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14.52% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 31: That's why I hate Seers

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Chapter 31: That's why I hate Seers

Iver was prepared to die the moment when he heard the reverberating roars of the spirit beast. His first thought was that they found him. He was the one who sent Pablo and Belle to investigate. Through the viewing glass, he saw the entire scenario that happened to Pablo and Belle.

He has prepared the trap for this girl. On the roof, there are around fifty articles that will blast this entire place if he utters the keyword. He is standing on the exact spot that will save him from this blast. Being a Mirin doesn't mean that she can't die. She is powerful, but she is also young.

But, things have changed. This girl has no idea what a Mirin is. Either she is pretending or she is not a Mirin.

"Will you speak?" She frowns at him. "If you don't want to speak about the Mirins, I don't care. I am interested to know about the cursed Sea. Tell me what type of dangers exist inside there."

"You can't go." There is only one family on the realms of Iravan with golden eyes. Yet, she doesn't know. She also seems clueless about the cursed Sea. If she was really a Mirin, would she speak about going through the cursed Sea? Only insane people or fools want to try that kind of thing.

The girl takes a deep breath. The boy wraps his arm around her arm. His expressions are curious and childlike. He seems like he lacks intelligence and maturity. A Mirin and a dumb boy? Iver scratches his head. This could be a trap, but why would they go this far? He has no information or power. They have taken everything from him.

"We have to go." The blonde girl speaks with urgency. "Listen, we will be fine. She won't turn into a corrupted beast or a soulless one. I can see the future. We will make it to the other side."

Iver curses out loud. A Seer? Interesting. This is getting worse. Seers are worse than Mirins.

"Get out." He roars at them. "I will never help a Seer."

The girl is startled to hear his angry yell. She runs and hides behind the Mirin girl. The Mirin girl looks at him with a dull expression. "We just want to know how to cross the cursed Sea. Your couriers have told me that there is a way."

"They can cross it because their veins are broken. They are commoners." Iver is losing patience now. He doesn't care who they are. They are not his enemies or friends. In any case, he would never help a Seer. "You clearly have a spirit beast. You can also wield mana. If you get too close to the cursed Sea, you will become one like those twisted creatures."

Iver grimaces when he sees that he is ignored. The blonde girl is whispering something in the Mirin's ear. The Mirin gives her a nod. There is something in her eyes that he doesn't like. If she tries anything funny, he will say the keyword and blow this place up.

"We understand." The Mirin girl grins widely. "You don't want to help us. That's fine. We are leaving. Goodbye."

She doesn't stay for another second. She turns around and leaves his place. The Seer and the dumb boy follow her wordlessly. Iver is stumped for the words. He puts his hands on his waist. These kids know no fear. He cracks his knuckles. He couldn't care less if they go to the cursed Sea or waltz on to the lifeless lands of Cnaeris. They can do whatever they want.

He sits down in front of his table and picks up the viewing glass. Beneath the viewing glass, there is a map. He looks at his location and sees the small figures through the viewing glass. The spirit beast is standing outside his place, bullying Pablo and Belle. He has seen many spirit beasts, but he has never seen anything like this thing.

The Mirin girl and the Seer comes out with the boy. The spirit beast puts down Pablo and Belle who have already lost consciousness. The Mirin girl smiles and says, "Have some fun, Mogrok."

Fun? Iver leans down to have a better view. He can hear the spirit beast's loud and cold laugh. Its countless arms elongate and spread in all directions. Iver has a sinking feeling in the bottom of his stomach as those arms rise upward in the sky and suddenly, they change direction and dash toward his place rapidly.


Iver runs for his life. He didn't even have the time to gather his invaluable treasures. He barely makes it out when the thousand dark spikes fall from the sky and destroy his burrow. He drops on the ground and watches the giant arms destroying his home for the last forty-five years without any shred of mercy.

He looks up at the evil Mirin girl with his wide eyes. He tries to speak, but words are stuck in his throat. If he has been a second late, it would be him being buried in there.

The evil Mirin girl doesn't even take a look at him. She rummages through her bag and picks out a scarf. She wraps the scarf around the dumb boy's face to cover half of his face.

"It's too dusty," She tells him with concern. "Inhaling too much dust is not good for your health."

"..." Iver closes his mouth. The spirit beast is still hammering the place happily. The dust is coming out of the ruins of his demolished home. This is the second time when he met someone crazy.

"Kresi, what should we do now?" The Seer eyes unconscious Pablo and Belle. "There is no one who can help us."

"We will just take them with us." Kresi pats the dust off the boy's hair. "When they wake up, they will help us willingly or unwillingly."

"I see." Deia rubs her chin thoughtfully and then, she glances at Iver. "What about him? He is useless to us."

"We don't need extra baggage. He can go wherever he wants." Kresi looks at the jubilant Mogrok. "Oi, Mogrok. What are those things in your hands? Did you find treasures?"

As the dust starts to scatter away, Iver begins to see the Mogrok's colossal figure. Mogrok's height is nearly reaching to the wall of the cursed Sea. The sun is not visible anymore. The entire area is surrounded by darkness. Mogrok happily waves his thousand arms. Iver's eyes bulge out when he sees what Mogrok is carrying those arms. Those are his things. His books. His rare collections of articles that he gathered from the cursed Sea and the middle realm. Artificial spells that he smuggled from the middle realm. Priceless enhancers. Weapons. Everything that was inside his house.

"Master, I found good things for you." Mogrok throws those things near him. Iver's heart breaks into pieces when he sees some of the ancient items break into dust. He looks at them tearfully. A spirit beast is only a beast.

"Mogrok, you are a good boy," Kresi smirks at Iver. "Those are rare findings."

"Those are mine." Iver finds his voice. "You can't take them."

"Is that so?" Kresi walks around him in a circle. "You didn't want it, right? Your entire place was full of self-destructing spells which were ready to blow out the place and anyone within it if you had said the password. You were waiting for your enemies, but it was us instead. Still, you planned to kill us in case we forced you. You also had a safe way out. It looks like you were ready to throw away all of your stuff."

Iver pales when he hears her words. "How do you know?"

"I saw the spells when I walked in." Kresi halts her steps. "My friend Deia also told me what you were going to do in case I forced you to tell me about the cursed Sea. You really hated sharing information. That can't be helped. I don't like people who like to harm kids. So, I decided to free you from your paranoia. Your haven is gone. I wonder who are you running from."

"You!!!" Iver shakes with anger. "That's why I hate Seers."

"And I love them." Kresi grins at Deia who smiles back at her. "If I didn't have her with me, I wouldn't have known your thoughts and future actions. But, I am curious. Who broke your mana channels?"

Iver widens his eyes. "How do you know?"

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