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13.67% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 29: How to get two kisses? (1)

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Chapter 29: How to get two kisses? (1)

Due to Mogrok's roar, the spirits in the area run far away. The poor miners are snapped out of their sleep and think that another spirit has gone mad. They hide in their tents and shake in fear. It's lucky for them. If they have come out to check, they would have seen a thousand-eyed monster who is running at a tremendous speed.

When Deia wakes up, she sees the world upside down. Mogrok is holding her legs up. She notices the purple eyes and passes out again. Kresi glances at her when she hears her scream. She shrugs and looks ahead as they cross the mountain peaks.

Kyo's dark eyes are fixed on Kresi. It's another day, but she hasn't kissed him yet. The wind is blowing her hair. He can see her neck. Though he is a mentally pure child, his body is not. He leans closer and kisses her on her nape. Kresi is startled when she feels his soft lips on her nape. She stares at him with a mix of shock and embarrassment. Where is he kissing? What's this forbidden feeling?

"What are you doing?" She asks him in a levelled voice.

"You said that I can kiss you once every day." Kyo leans closer to her and touches her reddening cheeks. Her face is hot to touch. Is she okay?

"Cheeks." She lets out an exasperated sigh. "Not there. That place... I will explain later."

"Sister, only cheeks aren't fair." Her face is getting cooler now. "Either you give me more kisses or I can kiss you anywhere."

"I will give you two." Kresi lightly pushes him away. "You can only kiss me once on my cheeks or forehead. Other places are forbidden areas."

"If you are giving me two kisses, then I should also give you two kisses." Even if Kyo is mentally pure at the moment, he is the Dark God. How pure can the God of darkness be?

"When did you become smart?" She looks at him suspiciously. "Are you really Kyo?'

"Sister, you can't recognize me now?" His eyes become misty. "Sister forgot me."

"No." She pats his head. "You have never acted like this before. I am a bit surprised. This sister promised that she will pamper you every day. I will give you two kisses. No more."

She pecks his forehead and cheek in a light manner. "There, happy?"

"I am happy." He rests his head on her lap and smiles. To Kresi, he is a big child. He is her pure younger brother. She doesn't doubt his intention or feelings. She runs her fingers through his hair and says, "Sleep. I will wake you up when we reach."

Kyo falls asleep with a soft smile on his face. His sister's lap is the best pillow.

After a while, Kresi can now see the beginning of shattered ruins and the tsunami wave. It looks just like Deia's sketch. The black tsunami wave looks like it is roaring against an invisible wall. No matter what, the wall is not breaking. Kresi gulps down her saliva. If the barrier breaks down, this tsunami will swallow everything.

Mogrok stops at the edge of the lower realm. It has taken them a few hours to cross the mountains. If they had walked, they wouldn't reach this place even after months. Kresi calls Kyo's name to wake him up.

"Wake up, Kyo. We have reached."

He opens his eyes slowly and sees his sister's face. Mogrok puts down Kresi and Kyo with great care. He is about to toss Deia on the ground when Kresi signals him not to. With a grumpy humph, he slowly puts her down.

"Sister, this place looks bad." Kyo frowns when he sees the tsunami wave. He can sense something in there. He doesn't like it.

"Yes, it is bad in a way." Kresi looks at the shattered ruins that are disappearing into the tsunami wave. If they enter these ruins, they can walk into the cursed sea. She goes to Deia's side and slaps her cheeks.

"Time for her to wake up." After a few slaps that turn her cheeks red, Deia wakes up. She sits up abruptly and looks at Kresi with wide violet eyes.

"Kresi, I had a weird dream." She places her palm on her stomach. She isn't feeling well. "I saw that I was being carried by a thousand-eyed spirit beast."

"About that..." Kresi grabs her chin to prevent her from looking at Mogrok. "Tell me first. Can we walk through the space filled with the corrupted ehr without dying? "

Deia looks at her weakly. "I don't know. I have never heard of anyone who can come back from that place. As much as I know, it was still a part of the old world before the corrupted dark ehr swallowed it."

Deia looks sideways and sees the black tsunami wall. She becomes dazed. How did they arrive at such a short time? Then, she looks at the big black shadow standing beside Kyo.

"It's real." She is about to pass out again when Kresi slaps her face.

"Enough naps."

"It hurts." Deia rubs her cheeks. Her cheeks are stinging because of the slaps. Deia peers at Mogrok. Some of his eyes are focused on Kresi. Some of his eyes are looking at Kyo. A few of them are looking at them. Others are gazing at the shattered ruins. What kind of spirit beast is this? She has never heard of it. What is its elemental essence?

"There are evil creatures in that place," She mumbles and wonders if they are eviler than Mogrok.

"Don't worry. Mogrok will eat them." Kresi smirks at Mogrok. "He can eat anything other than the vegetables."

"Master, we are being watched," Mogrok informs her quietly.

In the shattered ruins, Belle asks in a low voice, "Who are they?"

When she and Pablo come out of their hiding places, they see a giant spirit beast with three humans The miners never come to this side. The shipment is supposed to be sent after a few days. They didn't hear about a visitor. Then, who are these people?

Pablo narrows his eyes on the thousand-eyed spirit beast. He has been living in the shattered ruins for a decade. He has seen things, but this is the first time seeing that type of creature.

"What kind of spirit beast is that?"

"I have never seen anything like that. Judging from its size, it should be a mid-tier spirit beast."

Suddenly, two black stretched arms appear behind them and grabs on to them. Mogrok lifts them up in the air. His elongated arms shrink back. He drops them in front of Kresi with a loud thump. Pablo and Bel scream when their bones crack.

"Who are you?" Kresi asks them with a dark smile. "Why were you spying on us?"

"We weren't spying." Pablo manages to say despite the pain. Hairs on skin rise up straight because of Mogrok. Their hearts are ready to leap out of their chests. This spirit beast's eyes are unnerving. His flailing arms are not anything better.

Kresi looks up at Mogrok. "What did you see them doing?"

"I saw them watching us," Mogrok answers her flatly. "I am hungry after the run, Master."

"If you are honest, you won't become his food," Kresi tells them in a teasing tone.

"No." Belle cries. "We are merely couriers. We don't mean you harm."


"Kresi, they are smugglers." Deia crosses her arms and glare at Bel and Pablo. "I have heard of them. They illegally smuggle out the resources from these mountains. They call themselves couriers who will do anything for anyone."

"Ah! Smugglers are quite knowledgeable." Kresi has a mischievous smile on her face. "Tell me everything that you know about that."

Belle and Pablo see her point at the cursed sea. They swallow when they see Mogrok yawn at that exact time. His wide mouth shows countless shiny white canines. They don't want to know what it's like being eaten by that creature.

"Young lady." Pablo's voice is extra respectful toward Kresi after seeing Mogrok's teeth. "Why do you want to know about the cursed sea?"

"I want to go to the middle realm." Kresi doesn't hide her intention. "I have a feeling that you know how we can cross it."

"Kresi, I don't think that they know." Deia frowns at Kresi. "They are just couriers."

"I want to hear from their mouths." Kresi steps closer to them. "Do you know or not?"

Belle and Pablo wonder whether they should be honest or not.

"You will only get one chance." She glances at Mogrok. "He hasn't eaten any human recently."

Mogrok licks his lips. He is ready to devour these two humans. Pablo and Belle shudder when they notice the gleam in those thousand eyes. Can they take this chance to lie? No!

"We will tell." Belle and Pablo shout together. "We will tell you everything."

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