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9.48% His Contractual Mistress / Chapter 24: COMPARISON?

COMPARISON? - His Contractual Mistress - Chapter 24 by Elise_Elleneth full book limited free

Chapter 24: COMPARISON?

Hailey sweeps her gaze to the entire bus. Everyone was staring at her, waiting for an answer.

It was a pain in the ass when your friends are murdering you in public. But also, a pain when your friend's question never happens to you yet.

How would she know if Vince was great in bed? They even haven't kiss yet on the lips!

The sweetest contact they had been only a kiss on the cheeks and forehead. And nothing happens when they are alone.

In these passing months, they somewhat like good friends who quarreled like lovers.

To compare, she and Bryan are more intimate with each other, and even though it was only a friendly interaction, she used to as they grew up.

She casually hugs Bryan or sits on his lap if she needs something from him: such as helping her pursue her dad after refusing to give her permission to the things she wanted to try out.

She will run to Bryan to talk to her dad. By then, her dad just allows her as long as Bryan would accompany her to her crazy activities.

And when they become a couple after Bryan asks her for marriage out of the blue. And she says yes... She only kisses him on the cheeks.

Never on the lips. So she hasn't given her first kiss yet.

That is why she could not tell if a man is a good kisser, so then, moreover, in bed!

Maybe Eva was right? She has no experience at all, but she can learn it, right? How if?

No! Blushed, Hailey wanted to cover her face. 'Ah! What was I thinking!?' She was embarrassed with her very own thoughts.

But to be honest, this is something she always mulled over. Bryan and Vince are both good-looking and smart guys.

Even though she didn't know everything about Vince, he loves to do hobbies. She had a feeling that both men are super talented in many things.

And one thing... She witnessed how women drool over Bryan all her life, but she doesn't care about it.

He is handsome with a Greek God body. But something that Bryan is less attractive to her than Vince.

She isn't sure why... Maybe because she grew up seeing Bryan almost every day in her entire life. Bryan's perfect features don't thrill her as a woman.

But why Vince? He is only a stranger, but it gives her a mysterious impression, and it is something she wanted to figure out, the feeling that lingers in her chest.

She may admit that Vince is attracted to her. At first, she wanted to believe that Vince only got her attention because of his mixed Asian looks.

But later on, it is entirely different between Bryan and Vince, in which she could not determine what truly she felt for him.

Surprisingly, there is a difference she felt between Bryan and Vince.

Is she physically attractive to Vince, like sexual attraction?

Gosh! Why is she thinking about this matter at a time like this? Besides, she has a problem to face! She felt embarrassed about her thoughts once again.

Everyone is waiting for her answer. However, Hailey was still inside her world. She was asking herself... What does Vince taste like? How warm is his touch?

In which she didn't notice that she's biting her fingernails while her cheeks were flushing pink. She also thought, how if Vince suddenly kiss her on the lips because it is necessary for their acts?

How should she respond? Now that is a problem.

Maybe she should ask Vince to have practice?

No! She could not ask Vince about such a thing! That was too embarrassing! What would Vince think? She should stop daydreaming!

"Hey!" Hazel snaps at her imagination. "The way you blushed, you imagine boss Vincent, right now!"

And it caught Hailey red-handed as her face could deny nothing. It was true that she's thinking of the guy.

Then, why not? 'Let them assume….'

Hailey smiled shyly at Hazel. She let them believe whatever was playing on their head now. She need not answer Hazel's question, and gladly, Nadia speaks up for her.

"Jeez… Why are you asking Hailey this kind of question? It was President Shen's privacy you were digging up!"

"Ah!" Hazel now wakes up to her stupidity, worries now written all over her face. She apologized, "I'm so sorry, Hailey! I went overboard asking such a question! If the boss hears about it, I might compromise his investment in our company! It should be a forbidden question!"

"Great, that you woke up from your idiocy." Liza scolded Hazel. Later, she tosses back a stupid question at Hazel. For her, it was ridiculous for Hazel to ask Hailey that question. "Hey... Are you into Mr. Shen?"

It took a long moment before Hazel process the question Liza asked her. Realizing it, she dropped her mouth on the road.

"I'm not!" She blurted out, glaring at Liza for taking revenge on her.

Liza puts her tongue out before she grins. Hazel rolled her eyes when everyone was staring at her with a sharp gaze. 'Jeez. These people love to hear gossip.'

"Then why are you bugging Hailey with her sex life?"

Hailey dropped her jaw again. These girls are so bold, spilling out the word so easily!

Well, of course, she grows up in a more open country compared to this more conservative country. However, it's different when the person involved is her and Vince.

Still feeling bad, Hazel rolled her eyes and reasons out at Liza. "I'm not bugging Hailey. And I'm not into Vince! Hailey and Vince are the ones whom perfect for each other! Besides, Vince's best friend is who I have had a crush on since I was younger!"

"You're still young, you know." Nadia jested, snickering at Hazel.

"Jeez! He is my childhood crush! And he is coming home to attend the Class Reunion! So, I need your help, girls!" Hazel's eyes are now begging at them. She's trying hard to look helpless. Her mouth, pouting, acted like her eyes were teary.

"Huh? And how can we help you? Do you want us to be the bridge? Do we even know who he is?" Liza snaps, who is now attentively listening to Hazel's gossip about her secret love life.

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"Well, he went to the state after graduating. And he rarely visits since then. So, I want him to notice that here I am! I'm already a lady!"

"So? How can we help you, then?" Liza repeated her question.

"Help me find a fabulous dress tomorrow! Please! Let's go to the shop after lunch. It's on me!"

"Count me in!" Nadia replied promptly after hearing the word lunch. "As long as we go to eat at a Korean Restaurant!"

Nadia is a Korean fan. She's following all the famous K- actors and watching all their dramas. And eating at a Korean restaurant is also her addiction, imagining she's with her OPPA every time she grilled meat or making stew.

However, Liza only rolled her eyes, hearing Nadia make the same request. She already knew that Nadia just wanted something to post on her Instagram about Korean stuff.

Well, she preferred eating Japanese cuisine. It's not because she is half Japanese, but she has a craze with Sushi and ramen.

"Can we eat at a Japanese Restaurant next time?"

"Well, anywhere you girls want to eat, I'm fine with it," Hazel replied. She glanced at Hailey and asked. "How about you, Hail?"

Replying to a message on her phone, Hailey lifted her chin to respond to Hazel, "Hm? Well, I don't mind eating grilled meat or ramen... I'm fine with anything."

"How about looking for a dress? Hazel wants to pursue Hailey. Hasn't your mind changed to be Vince's date that night?"

She wanted her to attend the party as Vince date to make Zenaida envied that night. But Hailey seemed to have no interest in having a grand appearance on the red carpet.

From what she heard, those bachelors and bachelorettes inviting models and actors as their dates. So it will be a star-studded event.

"Hmm… I want to complete my training," Hailey answered nonchalantly. She was less interested in playing like Barbie that night.

"Hey... Who are you texting to?" Hazel glanced at Hailey's phone. She found out it was Vince. "Oh... Missing each other already?"

Hailey is shaking her head. She giggled as she replied to Hazel. "Vince was asking the same thing to me, and I replied the same reply I gave you."

"Do you mean the boss didn't know you were working as a service crew that night?"




"Oh, I see…." Hazel pushes a weird smile across her face.

Liza and Nadia looked at her curiously. She winks at them as scenarios playing inside her head.

She had a perfect plan for that night, and she needs Liza and Nadia's help!

Elise_Elleneth Elise_Elleneth

"Oh, what is Hazel's plan?"

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