Li Wei's underling.

"Do they decide to take action today?"

When thinking about this, Lin Hang's heart was excited. The original upset turned into something called stimulation at this time.

"Okay, you two come with me. Brother Li want to say something to you!!" The man threw the sentence coldly.

The two couldn't help but stun a little, but they still decided to follow him. In a short time, both of them had been taken to a small alley.

"Brother Li?" Zhang Kai immediately greeted him enthusiastically: "Do you want us to see your action personally?"


Zhang Kai's voice just dropped. Immediately, Li Wei immediately threw a hard slap on his face. Zhang Kai's entire body fell on the ground, and soon the five clear fingerprints appeared on his cheek.

"Y-You guys, w-what are you do..." Lin Hang, on the other hand, could not help showing a fear look on his face.


Didn't wait for Lin Hang to finish speaking, Li Wei had rushed to him, and kicked him hard in his stomach. Suddenly, Lin Hang was threw back 2 meters and was bent like a shrimp without moving.

"What am I doing? Hehe..." Li Wei grabbed Lin Hang's hair and growled loudly: "Do you know? Because of you, it's because you asked us to teach that fat man. I lost 8 of my brothers. Now they still unconscious in the hospital. Do you know that?"

"What?" Lin Hang couldn't help but stop for a moment watching Li Wei silly, "W-What did you say?"

"That fat man made our 8 brothers paralyzed!! Boy, what are you up to HAH?" Li Wei's eyes showed a sharp light.

Facing such a fierce look of Li Wei, Lin Hang feared speechless.

"Well, I have to give an explanation to my brothers. No way, I let you go easily. I will bring back your one leg. Hey, bring my beloved machete!!"

Li Wei said with a cruel expression: "Don't blame me for not saying morality, my brothers are hurt. We have live together for a long time, I can't just let it be!"

Lin Hang cried out in terror: "N-No, p-please, p-please don't Brother Li!!"

"No?" Li Wei snickered and said, "No? How do you want me to explain it to my brothers then?"

"I-I give you money, give you money, as long as you don't hurt me. I, I give you another 50,000 yuan, h-how about that? "


Li Wei slapped hard on Lin Hang's face, and at the same time, he coldly said, "50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan hehe, you think we are the beggars?"

"I, I...??" Lin Hang was silent for a few moments.

"Look, you are responsible for all our medical expenses!" Li Wei said coldly: "50,000 yuan is just our direct expense, medical costs, I will slowly calculate with you later. Do you understand?"

Lin Hang nodded quickly and said: "I-I know, I know, I know everything, please, please let me go, as long as you let me go, their medical expenses, I-I pay it all! "

"Yes, we talk in the same language now!" Li Wei nodded in satisfaction and continued: "Okay, now give me 50,000 yuan in Alipay first!"

Lin Hang did not dare to put up a fight. He gave 50,000 yuan immediately to Li Wei.

Li Wei snickered, spat out at Lin Hang, and said coldly, "Let's take care of the remaining medical costs later. Let's go!"

When Li Wei and a group of people left this small alley, Zhang Kai and Lin Hang could not help but look at each other, for the time being, no one could say anything.

At this moment, Lin Hang had a strong regret feeling. He wanted Li Wei to teach Chen Feng but now it was him who had fallen into his own trap.

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