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Chapter 2: I Get Attacked by a Monster

When I opened my eyes, I was in bed. Though It wasn't my bed.

I'd looked around, I immediately notice that this place wasn't my room. It was a hospital.

I assumed that this was the hospital because I'm wearing a hospital gown.

As I turned my head the other way, this beautiful lady was sitting next to me.

She had dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and had a fascinating body. She had skin as white as snow.

She didn't look Japanese, but damn she was hot. If I were to guess, she'd look like she was from North Europe.

She was stunning... gorgeous! Her small hip, long white legs, her thighs, her... her brea-


What am I doing? Did I watch too much hent- I mean Ecchi?

But, I was fascinated by her beauty and the noble atmosphere she emitted.

Maybe she's a model. Who knows?

"S-so uh, do you h-have business with me?" I stuttered while asking.

Oh wait, does she even speak Japanese? I mean, she isn't Japanese.

Maybe she's English? I mean, I took English class a lot, the only class I got the best scores on.

The woman said nothing. She just looks at me, inspecting my arms.

I looked at my arms in confusion. Nothing was wrong with my arms. So why was she looking at them?

"Do you know how you got here?" She'd say in a formal tone.

So she does speak Japanese, and she's very good at it.

"Well, I got here b-"

Wait, how did I end up here? The last thing I remembered was...

Oh yeah, didn't I get shot?

Wait, if I got shot, then why am I here? I got shot directly in the head so I'm supposed to be dead.

"How did I end up here?! They shot me in the head."

Or maybe it was a dream. But if it was a dream, why am I in a hospital bed?

The woman took her phone out and showed me a video.

[Breaking news: Saito Ebizo and his Mafia were slaughtered at the Tokyo Harbors.]

Saito Ebizo, I heard that name before. He is an infamous mafia boss in Japan.

Or should I say was?

How was he killed? Well, my answer was the video.

As I watched the video, I got up to the part where they shot me in the head.

Wait, so they shot me in the head. How am I still alive?

I saw an ominous presence appear behind me and that ominous presence turned into black smoke which attacked everyone around me.

Then that presence vanished and there I was, with no bullet wound on my head.

The lady dug her phone into her purse.

"You aren't human anymore."

I'm not a human?

"What do you mean I'm not a human?" I'd whisper to her as I didn't want to sound crazy in front of tons of people.

"You saw the video, right? That hole in your head disappeared, because of you."

Me? What did I do? Well, all I saw was the hole in my head gone and the blood trickling down my head disappeared.

Anyways, how did I end up here?

Well, she told me she had her "Assassin" bring me to this hospital.

Assassin? What was she talking about?

"You should come with me."

"What? Why?" I asked her, this lady I just met wants me to come with her?

"I'm sorry but why do I have to go with you? This is ju-"

I sound like "Bobby" right now.

That bastard, he abandoned me for his selfish pride, he's not even worthy of being called my father anymore.

But he tried his best, I'll give him that.

If only he didn't abandon me like that.

I can't sound like him, it's disrespectful.

"I sorry, but I'm still registering all this."

The lady nodded, understanding my confusion.

"I understand..."

She'd get up.

Before she left, she handed me a file.

"Um, what's this?"

"That file contains information about your father."

"Wait, may I ask your name?"

I mean, who wouldn't ask for a charming lady's name?

"Asami Hikaru."

The woman smiled as she walked towards the exit.

Wow... she's doesn't look Japanese, yet she has a Japanese name? That makes her even hotter.

Man, I think I've been watching too much anime.

I'd look at the file in my hands and the face of that stupid father appeared in my head.

Just what did Bobby do?

Well, turns out "Bobby" was a gambler, and he cheated Saito Ebizo out of his money and even stole money from the casino he owned.

If he stole money, then why the hell are we poor?!

Well, it turns out that he bet all his money and loss.

Disappointment. I don't even want to look at this stupid thing anymore, so I threw it in the trash.


After a day passed, they discharged me from the hospital, and I can finally return home.

Or so I thought.

As I was walking down the road, I heard noises of...meat being chewed on and bones being crushed.

This was coming over my neighbor's wall.

Curiously, I took a peek over my neighbor's fence, and what I saw next left a petrified expression on my face.

My neighbor's dog was being eaten by this...I have absolutely no clue, but it was terrifying.

This creature had the head and body of a lion, wings similar to a dragon, and a tail of a scorpion.

I didn't know what this was, but like the idiot I was, I took a picture.



The creature snapped its head in my direction. I immediately ducked my head.

Man, I'm such an idiot. Why did I turn my phone volume up?

My house was only 2 houses away so I could escape easily away from my neighbor's house.

I'd get ready to dash towards my house, getting into one of those postures that track runners take.


Behind me, I heard the creature break down my neighbor's fence. I'd panic and start running towards my house.


I could hear the heavy footsteps behind me, chasing me as I ran.

Don't look back, Don't look back!

I looked back like the idiot I am.

Blood drooled down from its mouth, blood on its mane. It was horrifying. The creature was getting closer and closer.

What the hell is this thing?! I've seen nothing like it before. It looks like something straight out of a myth, a monster!

As I was running, I wasn't paying attention to what was ahead of me.

So do you know what happened next?

I tripped.

I tripped because there was a stupid bump on the road and I fell flat.

Despite injuring my stupid face, I was in luck.

As I tripped, I also dodged the monster who launched itself at me.

I'd get up as fast as I can and turned left.

"Oh wow, I'm here..." I'd say as I looked at my house.

Hmm... how did my father... I mean Bobby, get this house?

Oh well, that wasn't important. What's important is escaping from this monster.

I'd climb over my fence and went for the second floor. I'm not really an athletic person, but I can do some parkour.

I jumped towards the balcony so I can have the high ground.

"Hah, it doesn't look like you can get me now. Haha, Baka Baka!" I say as I mocked the monster glaring at me.

(Note: Baka is Japanese for Idiot, Fool, or Foolish)

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have done that because, at that moment, it leaped up into the air and landed on my roof.

I immediately entered my room and locked the doors.

That monster can jump up that high?! Hell, is this?


How strong is this thing?

I looked up, and I saw its tail hanging from the ceiling, swinging its pointing tail everywhere.

I regret taking a picture of this thing. If I just walked away, then I wouldn't have gotten into this mess. Looking at the length of the tail, it was possible for me to crawl under it since it didn't reach that far.

So I crawled past it and reached the door.

But as I opened the door, a petite girl in a black suit holding two daggers jumps over me. Who the hell is this?!

The girl flew towards the tail.


The monster's tail which was just intact a while ago fell onto my bedroom floor. I could hear it roar in pain and its green gooey blood dripped on the floor.

Disgusting, I have monster blood all over my floor now.

As much as I want it, the monster was still alive.

I looked over at the girl outside of the balcony. And she hops onto the roof. I can't hop onto the roof. How can she?

Anyway, I wanted to see what was going on, so I walked over the monster's tail to the balcony and climbed onto the roof.

The monster...well, it's dead. It was beheaded, and it had multiple cuts on its body. There was blood all over my roof and it leaked into the hole above my bedroom.

I looked over at the petite girl who turned around and faced me.

Oh god, is she going to do the same thing she did to the monster to me?

The girl got closer, I slowly backed up but stopped as I immediately realized I had no more space.

"Are you... Neo?"

She said politely.

"Huh? Uh, yeah?"

How does this girl know my name?

"Lady Asami sent you this." She'd say as she hands me an envelope.

The envelope had this weird-looking symbol on it.

"Uhh... who are you?"

"Me?" The girl sheathed her daggers, which turned into blue particles that faded away.

"My name is Katherine Bell. I am an assassin working under Lady Asami."

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