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100% His Badass Queen / Chapter 2: chapter two

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Chapter 2: chapter two

Bryce POV

I wake up at the sound of my beta crashing my door, i let out a growl "and what the fuck are you doing, James" I said with venom in my voice.

"Well sorry man but you overslept and you wouldn't wake up to any of my calls"he gave me an apologetic look "i think you should get up or we will be late to the party" he said while looking to his hand watch.

I huffed and got in the bathroom and took a shower then i walked into my closet and i found the suit that Justin prepared for me to attend the ball with it.

I guess everyone have been thinking why am i taking this ball seriously and i am the alpha king and shouldn't be attending such a silly things like birthday parties, well because the blood lust pack is an expectation, It's the biggest support for us in every war against the hunters.

I have 800 pack members in the blood moon pack while they have 789 pack members and the rest of the packs have 600 members,

It also has the strongest warriors and their alpha is also very strong than the rest of the packs.

So if i didn't attend the alpha's daughter birthday party i would be offending them so that's why i'm attending.

I threw on my suit  and shoes and put on some perfume then i got out of my clothes to see me James waiting for me, "Let's go, it will take 3 hours to get there" he said as walked out of the packhouse front door.

I found my warriors ready and standing beside their cars "let's go " James told them.

Leia POV

I wake up at a shocking pain through my body as i started screaming when i felt my hand snap, oh no 'I am shifting'

I noticed that i was alone in the room guess Justin is in the shower, i felt my both leg snap i screamed loudly, the bathroom door flew open and i saw Justin running to m e "what's wrong baby"he said panicking with pure worry in his beautiful brown eyes, when he saw my legs twisted in the other way realisation hit him. He didn't move he just stood there with pain clear in his eyes.

When a werewolf shifts, no one could ease their pain except their mate and of course it's rare if you found your mate when you're shifting.

I felt every bone in my body snap and i saw hair growing on my body and tbh i didn't feel such a thing that is painful like that.

I screamed and i can feel my throat becoming sour.

'Every thing is going to be okay' I heard a voice in my head,

'I am Accalia your wolf' as she said as the the last bone snapped

And i looked down at myself i was in my full wolf_form then i looked up to see Justin, his mouth was opening and closing just like a fish gabbing for air.

Is there is something wrong with my wolf, am i too small or what....?! Then i turned back to look at myself in the mirror i saw mywolf.

It was big so big even bigger than my fathers wolf and i was Totley shocked when i saw that my wolf was pitch black and my mix blue and green eyes was now bloody red eyes.

The only one who had a black wolf was the Alpha king but his eyes is icy blue as his human eyes.

when i turned back to Justin i saw him in the phone with someone that i guess my family, he ended the call "i called uncle miller to come and help you to shift back" he said batting my head.

'I wanna go for a run' my wolf uhh Accalia says 'i really don't know let's wait until dad comes' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I can feel her rolling her eyes in the back of my mind and huffed 'okay' she said with an annoyed voice, wow what feisty wolf

Guess she is like that because we have alpha blood and we are going to be the next alpha.

I heard approachingour room and then there was a nock on the door, Justin stood up and opened tte door to let my father in.

When dad's landed on my huge wolf he had the same face as Justin before, then i saw a proud smile on his face,

He took a few steps towards me "could you shift back, princess" he says with a soft voice, i shook my head no and then walked towards the window pointing at the forest with me head and i barked hoping he would understand that i wanna go for a run.

He looks that he took the hint  "You can't go for a run now, you aren't fully in control of your wolf yet" I whimpered still wanting to go for  a run "no, now shift" he commends using his alpha voice, he grabbed a shirt from Justin's closet and placed it on the floor beside me "think of your human form and you will shift" he says while turning around and gave Justin a look to make him turn around too, Justin gave him a look saying 'seriously' and my dad gave him a glare, after Justin turn around i started thinking of the human me and i hear my bones snap again but it wasn't painful like when i first shifted into my wolf form.

I tossed the gray shirt over me and it reached my mid thigh

Covering all  of my femmnie parts. I told them to turn around and my dad said he will be taking me home to continue sleeping i looked at the clock and it was 11 am.

When we reached home i got upstarts threw my self on my bed and letting sleep take over me.

7 hours later

After Cassi finished putting on my makeup she told me to go and put on the dress that i brought earlier

I finished putting on my dress. i walked out of my closet and i heard squeal from Cassi "God you are fucking hot Leia" i blushed

"Thank you, you look hot as well" i said giving her a hug.

She was wearing a tight red off shoulder dress that reached her mid thigh, it hugged her curves perfectly and it made her look so hot.

We got downstairs to meet my parents, when i got downstairs i saw mom in a white silky short dress that made her look like 26 old woman instead of 40 , her hair was down, it reached her waist.

As she spotted me and cassi, a gasb left her mouth and i chuckled.

"You two look so beautiful, i think all the boys won't be able to take their eyes of you guys"as she finished i heard a growl from my dad, annoyed with what mom have said.

"No One is going to look or touch my baby girl, NEVER"he said angrily, and my mom rolled her eyes at him and metered 'here we go again'

"Dad did you forget that i have a boyfriend and he looks and touchs me" i said smirking at him "your baby girl is taken already"i said in moking toon.

He rolled his eyes and i brust out laughing as well Cassi and Mum,

Then we got in my dad's Rover, he drove us to the pack house because the ball room is there and also the pack members is gathered there.

I saw a many cars parked outside the pack house i guess they are from the other packs.

We stepped out of the car and the loud music was ringing in my ear, it was coming from the the pack house.

dunno why but my wolf was going crazy in my mind 'something's good will happen, i'm sure of it' she says while jumping in my mind. I roll my eyes at her.

I sigh and then stepped inside our luxury ballroom to be greeted by a lot of people and when i say a lot means at least a thousand. well after all, their was like 10 other packs here.

when i started walking down the stairs all the people noticed me and their attention was on me. Anyway i stoodstill,

Their was a faint smell of rain and mint which was getting stronger by the minute, I ignored it when i saw Justin approaching me, he slid his hands around my waist "you look gorgeous"he says with love and lust in his eyes.

I felt heat rushing to me cheeks, he chuckled and then he bent down to my face his right hand caressing my cheek while his other hand was warped around my wasit tightly making me incredibly close to him.

Then he brushed his lips to mine and our lips moved against eachother in sync, he squeezed my waist making me gasb as he slid his tounge inside my mouth our tounges was fighting for dominance, Of course he won, the kiss was getting more hot by the moment, "MINE" I heard a roar through the ballroom shaking the walls, me and Justin pulled away and my eyes was scanning the room to see where did this roar came from, as my eyes landed on the hottest guy that i have ever seen in my life.

His icy blue eyes was turning black, i noticed his arura and now i was shaking so hard

'My mate is the Alpha King' i tried to pull my self together as my wolf howled in my mind wanting me to go mate and angry as well because he saw us kissing another male.

I ignored her, i saw him walking towards me with pure anger in his eyes, he yanked me off from Justin's chest and holding my wrist roughly   "YOU ARE MI- i cut him off and yanked my hand out of his grip and i took a few steps behind   "I Leia Miller Reject you Bryce Williams the Alpha King as my Mate"as soon i finished me heart broke and i heard people gasping at what i just did right now, I saw him falling to his knee holding his heart thightly.

We both were breathing heavyly until he stood up "YOU ARE MINE I DON'T CARE IF YOU REJECTED ME OR NOT YOU WILL COME WITH ME AND BE MY FUCKING QUEEN" he roared while grabbing my wrist harshly and slammed me in his hard chest, he bent down to my neck less than a second later, i felt his cannies sink in my neck, I let out a painful loud scream and black dots started clouding my vision, the last thing that i saw was his hands warped around Justin's throat then i blacked out.



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