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Chapter 24: We will win at least 100 Points

Several Day Later

Chen Feng was no longer training alone, and began to train with other members. It must be said that Chen Feng's basketball skills were indeed extraordinary. In defense, attack, shooting or bait, his skill was the best.

Mitsui was indeed the best three-pointer player. However, that didn't mean that Mitsui would only know how to shoot. His comprehensive ability was also very good.

His only weakness was his physical strength. However, at this time Chen Feng truly made up for these shortcomings.

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Chen Feng steal the ball from Fang Cheng, the captain of the team, immediately went to the layup, and the basketball fell steadily into the ring.

"Good! Chen Feng, it seems that when I finish this year, the captain of the basketball team will be yours!" Fang Cheng said sincerely.

"Hehe...!!" Chen Feng only laughed a little.

Fang Cheng also had a smile on his face. Even though he was a little jealous of Chen Feng's talent, but deep down inside his heart, he felt happy. Because Chen Feng belonged to his own basketball team and his characteristic was also good. If he leave the team one day, he believed that Chen Feng will be a good captain of the team in the future.


"Lin Hang, what's wrong with you, why are you absent minded today?" At this moment, several people suddenly heard coach Chen Ping's voice.

"Ah!" Hearing this voice, Lin Hang suddenly looked back, glanced at the coach, and shook his head, "N-No, nothing!"

"Focus on the ball!! Continue."

"Hey, in the last few days, Lin Hang has been really strange!" Fang Cheng looked at Lin Hang in a surprised whisper to Chen Feng.

"Yes, he's indeed strange!" Chen Feng smiled because he could guess the reason. Lin Hang's appearance may be related to himself. After all, he could guess that the gangster that day may have come to make trouble with Lin Hang.

"Well, it's none of my business."


When the training was about to end, coach Chen Ping gathered everyone, coughed and said slowly:

"Dear students, tomorrow is the weekend. Our opponents have been determined. This semester, the first opponent we faced was High School No. 4!"

"What!? High Schools No.4?" Many players are shocked.

Chen Feng looked at Fang Cheng with a little doubt, and said, "Why are you seem so surprised? Is the High School No.4 that strong?"

Fang Cheng could not help but smiled softly and said, "Of course they are indeed strong. Even though their learning atmosphere is similar good as ours, but they are much stronger than us. Last year in the second runner-up, we have played against them and lose miserably, leading us over 50 points."

Fang Cheng frowned and suddenly laughed while looking at Chen Feng: "However, I think this time it's not the same. With you joining our team, Hehe...Let's see how we fuck them up!!"

"Yes, that's the spirit captain!!" Chen Feng shouted while petting Fan Cheng's shoulder and he secretly licked his lip and thought:

("This year, if I led this lost team to defeat the High School No.4 with a big gap, how much Achievement Points would I get? Hehe...Indeed fat sheep.")

"Okay, everyone, come back for a good rest, and meet at school tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock. Dismiss!!" Chen Ping smiled and reminded to everyone.


The Next Day!

Sakai City Stadium

This is a gymnasium built by the government to invest 300 million yuan. There are soccer stadiums, basketball courts, tennis courts and other sports venues. They can accommodate tens of thousands of people at the same time. International sports, or sports between schools, are chosen here.

On The Basketball Court

Chen Feng wears a jersey No.14 and still looks very bloated. Even though Chen Feng had lost a lot of weight recently, his jersey still had the tight feelings for him.

Looking at the people who watched the match made Chen Feng disappointed. There were only small number of people in the stadium today. In fact, Chen Feng did not know that under normal circumstances, the amount was even smaller.

There was not be so many people watching the first match in this district. Anyway, this was the match between last year's runners-up and top 4 finals, the result was obvious to everyone.

Even though QiJiang Zhou was a large first-tier city, basketball fans were not a small number, but a match between a group of small farts in high school was difficult to attract their attention. Most of them were parents of the players.

"Oops! Oops! Chen Ping, I didn't expect to see you in the first game!" When a group of people came into the player's waiting room, a voice suddenly resounded in the ears of several people.

"Eh?" Chen Feng turned and saw a burly man walking into the waiting room with a team.

"Du Guang?" Chen Ping couldn't help but look at the other side in the slightest. This Du Guang was a basketball coach in the High School No.4.

"Yes, this is indeed an amazing coincidence. I'm still thinking about when I can return the favor to you. I didn't expect to see you this soon has ha...!!" A smile appeared on Chen Ping's face.

"Oh, you lost to our school 50 Points last year, how could you still be so arrogant?" Du Guang's face showed a stingy smile:

"Who run with the tail between his leg last year? a group of stray dog."

"What did you say?" When he heard this, Fang Cheng was angry, and he said coldly, "Who are you saying a dog?"

"In comparison, actually, it can only be considered a group of puppy hehe!!" One boy on the High School No.4 basketball team said, "Fang Cheng, do you think we harassed you not enough last time? Today, i will teach you how to write the word "Miserable".

The man's body was very sturdy, and he was more than 2 meters high. For the high school student, such height was indeed rather scary.

Fang Cheng narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "That's very good, Zhang Ke, I will play with you until the end today!"

We can see that the relationship between the two parties was not very good, but it felt a little tense.

"Oh, is this fat man in your basketball team too? Hey, your official player? " Zhang Ke's eyes suddenly fell on Chen Feng's body, and had a surprised expression on his face:

"One of you? Is it a joke? Such a fat pig can play basketball?"

"I used to hear that the pigs can climb trees. I didn't expect that pigs could still participate in today's basketball match. This opens my dog eyes, Haha!"

Chen Feng became an object of attractive firepower. The other members suddenly noticed him and started laughing like crazy.

The expressions on the Chen Feng's team were all ugly. But soon they were back to normal. Even though Chen Feng still looked fat but more importantly, Chen Feng's basketball skills conquered the minds of every basketball players in the team.

"Fat pig? You will know soon enough. You will taste how I feel later." Lin Hang secretly had an evil smile on his face.

About Chen Feng, he seemed relaxed. He used to this kind of talk long time ago.

While on practice together, Chen Feng did not hide his skill, sometime he even took time explain to everyone. During this time, they also got many benefits from him. Their level of playing ball also increased to some extent.

Fan Cheng could not endure his feeling, he came forward.

"Goddamn it, try saying that again if you dare!!" Fang Cheng extended his fingers and pointed angrily at Zhang Ke's nose.

"Oh, do you want to fight? Come on, try it?" Zhang Ke said while creaking his knuckle.

"Forget it!" Chen Feng reached out to block Fang Cheng and shook his head slightly: "What can we get from the fight? Let's see who is the real dog in the court!!"

Chen Feng thought that there was no need to lower his own quality to the same level as the other party. He just needed to thrash them hard later.

The High School No.4 in front of him was just a stepping stone for him to gain Achievement Points, why should he care too much about what they say.

Fang Cheng sudden calmed down, Chen Feng looked back towards Zhang Ke and slowly and said, "Did you win our school 50 Points last year?"

Zhang Ke couldn't help but hesitate for a moment, then snickered and said, "Yes, that's right, are you not satisfied?"

"No!" Chen Feng shook his head and watched Zhang Ke seriously and said: "I just want to tell you one thing. In the next match, we will win at least 100 Points. Remember that at the very least!"

Chen Feng smiled at the players around him: "Let's go!"

The players of the High School No.1 no longer spoke, and came to the Preparing Room with Chen Feng. Now Chen Feng had the most prestige on the basketball team. Even though he was fat, even though his height was not the highest, but he was admired by everyone in the team including our prince Lin Hang.

On The Other Preparing Room

"This fat pig is really talkative, 100 Points ahead of us? Dream on!" Zhang Ke snickered.

"He doesn't seem to know who we are, so he declare want to win us, are you sure he doesn't the mud in his head?" Other team members also said in disgust.

"Okay, okay, don't talk nonsense, let's go in too!" Du Guang slowly said: "No matter what, the power of our opponent is still quite strong, we must be careful. Take it seriously!"

On The Court

"Hey loser, prepare to die later!!" When the came out of their room, members of the High School No.4 basketball team all showed the arrogant expressions on their faces.

"Don't mind them!" Chen Feng looked at the basketball team members with a smile on his face and said slowly:

"Why bother with them? All we need to do is very simply. Relying on our strengths, completely destroy them, and in the future, let them be afraid when they hear our name later hehe!!"

"Yes!" Fang Cheng nodded, and said loudly,

"Today, let's destroy them and show how strong our strength is!"


Chen Feng's face showed a faint smile. He really didn't pay attention to High school student level. In his eyes, this was just a play ground for him to earn his Achievement Points.

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