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27.02% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 20: The real man

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Chapter 20: The real man

"Oh, now I gain enough 6 Achievement Points, it's time to extract Nunchaku Method then!"

Chen Feng talked to himself, then he opened Hero Extraction System.

>[Nunchaku method was successful extracted cost 6 AP]<

After extracting this ability, Chen Feng felt his hands were somewhat itchy, and he wanted to give a try: "Unfortunately, I don't have a nunchuck in my hand, otherwise I can play with it!"

He thought for a moment, Chen Feng gave up, and started practicing Yong Chun Boxing in his room. He was now very energetic. He only needs a little time to sleep at night to ensure that he will be full of energy the next day.

"Unfortunately, there are no wooden pegs, but if I want to buy it, I would spend a lot of money. At least it costs 10,000 yuan, and I'm afraid the quality will be not good." Chen Feng practiced for a while, then he realized something.

"Money, maybe, I have to find a way to make money." Chen Feng put away his fist and talked to himself, but he thought about it carefully, it seemed he had gained so much ability now, actually there was not much ability that can help him to make money.

"Forget it, the boat going to the bridge is naturally straight!" Chen Feng said to himself: "I need to win the title of the best player MVP in town first."

Chen Feng practiced for a while, then he lay in bed to rest.

The next day, Chen Feng still went to school with Fang Yue. The relationship between the two was close. Chen Feng's character was no longer timid, and he dared to make fun of Fang Yue time to time on the way to school.

During study time, Chen Feng was still out of the classroom to train his body in the playground.

The only thing that made Chen Feng feel a little dissatisfied was that his weight did not seem to decrease much. Chen Feng believes that as long as he maintains such a large amount of exercise every day, his body must be able to become thinner.

In the afternoon, the basketball team members were still practicing like usual.

But this time, basketball coach Chen Ping gave Chen Feng a set of weight-bearing devices.

"Chen Feng use this. This device is very effective for your training."

"Hey? Coach, I think this thing is unnecessary. It's heavy."

"Heavy is good. Listen to me. Are you a coach or am I?"

"You are, sir."

"Now wear it and start running immediately!!"

"Yes, sir!!"

Chen Feng didn't know the Basketball Coach wanted to make trouble for him. This was his revenge for Chen Feng to flirt with Fan Yue in front of him yesterday.

This weight-bearing device was in his body, and Chen Feng's movements immediately began to slow down. After all, the Super Soldier Serum that he injected was removed from Captain America, and the effect was clearly not as good as the original one, it only increased Chen Feng's physical fitness to a much better level than ordinary people, and increased endurance and explosive power to certain extent.

"Continue training, why are you looking at me?" Chen Ping glanced back at several members of the basketball team that was looking strangely at him.

"You Demon."

"You Trash Coach."

"Die You Single Bastart!!"

Some members secretly scrolled behind Chen Ping's back. They felt sorry for Chen Feng.

Lin Hang also looked at Chen Feng with a complexion look, he did not speak, and continued to exercise with the basketball team members.

After the afternoon self-study was over, the basketball team also stopped practicing. Chen Feng removed his support equipment. Even though he had injected serum, he still felt tired and a little pain with his muscular.

Creak Creak Creak*

Chen Feng slightly moved his muscles and bones, the sound of joint made him felt satisfied. Even though his body was full of fat, but no one knew how much muscle was lying underneath his big body.

To his disappointed, there was no increase in Achievement Points today. Presumably, they were numb to his show of power yesterday.

Chen Feng changed to his clothes and was about to leave, he suddenly heard Lin Hang's voice.

"Chen Feng?"

"Eh?" Chen Feng looked back at Lin Hang and said oddly, "Do you need something?"

Lin Hang looked at Chen Feng silently.


Before he could say anything, he heard Fang Yue's voice: "Chen Feng!"

When he saw Fang Yue coming, Lin Hang's face changed a few times, and then became gloomy again. Chen Feng looked at Lin Hang: "Are you asking me to do something?"

"It is okay, nothing!!" Lin Hang shook his head and turned around. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Strange!" Chen Feng glanced at Lin Hang for a while.

Chen Feng and Fang Yue talked to each other along the way. Without realizing it, they came to a dark area.

Suddenly a strong light suddenly exploded, and the blinding light suddenly made the two stop their bicycles.

Chen Feng couldn't help frowning. Who is driving here so late?

The high beam had become lower. At this moment, Chen Feng noticed that the other party was riding a motorcycle. A total of eight motorbikes directly blocked the road.

"Who is this?" Fang Yue took Chen Feng's arm for a moment, but her face was full of worry.

"No problem, it's fine!" Chen Feng clapped Fang Yue's hand comfortably.

Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng deeply, then nodded gently.

"Who are you? We are only two students and we don't have much money!" Chen Feng looked at the eight people in front of him and said:

"Older brother, can you give us a way?"

Chen Feng did not think that he provoke these people before.

"Fat pig, we've been waiting for you here for a long time!" A voice resounded in Chen Feng's ears.

He saw a motorcycle came and blocked the retreat road. Four people were showed up.

"Wait for me?" Chen Feng couldn't help but look at them with caution.

"Someone asked us to break one of your legs!" Li Wei took the iron bar in his hand and walked towards Chen Feng step by step:

"Fat pig, I advise you behave yourself. Don't fight back, just let us break one of your legs and I will let you go safety."

Chen Feng took a few steps back. Even though his fighting was very high now, but Chen Feng, an honest child from a young age, he never experienced such a situation before. If he said that he was not afraid at all, it is impossible.

"Chen Feng, you, you run!" Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng anxiously.

"Fan Yue hide behind me. Don't worry, let's me handle it." Chen Feng glanced at Fang Yue with a smile appeared on his face.

It was not easy to escape from them. These people made a special trips to stop himself. How could they let him escape easily?

This is the second time he had faced such a situation. Last time he seemed to become Hulk, so he only have a little memory of that moment.

"Well if something happen, I will protect Fan Yue with my life." Chen Feng though in his mind. Suddenly, he remembered his father's word.

("Chen Feng, what is the real man? Remember, the real man is the one who endure the hardship and let the one he love ensure the happiness. One day you will understand this sentence.")

Chen Feng's heart suddenly calmed down. He suddenly felt that he might not need to be afraid. He just need to protect Fan Yue. After all, he was now basically the same level as Chen Zhen.

If you want to fight, then fight. Let see who will die first. Chen Feng had a fierce expression on his face.

"Hey Hey, look what we have here!"

Li Wei's eyes fell on Fang Yue's body, and his eyes immediately began to glow. This is the type of girl he likes. Immediately, he grinned:

"Good, yes, this looks very good. Hehe, everyone let have fun together later!"

"Ha ha ha..." The group laugh when they understand the meaning of their boss.

For a moment, Fang Yue's face paled. She took several steps back in fear, her hand grabbed hard the edge of Chen Feng's shirt.

"Chen Feng, what should we do?" Fang Yue almost cried. She remembered last time, Chen Feng also the one who saved her in this situation. For some reason, when she looked at Chen Feng's eye, she felt less scared than before. She though that his back was so big in her mind.

Li Wei smiled and said "Okay, it's important to do business first. You guy catch this fatty. I will break his leg!!"

Then two thugs walked directly to Chen Feng. One of them smiled sinisterly and said,

"Pig head, just be good if you don't want to suffer too much."

As he said that he suddenly reached out his hand try to grab Chen Feng's shoulder.


Suddenly, the strange sound made everyone shudder. They saw the little rascal who wanted to hold Chen Feng's shoulder stand still without moving.

Chen Feng's body crouched slightly. With a fast and unbelievable speed, his right hand fell to his stomach hard, and the person spat out white foam in his mouth while standing.

Chen Feng took his hand pushed the person's head to the side. His body fell straight to the ground and completely lost his ability to stand up.

The other thug stopped his step, hesitated for a while, didn't dare to step forward.

Chen Feng jumped and took the boxing step while stretched out his thumb and gently scratched the tip of his nose, posing coolly with his five fingers opened. He signaled at the group with his hand.

"Waaaahh...Come on!" (Bruce Lee's Style)

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