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92.85% Heroes Rising / Chapter 13: Trapped Between the Storm (13)

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Chapter 13: Trapped Between the Storm (13)

Jaxon watched Ion head down into the arena, the lavender haired boy heading into the other side. The names they were given at the top of the board were "Grizzly" and "Storm." Jaxon wondered who was who for a moment, but then focused on the battle, assuming he'd be able to figure it out by watching.

Ion dashed forward while the lavender haired boy just stood in place, but he didn't make it very far. Lightning struck through and hit Ion, who collapsed immediately. Storm was announced as the winner of the match.

The matches continued until it came back to Jaxon's turn, he knew there were other fights happening at the same time as his, which meant there were more arenas near by. The arenas weren't that large in the first place, but still gave you enough space to fight without immediately being cornered.

Jaxon had to fight against the girl with white hair and red eyes. She seemed menacing enough without her mask, but with it she was even scarier. The mask had one side black and one side white, with a jagged toothed smile painted on and red circles around the eyes.

She took her mask off when she entered the arena, showing the tired eyes she had and red eyes that seemed to barely focus on him. Then Malachite called for them to begin.

Jaxon couldn't even react before she was right in front of him, she had taken up a new form that was terrifying. Her eyes were hollow, her skin seemed to be rotted and burned away and she was covered in chains. She punched him in the face and then threw daggers at him.

He just barely got out of the way and then sent flames towards her. She simply dodged and kicked him. He could see her eyes narrow as she assessed his next move.

"That's it I'm taking over, stupid dumbass." The voice in his head called before taking control.

Jaxon slashed at her quickly, giving her no time to dodge and lighting flames around her. But she still blocked some of his attacks and hit him, as if their skill was matched.

She then grabbed him by the collar of the shirt and threw him against a rock. He could feel his energy begin to drain as her eyes glowed brighter. Once he was lost of enough energy, she kicked him swiftly in the face and he was out cold.

When he woke up he was in the balcony overlooking the arena, he saw that it was Reaper vs Storm now. Reaper had long, curly purple hair tied in a French braid, with a suit and tie and a dark green mask with a grey skull painted on it. She was the one who killed Jake in that horrific matter.

Reaper slashed at Storm with a scythe, but he moved out of the way quicker than a snake and went to hit her in the back with a fist full of lightning, but Reaper moved around him and slammed him into the ground with the handle of her scythe, before resting her foot on his back to pin him down.

The ranking board lit up and her name stayed in the same spot, while Storm's moved to the second place slot.

Jaxon watched Reaper walk up the stairs, Storm following slowly behind, a frustrated look in his eyes. But then he locked eyes with Jaxon and he looked to be even angrier. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Jaxon sighed as Storm came stalking over, his curly, lavender hair falling in his face.

"You should've stayed in battle longer." He hissed, a knowing look on his face, yet Jaxon had no clue what he meant. "Why did you let her win?" He hissed again. "I wanted to be able to see your skill in a battle and yet you just let yourself lose?"

"I.. didn't lose on purpose..?" Jaxon looked at him with a confused expression. "She had some sort of ability to drain my energy." He muttered.

"Oh really?" Storm looked around, as if he were trying to spot the white haired girl. "Well then try harder next time." He stomped off as everyone else filed out of the space. Jaxon couldn't figure out why Storm wanted to fight him so bad, but guessed he probably would never see him again once he escaped anyway.

"I thought you said you'd help me win?" Jaxon muttered. The voice in his head could be heard muttering to himself before sending a flash of pain through Jaxon's body.

"I'm not your personal bodyguard, I helped you win the first battle but you still have to try even if I'm helping you." The voice spat. "Now how about you go find that Storm guy and try and figure out a plan?" The voice muttered.

Jaxon sighed and headed to find Storm, but he couldn't find him, every spot he looked, he found it even harder to find this mysterious lavender haired boy. Until he ended up running right into him by accident.

"Could you watch where you're going?" Storm sighed as he stared up at Jaxon. Jaxon hadn't even realized how much taller he was until he was this close to Storm.

"Uh sorry, I didn't see you there.." Jaxon sighed. He could tell Storm was agitated as he dusted himself off.

"Right." He muttered. "Well I'll be going now.." He mumbled before trying to walk away.

"Hey, uh Storm--"

"My name is Spencer, so call me Spencer." He hissed without looking at Jaxon, just trying to walk away. It was odd meeting someone who seemed so angry, yet so much better than everyone else.

"Uhh Spencer.. I was wondering if we could talk?" Jaxon smiled awkwardly under his mask, trying to figure out a way to get him to listen.

Spencer continued to ignore him, it wasn't his problem was it?

"Oh for fucks sake!" The voice in Jaxon's head spat, before quickly taking control and sending a horrific migraine through his head.

He grabbed Spencer and pulled him somewhere private before he could say anything. "Listen now." He ordered. "Of you help me create a plan to escape, I will face you in a battle, since you seemed so interested in that earlier."

Spencer raised an eyebrow, before narrowing his eyes. "That's it?" He stared at Jaxon with intent. "A measly battle with a slightly okay fire user..?"

Before Jaxon could say anything else, Spencer simply nodded. "Alright, I'll help, but I don't want the battle right away, just one day you'll have a challenge come your way." Spencer walked away, not saying another word.

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