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30.67% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 71: It's beating fast

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Chapter 71: It's beating fast

"If you don't exist, I don't think that I can exist either."

Kyo rests his chin on her head. His simple mind can't think of complicated things. There are things that he is trying his best to understand. There might be things that he understands better than the other person inside him. As things continue to change, things between him and her are also changing.

"I don't want to exist either if you don't exist," He tells her seriously.

She pinches his nose. "Idiot."

He puckers his lips. "Why I am an idiot? I said the same thing that you did."

"I get it now." She grabs his head and pulls it closer to her face. She looks at him seriously. "You keep looking into the Dark God's memories when he is using this body. Then, you know what I am. That's why you are acting strange."

He looks sideways. That's one of the reasons.

"You are afraid that I will die?" She laughs. "I used to be afraid of dying. But, I am not afraid anymore. This heart. It's also mine. Listen."

She presses his ear on her chest. He listens quietly.

"It's beating fast," He mumbles.

"It's recording my love for you." She pecks his forehead. "When it goes to your body, you will be able to feel it. I will always live as a part of you. Whenever you feel your heart beating fast, think that it is me singing to you."

She's trying to make him feel better. His gaze turns sorrowful. "Become the full Renasir. Complete the initiation."

"How do you... ?" She closes her mouth. "You must have heard something. I will become the full Renasir because I want to heal your arm. Then, we will run away. We will go somewhere far. You and I will live together. And Mogrok too. Sounds good? We will build our home of happiness."

He nods cheerfully. Just him and her. He will adjust with the spirit beast. There won't me anyone bothering them. She won't die after becoming the full renasir because the bad god can't take the heart away. Nobody will be able to take that heart away and kill her.


There are tangled futures. Vague futures. The futures that will never come true.The futures that can't be avoided at any cost. In all the futures that Deia is seeing, the death of the Renasir is sure.

In one of the futures, the cursed children are imploring the harbinger to take charge and fight the nameless knights. The chosen one. There is a war. Countless people die. The Harbinger is seeking more power. She makes the wrong choice. The seal is broken. The 11 gods wake up, but it's too late. The cursed sea is swallowing the world. Nothing can stop it.

In the second future, she becomes the Renasir. She runs away with Kyo. The Dark God becomes weak. He rarely appears. Slowly, the Renasir begins to lose her mind. The consciousness of the cursed sea is corrupting her mind and takes over her body. The dark core is controlled by the evil consciousness. The seal is broken. The end is the same. The cursed sea swallows the realms including the gods.

There is an extremely vague future in which she chooses the world. The corrupted ehr is uncontrollable. With the chosen one, she erases the source of corruption in the dark ehr and Kyo. She wakes up the 11 gods. When her destiny is complete, her body and soul gets erased on its own. The dark core chooses a new god. When all the 13 gods are united, the balance is achieved and the world is fixed again.

Deia inhales a mouthful of air after the end of the visions. The visions are clearer than before. Almost as if it was the concrete future. She is afraid for Kresi. She has to find her as soon as possible. The choices... all of them are ending with her and Kyo's death. Why?

"Seer!" Mogrok is screaming as he is running toward the palace. 3 dragons and 8 other spirits are chasing them. Around half an hour ago, the Dark God suddenly woke up and flew to the palace, leaving them behind. "It's not the time for visions."

"Mogrok, we have to find Kresi as soon as possible."

"Seer, you think that I don't know that."

"Can't we talk to them?" She looks up at the enormous dragons that are covering the sky. "We mean peace. We won't harm anyone. We are just looking for a friend." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-beating-fast_39195739825433683">;s-beating-fast_39195739825433683</a> for visiting.

The dragons' roars nearly make her deaf. Flames rain from the sky. Mogrok barely manages to survive. "Seer, don't make them angry."

"Why do they--?"

Another loud earsplitting roar. The spirits and the dragons stop in the sky. Mogrok doesn't stop. He jumps with Deia in his hand, crashes through the walls, and lands right in the middle of the palace. The man with the silver hair, dressed in exquisite clothes, looks at the spirit beast and the woman with the scent of a dragon from the sky.

He looks up at his three sons fidgeting in the sky. "Did you not notice that this human is your brother's mate? Then, why did you try to harm her?"

The three dragons lower their heads in shame. It's a huge crime to harm the mate. They really didn't notice that the human is the mate. They found it weird that she had the scent of a dragon, but they never heard of a dragon having a human mate. So, they thought that the human was tricking them.

"Go and take your punishments."

Punishments, not punishment.

The mighty dragons and the spirits tremble in fear. They are done.

Aeis watches the girl with blonde hair. His youngest son has a human mate. What kind of idiot leaves his human mate behind? That boy also needs a lesson.

"Where is my master?" Mogrok asks the dragon god. "Did you harm her, betrayer god? You better not have done this."

"If you call me betrayer again, I will forget that you are one of his acquaintances." The dragon god is already at the limit of his temper. "I will rip apart your arm one by one and poke your eyes with my fork."

Mogrok closes some of his eyes in fear. "I want to see my master."

"She's alive for now." He turns to the girl. "When did you complete the mating process with him? I am surprised that my idiot son even knew how to mate with a human."

"That... " Deia chokes on the words. She is too embarrassed.

Aeis scowls at her when she doesn't answer him. Sensing that, Mogrok answers the question. "They completed it yesterday. They took a long time, but it was done."

"Bring Damin," Aeis commands one of the servants. He sighs. After ten thousand years, a dragon has a human mate. His youngest son has the least sense among all of his son. Why, among all the sons, that boy has a human mate?

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