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100% Hollow Fantasy / Chapter 9: Chapter 9: I'm not a killer

Chapter 9: I'm not a killer - Hollow Fantasy - Chapter 9 by KiriDuGema full book limited free

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: I'm not a killer

We have arrived at the destination.

The forest looks dull.

We need to set it free.

But how?

I told Charlotte that nothing seems here.

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"So, it seems that nothing here."

How could this be? She's supposed to be here.

My heart beats fast as I'm starting to sweat and panic.

"You lied to me, Alex."

Charlotte goes mad at me as she thinks that I'm lying straight at her face.

"No, my dream shows me that it's here."

I keep telling her the truth but, she decides to go home and wail at the academy.

But just as she left, I saw a glowing light near the tree.

"Hey, Charlotte! Wait! I think I saw something."

As I go through the tree, I saw a grass that looks different from the other grass.

"What if I get rid of this grass?"

As I remove the grass, I see a ladder going down.

"I think this must be the way. Please don't let me down."

This place is dark that we couldn't see a single thing.

"If only I crafted a magic to light the way."

I thought of going through the way even if the path straight is very dark

As I'm doing that, Charlotte gets mad.

"Are you dumb? Look at this place! Does it look like a safe way to go to?!"

Now to think about it, I was planning to go back and ask that magic crafter to craft magic to light the way.

"You know, let's go back. There's nothing we can do about it."

But just as I was suggesting that Charlotte activates a spell to light the way.

"Fah Illumina!"

As she activates that, our hands are now glowing as now, we can see the way.

"There, are you still planning to go back and waste our time again?!"

As we proceed, I hold Charlotte's hand again for as not to get lost beside me.

"I hope you can still do this with me."

While we walk, the water drips from the top.

"You know, they could have at least repair the place. This place looks old."

The road ends as it is split into two. Left and right.

"Which way should we go to?"

I told Alex that we should head for the left-sided.

"Alright then, your way then."

But as we walk through there, we were horrified about what we are seeing.

"What the hell is this?!"

My heartbeat is starting to rise as we see blood on the ground.

My right hand is on my mouth as I see more blood as we walk.

"Do you think that my sister is..."

I tell Alex that my sister might be dead.

"No, she's not, I saw her asking for help. She is alive!"

He tells me about my sister is alive.

"We just have to keep walking."

As we walk even farther, we are even more horrified because,

"Oh no, Are these dead people?!"

I keep both of my hands on my mouth as I breathe fast because of what I'm seeing. My tears are falling on my eyes as I see dead people hanging on the top and some below the floor.

"This is bad. Centrallia needs to know about this."

As I told Alex that we need to warn the government of Centrallia to check this place out for the poor people to be buried properly rather than staying here.

"They need to know. Whoever did this will pay."

But just as we see these people more, something is going on behind our backs.

Run fast as we can't identify what is it.

"What was that?"

As I ask Alex about what's going on in this place.

"We better keep our heads up. Keep your senses high."

A stomp starts to get high and it's like something is walking in front of us.

A creature appears out of the shadow.

"Roar!" As the creature roars around the place.

A Grugath appears.

"What is that?!"

As Alex tells me about what this creature is.

"Alex whatever happens, don't stop running."

The creature's saliva keeps falling as it stares at us.

"There's dust on that table if I could just..."

I used the spell that I use against Alex before when he wake me up with a bucket of water.


The spell activates a wind that spreads the dust to the creature.

"ROOOOOOOOAR! As the creature is enraged.

"RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!" As I told Alex to stop hesitating but run

"Can we just kill this thing?!"

Alex convinces me that we should just kill it instead.

"No, this thing has a thick body. We can't kill it that easy."

This thing looks like a primordial before this world was created. So, I was thinking that maybe it's a descendant of it.

As we keep on running, we saw the path that we go to the left.

"I think this time, we go to the right now!"

As we keep on running, We saw a door that can block the Grugath.

I thought of throwing my sword at the rope so that the door will fall and block the Grugath.

"Heads up!" As I told Charlotte that I will throw my sword at the rope.

Slash! As the rope is slashed.

Bang! As the door falls to block the Grugath.

"We need to hurry, that door won't last long."

We run, run, and run until we saw another door. This time, it's made out of glass.

While we are on our way to the door, we finally saw Nia unconscious on the ground!

"Sister is that you?!"

Well, that's our price. The door is hard to open.


My spell did not work against that door.

"Rocks are blocking the right side of the door. Don't use your spell, let me do it now."

As I look around the room, I saw an old hammer that can get rid of the door.

I told Charlotte to not use her spell because rocks might collapse on this place.

"Found it! What if I could just..."

Rocks are finally get rid of and we can now proceed.

I run towards her, crying that I want to hug her

"NIA! NIA! Are you alright?!"

As I asked her if she's alright.

But her voice seems tired and sore.

"Thank you... I'm sorry for all the awful things that I've done to you in the past."

I apologized to Alex now that we found Nia.

"It's alright, at least I got to meet you guys."

As we are on our way outside, a hooded person appears.

"Are you going somewhere?"

I thought to myself that he might be the silent walker that killed the couples in the forest.

"You! did you do all of this?!"

As I ask him about the situation of this place.

"Hoooooooo, I can't believe that this place was discovered easily."

ARGH! I keep telling myself that this place was a failure for a hideout.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, But hey at least these two are going to die by our hands anyway."

Another member of the silent walker appears

"Ah great, now there's two of you now?!"

I think of a battle strategy to fight against them.

"Do you have any ideas?!"

While I was thinking I saw the book that I was reading about these two.

"There are two killers, one can smoke bombs away and tries to surprise attack you with a dagger and the other is talkative and naughty. The first one requires you to be fast. You might need to use your senses to detect where she is and that her dagger has a poision that can kill you at all cost! The other is easier, he just keeps on talking. Also, he uses smoke bombs too so, Just wait for him until he runs out of breath, then stun / kill him then he will stay unconscious."

The books seem kinda useless but, I'll try to do it.

"Hey Charlotte, follow my lead."

As Alex tells me to follow his lead, I decide to do it or I might screw things up again.

"Let's split up, you take care of the one who talks a lot, while I take care of this one."

I told Charlotte that I have a plan

"Alright, leave him to me!"

I can't believe that I will be fighting a girl.

"You know, for a girl like you, there's no way that I should be doing this. But for the crimes that you have committed, you shall pay for everything."

She smokes bombs away and reveals herself on my back with a dagger on my neck.

"Do you think that you can defeat me?"

She challenged me as I can't do this.

"Maybe, but I can't let my guard down this time!"

The battle has begun.

She keeps on throwing knives at me.


They are spread into three so that I can take damage easily.

"Are you going to fight and die here? Or, run away in fear instead?"

As she tells me that I'm a coward.

"I'm done being afraid! Charlotte! What's going on with you?!"

This has got to be the worst enemy that I faced my whole life.

"I'm here now! I'm here now! I'm here now!"

He keeps on using his smoke bombs and keeps talking.


I yell at him ask him keeps on escaping.

I decide to use my magic instead

"Fah Glitta!"

As I knock him over on the wall.


Finally, time for me to help Alex.

"There. Now you just stay here!"

I see him starting to feel tired as he keeps on blocking the silent walker's attacks.

"You know, just stop and let me just poison you."

As I am starting to feel tired, she grabs her poison dagger and kills me.


I did not let that happen as I go through both of them.

"I won't let you do it!"

I use my Fah Glitta spell on her dagger away from her.

But then after a few moments, she slashes me with a knife and knocks me over to a wall.


No. I go to Charlotte quick

"Hey! You're going to be alright! Thank you too. Now, I have the advantage."

Now that she doesn't have her poison dagger, all she has now is her knives.

"You're done! Give up!"

She just won't give up as she wants to kill me so badly.


I use my sword skill "Verdigris Nexus" against her.

As she blocks my attacks, she suddenly starts to feel tired.

The last attack finally makes her down.

"There, can you give up now?"

As she is about to escape with her companion, I used the poison dagger against her to prevent them from escaping.

Whoosh! As I throw the dagger against her.

The poison now takes effect but it will fully kill them after an hour. But for now, they are paralyzed.

"You... Are...A...Murderer..."

Those words go straight right in on my head as I shouldn't have done that.

"What have I done."

I lean to the floor, worry about my future.

"No... I'm not... I'm not... I'M NOT A MURDERER!"

I yell as I am not a killer to anyone.

As I stay on the floor, I stood up and grabbed the two girls to the way out.

"Oh look, there's another exit. I hope it can lead outside."

The guards are watching what happened to the three of us.

"Quick! Grab some medicines to cure these two!"

I tell them that I will be taking them to my dorm to take care of them.

"You might want to check the forest. There are two killers there."

Leaving the killers to the guards, I took the girls to the dorm in my room.

I wipe their wounds and bring them to a bed.

"There... you will be fine here now."

I see my wounds on my body and I wipe them as well.

Now that it's over, I fill the wooden barrel with water to take a bath after the long night.

As I am inside, I thought of who ordered them to do this. To order those killers to do it.

"Who ordered them? Why would they kill such innocent people?"

As I am done, I insert blankets on the two girls.

I keep telling myself that they will be fine. They will be fine...

"You will be fine."

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