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12.16% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 9: Thank you, Lin Hang?

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Chapter 9: Thank you, Lin Hang?

The system had automatically filtered the people according to his request.

Chen Feng has chosen carefully the best professor in the university. He did not hesitated to extract the knowledge of the six subjects that he needed. He gained 10 AP, now he had spend 6 AP at this time, leaving only 4 AP remaining.

Immediately, Chen Feng felt his brain filled with a lot of knowledge, deeply planted in his memory. Even if he wanted to forget it, he could not.

Because of that serious illness of the past, Chen Feng was exposed to hormones in his body, which caused his memory to be worse than before. However, after using a Hero Extraction System, these knowledge will not be forgotten, and it would be deeply printed in his brain.

Chen Feng felt dizzy because of a lot of information had come to his head all at one, he then went laying in the bed and slept again.


Chen Feng's legend on the basketball court immediately formed a hot topic throughout the school.

School life was initially boring and boring. Sometimes small gossip will be enlarged several times immediately.

In the last 5 minutes of the match, Chen Feng scored 55 points by himself. This result is truly against the heavens. In particular, 100% three-pointers hits were even praised by countless students.

As a result, Chen Feng had a new nickname, Chen Sanfat. (San = number 3 + Fat)

What's wrong with fat? A fat person who shoot the three pointer with a hundred percent hits. This time in the basketball game, Chen Feng's image in the eyes of the other students had changed.

On the other hand, hearing Chen Feng's performance was made Lin Hang filled with anger in his heart.

He lost to that fat pig. He could not tolerate the shame that he made. The most fructruated was at that time, in the most critical moment, he gave the ball to Chen Feng.

Even though no one accused him after the match, Lin Hang clearly felt that the students around him gave him an abnormal look. Without worship eye like the past, they basically looked away from him. Lin Hang could even feel that someone around him seemed to be pointing at himself.

Lin Hang, who was used to high and mighty was very unable to bear such pressure.

"That Lin Hang, who is also known as the prince of basketball, can't even prevent Chen Sanfat from getting score, pff..! How can that prince of basketball has become a waste!" When he went to the toilet, Lin Hang heard the gossip about him.

"That is because he usually though of himself is the real prince, as he's the only one under the sky, Hms!, now he is even lower than Chen Sanfat!"

"However, Chen Sanfat was truly unexpected! His three-pointer level is very strong, it's a hundred percent hits, and Lin Hang's waste can only be seen standing like a clown, haha! "

Lin Hang couldn't help clench his fist, but deep inside, he knew that he had indeed lost to Chen Feng.

"Dead pig, why am I a waste? What is Chen Sanfat?!" Lin Hang couldn't help but clench his fist and bite his teeth and say, "I just used up too much energy and tired that's all. If not, how can I lose to you? I swear I crush you and make feel despair in your whole life!"

Clenching his fist again, Lin Hang could not help but think of the scene where Fang Yue cared about Chen Feng: "Fat man, I must destroy you fiercely, for sure!"


Chen Feng didn't know anything about news outside. When he woke up again, it was noon.

Grr Grr....*

There was a hungry voice in his stomach, and Chen Feng could not help touching his tummy.

"Chen Feng, are you awake?" Fang Yue's voice came from his ears. Chen Feng sat up strongly. Even though his body was hurt and aches, he can feel his strength more or less recovered.

"I'm already wake up!" Chen Feng turned his head and looked at Fang Yue. Fang Yue held the lunch box in her hand, and said with a smile on her face, "I thought you were hungry! So I bring food for you! "

"Thank you!" After taking the lunch box from Fang Yue, Chen Feng couldn't help but feel warm in his heart. From the small till now except his parents, Chen Feng never had someone care for him like this.

"Why are you smile silly? Hurry eat up, and recover soon." Fang Yue then pulled up a chair and sat next to Chen Feng: "Chen Feng, I really can't see it! Your basketball skills are very good!"

"Just average talent!" Chen Feng hurried open the lunch box. He was really hungry, and he didn't care if the food was still hot or not. He swallowed the food happily.

Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng's eyes with pity. If she didn't hear it from doctor's mouth, she wouldn't think that this person in front of her was hurt.

Actually, It's not that he did't want her to know, but he just though that was unnessesary.

"Why are you so desperate today?" When Chen Feng almost finish eating, Fang Yue suddenly asked.


Chen Feng couldn't help but hesitate, staring at Fang Yue strangely, "Why did you say that?"

"Your appearance today is not the same as usual!" Fang Yue said softly: "With you who want to be ordinary, you will not choose to play at all. Why do you choose to play? Why do you choose to stand up for the class?"

Chen Feng was silent for a few moments, and slowly said: "Actually, I feel like I just want to do it!"

"Feel like?" Fang Yue froze for a moment.

"Yes, It just my feeling at that moment!" Chen Feng put down his empty lunch box, looked at Fang Yue and said seriously: "I really want to be respected by others, and I don't want to be a fat, useless man. I also tried to change myself, even though there were only a little today, but the cheers were very beautiful, I really liked it, I wanted to get more flowers and applause!"

Now Chen Feng smiled at Fang Yue: "I thought, I could change myself one day!"

"Come on! I believe you can do it! " Fang Yue smiled at Chen Feng.


At this moment, the door of the hospital was suddenly pushed open by someone, and then Lin Hang was walking in with a gloomy face. When he saw Fang Yue sitting on Chen Feng's bed, at that moment, his face was even more dark.

"Chen Feng, your performence in the court today was very good!" Lin Hang stood by Chen Feng's bed and said, his voice was rather fierce.

"Lin Hang?" Fang Yue stood up and frowned, and said, "What are you doing here?"

"Why can't I be here?" Lin Hang looked at Chen Feng coldly and said, "Chen Feng, do you dare to compete with me, One on One, only You and Me, the two of us!"

Fang Yue couldn't help but feel a little surprised. One on one? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Lin Hang's image dropped dramatically. He heard many students talk about him anywhere. Just like "Lin Hang isn't as good as before and Chen Feng was initially awesome" like that. His feeling was burning with hatred.

Even though Lin Hang had a lot of fans at school, he also had a lot of enemies. There were many people who spread the news about him that he was beaten by Chen Feng in basketball field like a dog. How could he withstand a blow like that?

"Heh, One on One with you?" Chen Feng couldn't help himself though for a moment. For a while, Chen Feng's heart immediately cheered, yes it was rejoicing.

He just got a lot of Achievement Points in basketball match. If he can defeat Lin Hang in public, he could get a few more Achievement Points. Even if he can't get 10 AP like before, 4 or 5 AP, it was more than enough.

When thinking about this, Chen Feng almost opened his mouth agree immediately. But he stopped.

"Lin Hang, what is your moral? Chen Feng is very tired now, you want to play against him, how can you be shameless like this?" Fang Yue on the side yelled angrily.

"You don't need to worry about that, Chen Feng. If you aren't a man, you can refuse. I don't force you. But I don't knowif the things in your pant are still there or not! " Lin Hang said while smirking.

"Student Fang Yue!" Chen Feng reluctantly sat down, stopped Fang Yue who was about to speak,and looked at Lin Hang. He slowly said, "Is it just a match? I can agree with you, but I also have my condition! "

"You say!" Lin Hang acted like he don't care.

Chen Feng looked at Lin Hang seriously and said, "I can challenge you but not now. I'm too tired and in a few days, that will be a monthly exam. I want to be in good condition. After a week, I will challenge you, do you dare?"

A week?

Lin Hang was silent for a moment, then said coldly: "Okay, I'll wait for you in a week! Don't you dare run away when the time come."

Lin Hang turned around and left the room.

Chen Feng glanced at Fang Yue and slowly said, "Student Fang Yue, can I trouble you?"

"What is it?" Fang Yue also has a curiosity.

"Help me publish this news!" Chen Feng looked at Fang Yue slowly and said, "The more people know, the better. I want many people go to see us on the Match Day. Can I bother you?"

"Okay!" Fang Yue nodded, and then said something strange: "Why do you want so many people to know? Do you want to be in the limelight?"

"Yes, It is true! Sometime ignore him is not the best option." Chen Feng smiled at Fang Yue. He could not tell Fang Yue the real reason.

He felt vaguely that if he wanted to get Achievement Points, he must be famous and must be in the center of attention. This Lin Hang just came to the door and beg him to harvest his Achievement Points.

"Thank you for your sacrifice, Lin Hang. I will do my best to crush you in public. I will not waste your affort." Chen Feng smiled and secretly prayed for Lin Hang.

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