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19.74% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 45: Don't look at her with a dirty gaze

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Chapter 45: Don't look at her with a dirty gaze

"Catch them."

I hear someone shout. The snow is slowing through the hole. There are officials dressed in plain robes pointing at us. Do I have to pay a fine for making the hole? I look at the ceiling. That's big.

"Mogrok, Run," I whisper to him. I don't have that much money to fix the roof. I am sure that the city lord is rich. Mogrok immediately acts on my command and runs through the city. Why there are no roads in this damn city? Random casinos are popping up everywhere. He breaks through them all.

"Kresi, we are destroying the city." Deia grabs my arm. "We should stop."

"We have to hide first." I yell at her, "Do you have that much money to pay for the damage?"

She shakes her head. "But, why are we doing more damage?"

"Because we need to run and hide before they catch us."

"Sister, there is someone in the front."

A 2 meters tall lanky man with droopy eyes standing our path. His long cyan hair is waggling around like Medusa's snakes. I narrow my eyes to confirm if they are really not snakes.

"Master, what should we do? He's not moving away."

"Jump over him. Find a quiet place. We need to find a healer for Kyo. We will go to the higher realm after fixing his arm."

"Master, that's why I told you to ditch him in the cursed sea."

The lanky man leers at us and moves his index finger toward us. Mogrok slams into an invisible wall. We fall off of him. Kyo wraps his arm around my shoulder and draws the slowing rune. I flick the rune of flight toward Deia. We land on the ground slowly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-look-at-her-with-a-dirty-gaze_39105976619554517">;t-look-at-her-with-a-dirty-gaze_39105976619554517</a> for visiting.

The lanky man walks toward us. Mogrok explodes with madness. He tries to hammer the man. His actions are impeded by the invisible walls around us. It's the first time when Mogrok is losing to someone else.

"Calm down." I pat Mogrok. "Turn into your cute form. When fists don't work, we will use words."

Mogrok is still fuming when he turns into his piggy form. He growls at the lanky man who doesn't even glance at him.

"Kresira Mirin, my favorite little person in this realm," He simpers at me. The white part in his eyes are black and his pupils are yellow. His skin has a slightly yellowish. His white robe is loosely tied, revealing the unmistakable hickey on his chest. He steps closer and lowers his head a little bit to take a good look at me. Those brown goat horns in his cyan hair remove all of my remaining doubts.

This person isn't a human.

"You have grown up." His eyes narrow on my chest. "Fast."

Weird. Freak. Lecher.

"Did you come to change your trade?" The corner of his thin lips rises into a dark smile. "Gianna will be glad to take you as her student."

I have no freaking idea what he is talking about. He talks like he knows me. I have never seen this man in my life. If he knows this face that I have, it must be the original owner of this body. My life has been so peaceful recently. Whenever people who are related to the original owner comes in my life, I always get into trouble.

Kyo stands in front of me. "Don't look at her with a dirty gaze."

My brother can differentiate between a bad and a good gaze. I realize that his back looks stronger and broader. Where is that 11 years old boy who walked while holding my hand? It should be me protecting him from bad people.

But, I can't help but feel happy to see him like this.

"Is he one of your friends?" The lanky man eyes Kyo's arm. "That's the curse brand of the Renasir. How did you offend Lady Mayaeira?"

Kyo didn't meet the Renasir. He didn't offend any lady. He got that because of me. In any case, I have to get the cure for his arm. I pull Kyo behind me. "I lost my memories two years ago. Can you tell me who you are?"


Deia follows the lanky man with Kresi and Kyo. Mogrok is sitting on Kresi's shoulder and hissing at the man's back. Though the man is tall and thin, his movements are smooth and graceful. His posture is straight. His sleeves are so wide that they look like wings.

What is he? He's not human for sure. She has never seen anything like this in the lower realm. She can't believe that they reached the middle realm with intact bodies. She isn't sure if their bodies will remain intact after what they did today. Her last wish is to see her spirit beast before she dies. Maybe, Iver was right. Seeing a dragon in a dream means meeting death thrice in real life.

The 3-star city is half broken because of Mogrok. The hole in the ceiling is letting the cold inside. Andareanesi Bagoodi isn't perturbed by the destruction. The destruction in the city can be fixed in a day, but the hole in the ceiling is another problem.

He takes them to his mansion in the 3-star city. All nine mansions are interconnected. Kresira is following him obediently. Her aura has changed too. He wonders if she really lost her memories. Then, is it possible for a Mirin to lose memories? That's never been heard of. The girl didn't even recognize Lady Mayaeira.

The curse on the boy's arm is cast by the Renasir. The curse is not older than a year. But, Lady Mayaeira has been too sick to move from the bed for two years. There is already a rumor that she has been losing her powers. The new Renasir hasn't even appeared in the Mirin family yet. They are looking for a Mirin who supposedly appeared in the lower realm around 3 years ago.

His foot freeze in the air. He turns around and looks at Kresi. She broke the spells of the eleven gods on the roof of the 3-star city.

The new Renasir, one who is supposed to help the chosen one defeat the Dark God, is none other than the Harbinger of the Dark God.

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