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Chapter 13: Transform

The news spread out quickly.

Chen Feng suddenly became famous in the whole school.

Lin Hang was also exposed to the news that he had previously played basketball match with Chen Feng and lost. It made his complexion very awful.

"Damn you, Chen Feng!!" Lin Hang felt very furious.

More people knew about Chen Feng now. During the day, Chen Feng accidentally found that his Achievement Point turned to 30.

He gained 3 other Achievement Points.

"How does your body feel?" Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng with a smile on her face. She asked him when they returned home together.

"I'm okay, thank you Fan Yue!" Chen Feng smiled at her.

"Chen Feng, didn't you say that when you were sick in middle school, you have a certain effect on your body after hormone treatment?" Fang Yue couldn't hold back her curiosity.

"Actually, I'm not very clear!" Chen Feng looked at Fang Yue and told her slowly.

"That's what happened in the past month! Suddenly, I felt that my head was much brighter than before, my memory seemed to get stronger. Previously, I also wonder about it, and soon I feel like I can learn easily!"

Fan Yue couldn't help but roll her eyes and though about his saying "I can learn easily". If this sentence was heard by other students who study hard, she didn't know how much they want to kill him.

"Oh yes, tomorrow afternoon, you still have to play basketball with Lin Hang, you have to be careful!" Before Chen Feng returned his home, Fang Yue said carefully.

"Don't worry too much." Chen Feng smiled confidently: "I don't think I am the one who would suffer hehe!"

Listening to Chen Feng's confident laughter, Fang Yue couldn't help but laugh too.

Chen Feng had returned to his home, and he couldn't wait coming to his room, and open the system.

"System, open interface!"

The virtual operating interface immediately appeared before his eyes, and Chen Feng quickly said: "System, I want to extract the serum that is released automatically by Captain America!"

The system light blinked for a while, and the Captain America's hologram immediately appeared at the operating interface. Then, the mechanical cold sound of the system echoed in Chen Feng's ears:

>[The body of the American captain release the Super Soldier Serum automatically. Choose to extract it, Yes or No?]<

"Yes!" Chen Feng said quickly.

>[Deduct 20 Achievement Points successfully]< The sound of the system echoed again, and then suddenly something had appeared in front of Chen Feng.

This was a syringe that stored with the light blue liquid inside. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Is this the Super Soldier Serum?" Chen Feng said to himself; then he took the syringe, closed his eyes and injected the needle into his own veins.

Light blue liquid entered into his blood little by little.

Chen Feng waited calmly for this liquid to start working. In less than a minute, Chen Feng suddenly felt his body getting hot. From the beginning of his heart, and started spread throughout the body. It like his body was thrown into the fire.


The intense pain suddenly made Chen Feng's mouth scream, and the whole person pounded and fell into bed, only feeling like needles stuck all over his body, and the intense pain made his mind unbearable.

"Oh shit! System, why is this so painful?" Chen Feng asked while griting his teeth.

"Super Soldier Serum has side effects!" The mechanical cold sound of the system nearly made Chen Feng vomit blood.

"System, my lord, why didn't you tell me earlier!?" Chen Feng felt that his spirit was became slowly faded. He vaguely remembered that there seemed to be truly side effect on Captain America.

The doctor told Captain America that injection the serum of Super Soldier Serum would make Good people better and Bad people worse.

Chen Feng didn't worry about that. He believed in himself.

What made him fear was that when Captain America injected the Super Soldier Serum, it took half the electric current of New York and various instruments to work together, which succeeded in creating Captain America.

"I am very stupid, Chen Feng, you are so stupid!!!"

Chen Feng curled up on the bed, only feeling like he was about to burn, his whole body was burning, finally, he could no longer withstand waves of pain, he fell unconscious on the bed.

He didn't know how long he sleeping, Chen Feng finally woke up and felt that his surface was no longer in hot, and his whole body felt a lot of recoverie. He could not help but get out of bed drizzly, only smell something unpleasant in his room. Yes, there were some disgusting black liquids on his clothes and on the sheets.

However, Chen Feng felt his body fluttering, and his physique seemed to have countless powers. He felt his brain was as clear as before, it felt like he had let go of all the burden in his mind.

"Is this the waste in my body?" Chen Feng quickly took off his clothes and came to the bathroom to take a quick shower. Chen Feng frowned slightly, he felt his body had changed.

His skin seems smoother, and the muscles become tighter. The only thing that Chen Feng distress was that his body shape hadn't changed much.

He was still a big fat man, but Chen Feng could feel that his body was indeed much thinner.

Chen Feng's weight was still 107kg without the slightest reduction, but he had a strange feeling, his body was still heating up, not as hot as fire, but a mild fever seemed to burn his own fat.

If it continue like this, it shouldn't be a hard to lose his weight.

"System, you just said that the serum of Super Soldier Serum released from Captain America has side effects. What are the side effects? " Chen Feng wiped the water on his body and asked the system.

>[The serum itself has the effect of influencing people's morale. The user need to be exposed to sunlight to stabilize the serum. It's mentally handicapped and vulnerable to violence!]< Sound system is still mechanically cold.

"Oh? But why my spirit hasn't felt much impact?" Chen Feng asked strangely.

>[The serum released by Captain America is not as good as the genuine one, and the side effects will be far more potential!]<

The system still calmly replied.

>[The spirit of host has been influenced by your sickness to some extent in the past, so it cause the side effects is not too great impact to your mentality!]<

"System, if I want to extract the genuine Super Soldier Serum, do I also need to irradiate sunlight?" Chen Feng asked with a frown.

>[You're correct, host!]< System answered coldly.

Chen Feng couldn't help frowning, and slowly said: "So, can the system get rid of this side effect?"

>[Yes, but the host needs to give enough Achievement Points!]< The system still answered shortly.

"So, I can extract everything of the virtual character; If it has side effect, as long as I have enough Achievement Points, I can get rid of it right?" Chen Feng feel that he need to ask the system carefully. If he didn't ask for something, the system will never remind himself.

>[The host has insufficient permission, system refuses to answer!]<

"Damn it!" Chen Feng could not help but cursed loudly, but because the system said that the impact on himself was not large, then that was no problem. Although there was no weight loss, but this was enough.

Everything has a gradual process, right? If you suddenly lose weight in a single day, it is estimated that other people will see that you have a problem.

This was not like the test score. It was not a small problem as you hide your strength. If he suddenly lost weight, it was estimated they will throw him to laboratory do experiment like a mouse.

Chen Feng suddenly found something wrong. He clearly found that among the options provided by the system, the price of Super Soldier Serum changed from more than 500 AP to 415 AP.

Super Soldier Serum extraction reduces by 85 AP?!!

"What the happened system? Why, Super Soldier Serum has decreased by 85 points? There must be a reason for this."

>[The host has extracted the serum that released by Captain America. It contains Super Soldier Serum content. Extracting the original serum from system can help host can save up some Achievements Points!]< System replied.

At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly felt that the mechanical cold sound of the system was very funny.

Just spend 20 Achievement Points and save 85 Achievement Points? This sale was very good, and this system also reminded Chen Feng that when it comes to extracting something, you can also use the same method to save yourself some points similarly.

It was too difficult to get Achievement Points so far, he only got 30 AP from all of his hardworks.

Chen Feng threw his sheets and clothes into the washing machine, looking up to his phone at the moment. Now it's already 5 o'clock in the morning.

Chen Feng changed into a his new dress, but he was helpless to find that the dress was already rather larger than his body.

Even though he hadn't lost any weight, his body shape started to become thinner.

Riding his bicycle, Chen Feng come to campus confidently, watching the other students come and go. At this moment, he has a feeling of rebirth.

Reaperurgo Reaperurgo

Sorry for my late update. I’m just busy at work.

Anyway, thank you for your support :-)

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