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21.36% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 47: You want me to serve you?

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Chapter 47: You want me to serve you?

Harbinger... Deia stares at Kresi. She has been following the harbinger. The harbinger is also the new Renasir. Deia trembles in fear. Her vision starts to make sense. Her eyes move to Mogrok. He must be a dark type of spirit beast. Then, who is Kyo?

"I wonder what I should call you." Giana looks into Kresi's golden eyes. "Harbinger or Renasir?"

Kresi takes a breath. "Just call me Kresi. I don't intend to destroy the world or save it."

Andareanesi bursts into laughter. "Not going to choose? That's not how it is done. You must choose. Oh my Kresira, you will choose in the end."

Kresi raises her finger and tells him sternly, "The name is Kresi. I am not a Mirin. I am not Kresira. I am certainly not yours."

"That's right." Mogrok growls at Andareanesi. "My master doesn't belong to lowly mixed blood like you."

Andareanesi takes long strides toward the spirit beast. "It's been a while since I have been called that."

He doesn't like being called that.

Mogrok rolls his eyes. This halfling is powerful, but there is Dark God standing beside them. Mogrok fears the Dark God more. "The people of the new world might forget and treat you like a Dema. But, you aren't one. I smell the blood of a human and a spirit beast inside you. In the old world, you were nothing better than a slave."

That's true. Andareanesi was born in the new world that treated the mixed-bloods better than the people of the old world did. Power is recognized in the new world.

"What lord?" Mogrok clicks his tongue in distaste. He eyes Giana. "You are still serving a human after all. Do you think that she loves you? She uses your body to stay young and beautiful. The humans of the old world often used halflings for that purpose."

"Mogrok!" Kresi scowls at him. "Don't speak like that."

"Master, I am not wrong." Mogrok turns his back to her. "You should stay away from these halflings. You never know when they stab your back."

Andareanesi looks calm on the surface, but that's not how he feels inside. Giana takes his hand and squeezes it a little. "My Aesi, don't listen to him. Creatures like him cannot understand what we have."

She kisses his shoulder to calm the dark fury in his eyes. The dark fury in Andareanesi's eyes calms down a bit. He ignores the creature from the old world and looks at Kresi who is uncomfortable for some reasons.

"Harbinger, you and I have a debt. How do you intend to pay for it?"

Mogrok yells in annoyance. "My master doesn't owe you anything. That was pre-"

Kresi kicks Mogrok's head. "Kyo take this chatty spirit beast and wait for me outside. Deia, follow him."

Kyo picks up Mogrok and covers its little mouth to say anything wrong. "Sister, I don't want to leave you alone here."

"Nothing will happen to me." She smiles at him. "Trust your sister, Kyo. If something happens, I will scream your name. Then, you come and save me, alright?"

Kyo doesn't like the idea of leaving her alone. However, there is something in those eyes. He takes Mogrok out with him. Deia quietly follows Kyo. Her complexion isn't good.

"What do I owe you?" Kresi asks after Kyo and others are gone.

Andareanesi draws a paper out of his sleeve. "You made a contract with me that day. When I found you on the street of the beggar city, you were in tremendous pain because of the dagger in your heart. You couldn't die or live. In return of removing the dagger that was shoved into your heart by your mother, you promised to serve me until your death. I see that you still carry that dagger with you."


I take the contract. The date of the contract is old. The original owner should be around five at that time. There is a tiny thumbprint at the bottom. It must belong to the original owner.

The original owner is dead. The contract shouldn't be valid. However, it is. According to the terms, the body should serve Lord Andareanesi Bagoodi until it dies. The original owner died, but her body didn't die. My soul replaced the original owner's soul.

For the removal of a dagger from her heart, she became this man's servant.

I raise my eyebrow. "You want me to serve you?"

"That goes without saying." He scrutinizes my face. "Previously, you served me in many ways. You became a champion in the dueling grounds. You went to catch the spirit beasts for me. You were useful in many ways. When I heard that you disappeared after the day of union, I thought that you succeeded and the Dark God is freed. I guess that I was wrong. Instead, you became the Renasir."

There is no way that I will do those things again. "What do you want in return of freeing me from this contract?"

It seems like these were the words he wanted to hear the most. He smirks at me. "What do you want to offer?"

"State the price first. Then, we will negotiate."

Giana places drinks between us. "Can't you evaluate the price of your body? You carry the heart of the Dark God and the body of a Mirin. You are also Renasir. You have also caused damage to the city. You also have to pay for that."

The original owner must have been desperate to get that dagger removed. She probably didn't think that she would live after freeing the Dark God. To be honest, I don't have anything to free myself of this contract.

"The friend you brought with you is a seer." Andareanesi leans on the couch. "The boy is quite good looking, but we can't use a cursed body. Then, the spirit beast... ah, yes, that's a forbidden creature. We can release you if you offer the three of them to us."

"To be honest, you are quite useless to us now. We can't make money with the Dark God's heart. As the Renasir, you might be useful to us. But, you are being chased by the nameless knights and the chosen one. You are a catastrophe waiting to happen. We will keep your secrets. You can go wherever you want and delay choosing as long as you want." Giana chuckles. "We will fix the boy's arm. He can become an excellent host. If he's a sorcerer, that's even better.

"I would like to see how that spirit beast reacts when he serves me instead of you." Andareanesi drinks his wine. His eyes become dark. Mogrok annoyed him good.

They are scared of the chosen one. That's good.

"The universal key."

They are startled when they hear those words. I have caught their attention.

"I am sure that the universal key worths a lot."

Andareanesi gives me a slight nod. "If you give it to us, we will forget about the contract and the damage you caused in the city. But, what about the hole in the rooftop? You have to fix that."

"I don't know how to fix it." I frown at him.

"Then, We can't release you from this contract." Giana pours more wine in Andareanesi's cup. "We have fixed the roof, but the spell is removed from that part. As the Renasir, it's not impossible for you to fix the spell that you cut off. You only have to rejoin it. Think about it again."

I have that piece of spell in my pocket. Can I just mend it on the roof? "Fine, I will give it a try. There is one more thing that I want."

Andareanesi laughs hard. "Harbinger, you keep wanting things from us? Now, what do you want?"

"Tell me how do I remove that curse from his arm?"

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