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68.91% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 51: Trap 2

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Chapter 51: Trap 2

The Food Safety Commission members were investigating in the restaurant, the sign "Close" was hung out in front of the door.

Suddenly, there were four black cars parked outside of the shop.

The car's window slowly opened. A middle-aged man looked at the restaurant with a frown on his face. This person was Lu Rui. When he thought about the food that could help to cure his son's disease, Lu Rui felt excited and quickly came to the restaurant. But when he arrived at the location, he saw that the shop door was closed. How could he tolerate that?

"What happens? Why they close the shop this early? You go out and ask them."

Lu Rui's face promptly turned bad, then he signaled to one of his bodyguards to inquire about the situation.

"Yes, boss!" A big man answered and he quickly got out of the car.


In the shop, Chen Feng and his parents were watching the group occupied in the kitchen. They brought many tools from their box cases and started taking the ingredients, the beef ball meat and the soup in the pot to test them one by one.

Without anyone noticed, one of them tiptoed to the pot soup. Chen Feng who secretly observed everyone inside, felt that this man's behavior was unusual, he seemed to wary about something. That man then opened the cover and quietly put the white powder inside.

("Shit! They really want my family to sleep in prison. I want to know who wants to mess with me?") Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng glared at that man for a moment, then he looked back seemed not to see anything. He held his phone pretending to type something but they didn't know that their actions were silently recording in his cellphone from the beginning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Feng saw that man grinned and nodded his head to his partner. They then came out of the room together.

That man took his phone and made a call.

A few minutes later, the police siren was heard outside the shop. A group of police officers entered.

"It's them, Mr. Police!" That man pointed his finger to Chen Feng and his parents.

The policemen walked to them, then they took the handcuffs behind their waists and said.

"You guys are under arrest for suspecting put the harmful material in the food. You are going to the Police Station with us." A policeman seemed to be the leader said in a serious voice.

"What? How could it happen? We didn't do this." Chen Ze stood up and yelled out.

"Yes, do you have evidence? We only use the normal material for cooking, we never use such a drug in our food." Chen Feng put on an act to be confused and said loudly.

"Mr. Police, I am from the Food Safety Commission. This is the test result that shows the presence of addictive drugs is being used in the food." A man in the uniform had a smile on his face, he came forward and gave a paper to the policeman.

"This is the evidence. Do you have anything else to say?" That policeman took a quick look at the paper and he stared coldly at Chen Feng's family.

"N-No, he lies. He frames us." Chen Ze pointed his tremble finger at that man.

Xiao Sufen also felt scared at this moment, she held the edge of Chen Ze cloth very hard.

"Mom, Dad, we didn't do anything wrong. Let us follow them to the Police Station first! I have my way. So don't worry." Chen Feng hugged his parents and tried to comfort them.

Actually, Chen Feng could just take his phone and showed them the evidence. But he didn't truth these policemen at all. He suspected that they were in the same group.

How could they believe that man's word easily? How could they come so fast the moment he made the call? And by looking at their unfriendly and cold behaviors, the more Chen Feng didn't believe in them. Chen Feng planned to wait for Jennie's help, at least he felt that he could truth her more than these people.

Suddenly, a voice sounded out from the door.


A group of men walked inside. Then, a figure in the middle came forward. Lu Rui wore the emotionless on his face. His man already reported to him the whole situation inside.

"Who are you? How dare you disturb the police's work?" A policeman shouted at them. He felt angry when he saw that group blocked their ways.

The Police Leader held that man's shoulder and pulled him back. He recognized the man before him. He didn't know about what his relationship with the Chief Deputy, but he received the order not to be impolite in front of him.

Even the Chief dare not to raise his voice in the presence of this man, it showed how powerful he was.

"Mr. Lu, why are you here?" The leader said in a polite voice.

"What happens?" Lu Rui asked. Even if he knew already, Lu Rui still wanted to question him personally.

"We received the report saying that this restaurant uses the drug in their food. We have enough evidence, so we plan to take them to the station." The leader summarized the situation to him.

"Ho!?" Lu Rui furrowed his eyebrows. He then looked at Chen Ze, Xiao Sufen and finally, his eyes fell on Chen Feng. Lu Rui looked at his face for a moment, then he secretly smiled in his mind.

Lu Rui turned to look at the police leader and said.

"Call your Chief to come here! Tell him that I want to meet him."

"Yes, sir!" He nodded and quickly did as he says.

30 minutes later

A fat middle-aged man opened the door and walked to Lu Rui. He laughed loudly and shook his hand with Lu Rui.

"Haha...Mr. Lu, I'm glad to see you. What do you need me for?"

"This group of people creates the fake evidence and frames this restaurant owner for putting the drug in the food. What do you think?" Lu Rui calmly said.

"What!? Is that true?" The Chief frowned, he looked at the group and he asked the police leader.

"N-No, there's no such thing. We had tested carefully and we really found the drug substance in the soup. If you don't believe me, you can send this soup to the laboratory for confirming the result."

The man in uniform hurriedly said in a shivering tone. Then, he gave the test result paper to the Chief Deputy.

At this moment, Lu Rui took out his phone from his pocket, he also gave it to the Chief Deputy to take a look and said.

"Oh!? Coincidentally, I also have a test result of their soups. My son ate this food this morning, his doctor asked me to take this food to test in the laboratory. The result showed that there was not any additional drug substance in this food at all."

When Doctor Zhang asked him to take the food to test, Lu Rui also wanted to see the result. So he requested Doctor to send back the result to him in his mailbox. He didn't think that it came to handy in this situation.

"H-How could it happen?" That man opened his eyes bigger and exclaimed in frightening.

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