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10.92% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 24: How to let him kiss? (1)

Read His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? - Chapter 24 online

Chapter 24: How to let him kiss? (1)

When I regain my consciousness, I find Kyo lying flat on the ground. Mogrok is lying flat with his mouth wide open. His eyes are rolled back. He seems like he has lost his soul to the devil. I wonder what happened when I passed out. My body is aching as if an elephant did a ballet dance on my body when I was asleep. I climb down the bed and check on Kyo first. He is completely out. There is no wound.

I check on Mogrok next. He opens his eyes when my fingers touch his head. He mumbles to me in a weak tone, "Master, you are awake."

"What happened?" Did these two fight again and pass out?

"Master, I have been brave. Please pet my head." Mogrok climbs on my lap.

"Mogrok, get a grip," I pick him up in my arms. "What happened here? How did you two get hurt?"

"Master, I have bravely confronted the Dark God."

The Dark God? I drop him on the floor and stare at Kyo's face. He doesn't look any different.

"Master~" Mogrok rolls to my side and pulls on my sleeve. "He woke up when you were passed out. He told me that he will kill you when he recovers fully. He will kill me next. Master, I have been brave. I told him that he can't hurt you. Are you listening to me? I felt like he would kill me. I acted like I wouldn't mind dying. But, I want to live. I don't dislike this life. I want to get pampered by you forever."

His reasons are a bit... I sigh deeply. This is not good. Why did the Dark God come out suddenly? "Tell me the details."

Mogrok tells me a colourful story. To summarize, Kyo brought me here. He is disqualified. The Dark God within him woke up and threatened Mogrok. He thinks that I have been conspiring to make him feel pity for me.

He isn't half wrong. It is true that I love Kyo. It is hard not to love him. He is adorable and pure. I want to raise him into a good person. If he becomes a good person, the Dark God will drop the idea of killing me to take the heart if Kyo ever becomes the Dark God in my lifetime. I have been hoping that he will become a good God. The world will be peaceful with a happy ending for everyone.

It's not working out the way I want it to. The Dark God has figured out. If he knows this already, it won't work at all.

"What should we do, Master?" Mogrok is crying. "I don't want to die."

Sigh! What's wrong with this spirit beast? If Dark God fully recovers, he will take my heart. I will die. Then, he will destroy the world. The old prophecy says something along that line. Anyway, I won't give him my heart. I want to live a long life. I have no intention of letting Kyo being taken over by the wicked Dark God.

Think! I grab my head. Why would the Dark God wake up today? It's been quite peaceful. Kyo didn't do anything like this before. Something must have triggered him.

Two extreme things happened today. I had cut his hair. I was poisoned.

Damn! It must be the hair. He was quite reluctant to let me cut his hair. The Dark God must have treasured his hair. I did get a glimpse of him at that time.

I shudder in fear. Oh, that was too close! That God is wicked. I am not prepared to deal with God.

New Mission! I have to keep the Dark God buried in Kyo forever. That God can't ever come out. Should I pamper him more? I will keep Kyo happy.

"Sister?" Kyo's voice jolts me out of my thoughts. Mogrok hides behind me. Kyo blinks his black eyes at me. He asks me in a trembling voice, "Are you still in pain, Sister?"

It melts my heart instantly when I see him like this. This boy isn't evil. The Dark God is evil. Kyo is a pure boy. He is not to be blamed for anything that the Dark God does. It is like having multiple personalities. The Dark God is his bad alter ego. I will keep that personality asleep forever.

"Sister, I was afraid." He hugs me. "Don't get hurt again. I don't want to see you get hurt ever."

"Kyo, I only want to see you. I don't want to see an Evil God." I hug him back. "Please don't become the evil God. Always stay like this. Always be Kyo."

"Evil God?" He lets go of me and looks around. Where are you looking, Kyo? He is inside you, Kyo.

"Kyo, you are my younger brother. Don't ever forget that." I caress his cheeks. "I will be the best sister. I will pamper you every day. I will never cut your hair again. You can keep them long. I will comb them every day. I will do everything that you want me to do. But, you can't become bad. Okay?"

"I won't become bad, Sister." Kyo's smile is warm. His smile reminds me of everything good that exists in the world. "Sister will love me more if I don't become worse."

"Master, I don't think that it will work like this." Mogrok is still suspicious of Kyo. "We should send him back to Qeshaya."

"Where are you sending me, Sister?" Kyo starts crying loudly. "I don't want to go anywhere. I will be a good boy. Don't send me away." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I glare at Mogrok. I pat Kyo's head to calm him down. "Kyo, you aren't going anywhere. You will always stay beside me if you don't become a bad God...I mean, boy. Okay?"

If that happens, then I will be the one running away.

"Master, why would you let him stay with you?" Mogrok lets out an exasperated sigh. "Living with him is like living with death itself."

"Don't worry." I give him a look. "Kyo promised me that he will do whatever I want. He won't ever become bad."

"I will do what you want me to do, Sister," Kyo promises me again. He looks a bit distraught. "Don't send me away. Don't listen to him. I will become a good man and protect you from bad people."

It is enough if you protect me from the Dark God inside you.

"That's right." I kiss his forehead. "You are not going anywhere."

Kyo is startled. He brings his face close to mine and points at his forehead.

"Sister, can you do it again? It feels good."

"Muaaaah!" I give him a kiss between his brows.

"Sister, do it again."

I give him another kiss.


"Master, I want one too. Why is he the only one who gets to touched by your lips? What about me?"

I ignore Mogrok. I pinch Kyo's cheek. "Kissing too much is bad for health. Kyo needs to be healthy."

"But I like it." Kyo looks at me like I have taken away his favourite candy. "Sister, I want to kiss you too..."

Kyo bends his head down and kisses me on my forehead. He looks into my eyes and then, kisses me again and again until I push him away. "That's enough."

"Sister, can I kiss you on other places?"

"Boy, only the forehead is reserved for you." Mogrok jumps in between us, trying to shield me from Kyo. "Don't wander to unreserved areas with your lips."

This conversation is going in the wrong direction.

"Sister, you said that you will do everything that I want you to do if I am a good boy." Kyo slaps Mogrok away and leans closer. "If I become a good boy, will you let me kiss you at other places?"


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